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Slow take off for VoIP India; Data Access sole IP providernews
Rival long-distance oper
31 January 2003
Mumbai: The voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) market has been slow to take off, with Data Access, private international long-distance operator, the only company to build an Internet protocol (IP) network.

Rival long-distance operators all operate traditional networks, although Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) has launched trial VoIP services in six cities. Other operators are evaulating VoIP overlays for part of their networks.

Data Access has built an IP network based on equipment from VocalTec. It has signed an interconnection agreement with ITXC to offer international phone services over the global VoIP network of ITXC.

Data Access has to date invest $3.26 million, including its licence fee, in the IP network, and will invest a further $22.86 million for data and value-added services.

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Slow take off for VoIP India; Data Access sole IP provider