Chrysler recalls 35,000 vehicles to fix sticking gas pedal problem

Chrysler is recalling nearly 35,000 Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass vehicles to fix sticking gas pedals, the problem that forced Japanese carmaker Toyota to recall more than 2 million vehicles earlier this year. (See: Toyota recalls another 2.3 million vehicles)

Chrysler Group said it was voluntarily recalling about 34,614 of its 2007 model Dodge Calibers worldwide along with 90 of its 2007 Jeep Compass vehicles to fix a potential problem with gas pedals that tended to get stuck while driving, thus becoming a potential hazard.

The pedals were made by the Indiana-based CTS Corporation, which had manufactured  similar pedals for Toyota. But Chrysler's pedals were of a completely different design and made with different tooling than the pedals involved in Toyota's recall.

The automaker said the problem was related to manufacturing defects at CTS, where the bearing housing was too big. The problem was rectified by CTS in March 2006.

According to Chrysler's estimates, only 30 per cent of the vehicles covered by the recall would have the problem and need a replacement of the pedal assembly.

Chrysler said that it had informed the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the recalled models have brake-override software and it would not be a safety problem.