IndiGo says "all seats will be chargeable" for web check-ins, tweaks statement later

Amidst criticism by flyers and the government’s decision to review moves by private airlines IndiGo and SpiceJet to charge for seats booked in advance through the web check-in feature, the airlines have now clarified that the charges are on the web search and not on seats.

Low-cost carrier IndiGo tweeted on Sunday, "All seats will be chargeable" under its new online check-in policy. Passengers will have to shell out up to Rs800 extra if they opt for web check-in, as the airline has revised its policy.
But later said that "the pricing is only for advance selection of seats" and said "the airline has neither changed its web check-in policy, nor is there any charge for web check-in".
“As per our revised policy all seats are chargeable for web check-in. Alternatively you may check-in at the airport for free. Seats will be assigned as per the availability,” IndiGo said in a series of tweets Sunday.
Check-ins at airports will not be charged, the airline said, adding "If the passengers have no particular preference for seats and would not like to pay for advance seat selection, they can either reserve any free seats available at the time of web check-in or will, of course, be assigned seats at the time of airport check-in."
For web check-in of a first-row seat, a passenger will have to pay as much as Rs 800 extra, while a non-reclining seat in row 12, which is next to the emergency exit, will cost an additional Rs600 when selected online. A middle seat in the last row will cost Rs 100 more, as per the revised charges.
The clarification, however, has not helped to clarify what the airline intends to do. 
Earlier, the budget carrier charged only for particular types of seats like a window or aisle seat or seat having extra legroom when passenger opted for online selection.
The civil aviation ministry tweeted it had noted that airlines are now charging for web check-ins for all seats. "We are reviewing these fees to see whether they fall within the unbundled pricing network," said the tweet. Unbundled pricing allows passengers to pay for exactly what they want instead of expensive tickets.
IndiGo said its new policy was in line with what airlines do globally. Also, its officials, it was the Directorate General of Civil Aviation that had allowed the unbundling of services.