Blue Star sources compressors from Taiwan''s Hanbell

Blue Star Limited has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Taiwanese compressor manufacturer, Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd., for the supply of hermetic screw compressors.

Hanbell specialises in design and manufacture of semi-hermetic refrigeration screw compressors, at its two manufacturing units in Taiwan and Mainland China, and is a market leader in the 30 to 500 tons range of semi-hermetic screw refrigeration compressors.

Blue Star will use Hanbell''s hermetic screw compressors in its five models of water-cooled and five models of air-cooled water chilling machines for use in airconditioning and refrigeration.

According to Satish Jamdar, executive director, Blue Star, "We are committed to be at the forefront of technology. This tie-up will enhance our product portfolio with a range of world-class chilling machines." Alex Tseng, president and managing director, Hanbell Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. said, his company was pleased to cater to the Indian market.

The chilling machines with Hanbell compressors will feature contemporary microprocessor technology and compact design. They will be ideally suited for applications up to 1000 tr. in buildings, software establishments and factories.