Nagpur air-linked to Doha and Dubai, courtesy Qatar Airways and AI Express

For international air travellers from India''s orange city of Nagpur, it''s just ''two'' good! On Monday September 24, Qatar Airways launches its Nagpur-Doha flight, while the low-cost Air India Express kicks off its Nagpur-Dubai flight from the Dr Ambedkar International Airport near the city.

The inaugural flight of Qatar Airways was scheduled to arrive at Nagpur at 10 am and take off for Doha at 11.15 am, while the Air India Express flight was to arrive from Mumbai at 11.30 am and take off for Dubai at 1.30 pm.

The Air India Express Mumbai-Nagpur-Dubai flight uses a 188-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft, operating on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. It takes off from Nagpur at 1.30 pm and reaches Dubai at 3.40 pm.

On the return journey, the flight takes off from Dubai at 4.30 pm and reaches Nagpur at 7.25 pm. The aircraft has an all-economy class configuration, but provides all its passengers all essential on-board comforts.

The Qatar Airways flight runs on Monday and Thursday, on a 144-seat Airbus-320 aircraft. The flight arrives at Nagpur at 4.30 am and takes off for Doha at 5.35 am. Doha and Dubai are new destinations. Earlier, the city was linked with Sharjah (by Air Arabia) and Bangkok (Indian).