DuPont to acquire sulfuric acid plant maker MECS Inc

DuPont Inc, the world's second largest chemical company by market capitalisation behind BASF, yesterday said that it would acquire MECS, Inc. a designer and constructor of sulfuric acid plants, in order to expand into the high-growth markets like Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Missouri-based MECS designs sulfuric acid plants and related high performance products for the phosphate fertilizer, oil refining and metal smelting industries.

A large number of the world's sulfuric acid producers use MECS technology to capture sulfur that would otherwise become a pollutant and transform it into sulfuric acid, the most widely used chemical in the world and a vital part of virtually every industry.

Its major clients are primarily in the fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, petroleum refining and chemical industries.

MECS technologies enable its users to operate with improved environmental characteristics including reduced air emissions, improved operational efficiencies and lower energy use.

The consumption of sulfuric acid often reflects the size of a country's gross domestic product; as the standard of living improves, the demand for sulfuric acid increases. As a result, DuPont sees the major growth areas for sulfuric acid production now and in the future are expected to be in the emerging economies such as China, India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa.