Base Corp unveils dial-a-battery, terminals

Bangalore: In a pioneering initiative, Base Corporation Ltd, the leading player in the stand-by (UPS) batteries since 1987, has announced the launch of their unique concepts — 'Dial-a-battery-365 days, 24 hours' and 'Base terminals' — throughout India.

Introduced for the first time in India, the 'Dial-a-battery-365 days, 24 hours' is an online telephone service that facilitates consumers to dial a unique number, 98440 36524, for any kind of battery that they would require, from anywhere in the Karnataka state (major cities), anytime of the day or night and be assured of immediate replacement of batteries within a span of 60 minutes by well-qualified and factory-trained technicians.

Base terminals are the company's vastly enhanced 'one-stop retail shops' that not just stocks all kinds of batteries but also services batteries of all applications. These include automobile batteries, watch batteries, cordless phone batteries, mobile phone batteries, camera batteries, UPS batteries and those used for lighting purposes.

Also available will be rechargeable AA and AAA size batteries. Base Corporation has already set up 109 Base terminals across India in a short span of 13 months. The company is in the process of establishing more of these aesthetically designed Base terminals (400 base terminals by 2005) across the country.

Base Corporation Ltd has been the forerunner in the stand-by (UPS) power equipment industry since 1987. The company has now partnered with Matsushita Electric Industries, Japan for Panasonic car batteries, VRLA (UPS) and portable batteries; VARTA, Germany for European car batteries; Yuasa Corporation, Thailand for two-wheeler batteries; and BB Battery Company, Taiwan for moderately priced UPS batteries.

Each of these alliance partners is a specialist in their respective areas. Their products are innovative and come with the latest technological developments.

By partnering with these foreign players Base Terminal ensures customers of genuine products at unbelievable low prices and high value-added services nationwide. For fast servicing, each battery is given a unique code, which is stored online along with the customer's details.

This ensures faster servicing or replacement (as required) of the battery, anywhere in India through their established Base terminals across India. Since time is a scare, with this concept the company promises to relieve customers of all hassle of buying batteries by providing them under one roof.

Base Corporation was incorporated in 1987. Base has since the last 15 years been catering to the needs of the UPS industry in India. Headquarters in Bangalore, Base has a network of 12 branch offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kochi and 300-plus channel partners across India.

Base Corporation has grown tremendously by its corporate strategies of high value-added services to its customers and growth through synergistic and strategic alliances with foreign partners. Starting with a small capital base the company has grown 700 times in the last eight years alone. The company has registered a sales growth of 1,840 per cent within a decade.