New offers from Dell

04 Oct 1999


Dell Computer Corporation has announced the launch of upgraded Inspiron notebooks, the 7500 and the 3700. The Inspiron notebook family was launched in 1998 with a view to creating a product following similar to that of Dell''s Optiplex and Dimension desktop products. Dell has carried over many attributes, like configuration, to the Inspiron line in order to capitalise on the strong brand image of its Latitude line of laptops.

Inspiron 7500

The Inspiron 7500 replaces the current Inspiron 7000 series. It comes with a 400MHz Intel Pentium II, or Celeron 466MHz or 433MHz processor. Other features include memory expandable to 512MB of SDRAM, a 4.8 GB hard disk drive expandable to 25GB, and a choice of a 15-inch SXGA or 15.4-inch XGA TFT display.

It also features two drive bays, a combo media option, and a MegaBay. The combo media bay can hold a 24X CD-ROM drive/floppy drive, a 4X DVD-ROM drive, an LS-120 drive and/or a third hard drive. MegaBay options include a zip drive or a second hard drive. The notebook comes with an ATI RAGE Mobility-P video graphics controller with 2X AGP support. Other features include a 56kbps V.90 modem, and a 12 cell LiIon battery. The dimensions are 12.9 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches and the weight 9.1 pounds. The estimated street pricing ranges from $1,999 to $3,700, depending upon the configuration.

Inspiron 3700

The Inspiron 3700 is a thinner and lighter replacement for the Inspiron 3500. It comes with a choice of Intel''s Pentium II 400MHz or Celeron 466MHz and 433MHz processors. It also includes a maximum of 512MB SDRAM, choices of 4.8GB to 18GB hard drives, and a 14.1 inch XGA TFT display.

The notebook design features a media bay with these options - a Superdisk drive, a second hard drive, a second battery, a 24X CD-ROM drive, and a 4X DVD-ROM drive. It also features dual pointing devices - a touch pad and a point stick - that can both be used simultaneously. It comes with a 56Kbps V.90 modem, an 8 cell LiIon battery and a case in either storm gray or tahoe blue. The Inspiron comes with a new heat exchanger and heat pipe cooling system plus a variable fan. The Inspiron measures 12.6 by 9.9 by 1.6 inches and weighs 6.5 pounds. The estimated street prices range from $1,899 to $2,499.

The Inspiron notebooks now account for approximately 40 per cent of Dell''s notebook sales and the Inspiron 7000 notebooks with 15-inch LCDs account for about 75 per cent of all Inspiron sales.

Meanwhile Dell has introduced Dell4Me, a new strategic consumer program aimed at making Dell a compelling consumer prospect by placing several elements of the PC purchase under an umbrella program name, and thus, simplifying the PC buying process.

The Dell4Me package comes with a leasing program, one year of Internet access, 24X7 telephone and online technical support, three-year limited warranty and online offers such as Internet home pages, discounts from online retailers, online back-up services and Dell Auctions.

This program is very similar to Gateway''s ''YourJ Ware'' program and both are finance programs packaged with several "extras", trying not to look like a traditional finance option. This new focus on the consumer market is timely since this segment has grown by about 57% in the second quarter of 99 and is expected to keep that pace.

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