Chevrolet records best-ever global sales in 2011

Chevrolet sold 4.76 million vehicles around the world in 2011, setting a global sales record and driving parent General Motors Co global sales to more than 9 million vehicles, a 7.6-per cent gain compared with 2010.

GM gained four-tenths of a point of market share to 11.9 per cent of the global vehicle industry.

Its sales were higher in all four reporting regions – North America, South America, Europe and International Operations – as GM sold a total of 9,025,942 vehicles compared with 8,385,484 in 2010.

The United States led the way for Chevrolet with total vehicle sales of 1,775,812, up more than 13 per cent from 2010. China posted record sales of 595,068, up 9.5 per cent from the previous year. Other markets that posted significant year-over-year increases include Vietnam (79 per cent), Russia (49 per cent), Turkey (30 per cent) and Germany (21 per cent).

''Chevrolet's impressive growth in both established and developing markets is the result of a strong new product lineup that meets the diverse needs of consumers around the world,'' said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. ''In addition to Chevrolet's record-setting sales, the entire lineup of GM vehicles is meeting customer needs for fuel-efficient cars and work vehicles as well as unmatched luxury.'' 

Chevrolet is building its global presence by delivering cars like the Cruze, Sonic (Aveo) and Spark, the all-new midsize global Malibu, and crossovers and trucks like the Orlando and Colorado that are designed for the varied driving conditions and customer preferences around the world.