All-new Fiesta wows Indian customers at Fiesta Café Reveal

The all-new Fiesta enthralled customers in India at a first ever Fiesta Café  in New Delhi today. Taking the crowd of urbane shoppers by surprise, the innovative digital Fiesta Café pavilion revealed the latest new-generation wheels from Ford to complement their active lifestyles and persona – the all-new Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta four-door premium sedan arrives in India with a tremendous reputation built on the back of an amazing track record of auto award wins, critical acclaim and record-breaking sales. The car has topped international sales charts including over 1 million sales worldwide, and has wowed customers, critics and dealers alike globally.

''The new Fiesta will be a segment-leading product in India with intuitive first-in-class smart features and fuel economy that raises the bar in every way,'' said Michael Boneham, president and managing director of Ford India, unveiling the car. ''Fiesta is a dynamic, premium car that elicits an emotional response from both the observer and driver,'' he added.

Bold kinetic design
Fiesta's striking new design is a perfect match for the upwardly mobile and strongly independent Indian customer who wants to make a style statement with his new set of wheels.

Fiesta's kinetic design imparts a sense of movement – even while standing still – harmonising 'unmistakeably Ford' character elements to reflect a strong identity, enabling Fiesta to project an air of confidence, style and individuality.

Sleek wraparound ''Foxy eyes' headlamps sweep back sharply, hugging the sides of a sculpted, clamshell bonnet. Prominent wheel arches reflect muscularity, athleticism and confident handling. From the side, the Fiesta looks like a sprinter ready to spring out of the starting blocks.