Blue Dart to invest Rs22 crore in expansion

Mumbai: Logistics major Blue Dart Express Ltd will invest Rs22 crore in the current year in expanding the network of its facilities across the country. Company officials said that they expect to create a network of 20 new facilities, including 12 new warehouses across the country by the end of the year.

According to company officials, Blue Dart intends to bring down the time needed for imports from anything between one and three weeks to about 72 hours. A new focus on import-export would see about 2 per cent of the company's business come from import-export offerings in 2007. The company's current exposure to international operations is less than one per cent of the entire volume of the company's operations.

The company was presently witnessing a load factor of about 80 per cent for its seven aircraft, which operate between its seven hubs in India. About 80 per cent of the company's business was in the corporate segment.

Blue Dart is Rs487 crore company. Eighty per cent of the company is owned by DHL Ltd.