Reliance rubbishes media troll of Mukesh Ambani and family moving to London

08 Nov 2021


Reliance Industries has refuted a mischievous “exclusive” report published in the MidDay newspaper on 4 November claiming that Mukesh Ambani, along with his family, was all set to move out of India and settle down in London. 

According to the report, Ambanis were to make a 300-acre country club Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, acquired by the Ambanis for a reported Rs592 crore earlier this year, as their ‘primary home’.
As other media houses and anti-Modi trolls started spreading the fake news, Reliance Industries issued a clarification denying any plans by Mukesh Ambani and his family to relocate anywhere. 
“A recent report in a newspaper has led to unwarranted and baseless speculation in social media regarding the Ambani family’s plans to partly reside in Stoke Park, London.
“Reliance Industries Limited will like to clarify that the chairman and his family have no plans whatsoever to relocate or reside in London or anywhere else in the world.
“Further, RIL group company, RIIHL, which acquired Stoke Park estate recently, would like to clarify that its acquisition of the heritage property is aimed at enhancing this as a premier golfing and sporting resort, while fully complying with the planning guidelines and local regulations.
“This acquisition will add to the fast-growing consumer business of the group.
“Simultaneously, it will also expand the footprint of India’s famed hospitality industry globally,”Reliance stated in a press release.
The fake report in Mid-Day was meant to be a feed for trolls targeted at the Narenda Modi government. 
“Sources told Mid-Day that even a state-of-the-art medical facility has recently been set up in the property, adding that the experience of spending the pandemic in the 4,00,000 square feet Altamount Road residence, Antilia, made the family feel the need for a second home,” Mid-Day stated in an “exclusive” report published on 4 November 2021.
The report further claimed that the property had a fully functional hospital, a mandir for which the Ambanis are set to take two priests to London from Mumbai and 40 bedrooms. The mid-day report also quoted “doctors who were hired to be a part of the medical team”, saying that the Ambanis had decided to make a hospital inside their property premises since the UK healthcare system is largely public-funded and in India, private hospitals are preferred.
A day after this report was published in Mid-day and 
Several other newspapers relayed the mischievous Mid-Day report ans the anti-Modi gang started celebrating the fake news.
In fact, the fake media report about Mukesh Ambani and his family moving to London was meant to be used by trolls to target the Modi government
As the fake news spread, trollers and Congress functionaries started to use the fake news to target the Narendra Modi government.
Prashant Bhushan, full-time PIL-ist and career trouble-maker had taken to Twitter to further the fake news.
Quoting the media report, Prashant Bhushan asked if Mukesh Ambani was another “bhagoda”. This was a way to target Amit Shah because he was exiled from Gujarat for 2 years while a fake case against him was being investigated after the Sohrabbudin Sheikh encounter. He was discharged later and all charges were proven fake. The Judge had said that the case against him was purely politically motivated, however, Prashant Bhushan, in his infinite hate, used the pejorative word to insult Amit Shah by using the fake news against Mukesh Ambani.
National Digital Media and Social Media coordinator of Congress, Gaurav Pandhi, also took to Twitter to target the Modi government using the fake news.
He claimed that the situation in India under the Modi government was “so bad” that even Asia’s richest man and his family were moving to London. He spoke about the mythical hate spread by BJP-RSS as a possible reason. Not only was this news fake, but Pandhi implied strange logic to target the Modi government. Congress, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, has constantly claimed that PM Modi is an “agent” of Mukesh Ambani and has been working for his benefit. After Rahul Gandhi has spent 7 years screaming this trope, Congress was now claiming that Mukesh Ambani was leaving India because of PM Modi. The impeccable logic that is the hallmark of Congress was evident, even in this case.
Amnesty troller Aakar Patel went on to claim that Mukesh Ambani had not denied the story while plugging the story that carried Reliance’s denial.
While he urged his readers to “focus on the details”, it would appear that such tropes are being furthered by trolls to create confusion and ensure that the facts are muddled so they can continue to target the Modi government over the fake news spread by the media.

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