Coke introduces Rs5 soluble satchet Vitingo, Glucocharge at Rs10

04 May 2018


Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd on Thursday launched two new products in India, one of them being the Minute Maid Vitingo, a water soluble powder priced at Rs5 per sachet.

Entering the enhanced hydration and nutritious dilutables segment, the company has introduced the Aquarius Glucocharge, a fruit juice, at Rs10 for a 200 ml serving. Vitingo will be priced at Rs5 for an 18gm sachet.
The new products will be sold at medical stores across the country. The company said that it plans to make Aquarius Glucocharge a mass brand in the next eight months.
Vitingo has been designed to address issues of micronutrient deficiency and malnutrition in India, the company said in a statement.
In 2000, the Indian unit of American beverages maker The Coca-Cola Co had introduced Rs5 bottles of Coca-Cola, which was followed by rival PepsiCo with its own cola at the same price. Coca-Cola ended the Rs5 bottles in 2004.
“The Rs5 price point will increase our reach, especially to the segment which cannot afford most packaged beverages. Nutrition is a category we would be focusing on in future. The aim is to bring products that have connects with the country’s socio-economic needs. And Vitingo fits in perfectly,” said T Krishnakumar, president, Coca-Cola India and South-west Asia.
"While Minute Maid Vitingo aims to be a part of the solution to malnutrition that the country is striving for, we are equally committed to making Aquarius Glucocharge a mass distributed brand in the next eight months," he added.
Vitingo will give stiff competition to Kraft Heinz's Glucon-D and Dabur India's Glucose-D.
“Chemist outlets would be one of the most important distribution channels for Vitingo. We have almost no presence there. We have partnered with wholesaler Metro Cash and Carry that has a strong presence in that segment. We’ll have more partners,” Krishnakumar said.
Vitingo is not an entirely new product. The company has been distributing it as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives through non-governmental organisations since 2010.
“That model had limitations. Now, we want to make Vitingo a purposeful commercial venture. With scale, we’ll make little money even at Rs5,” added Krishnakumar.
The company does not plan any other products in the Rs 5 price range, said a report in Mint. The company is looking to re-enter the dairy segment by the end of the year. Its ready-to-drink flavoured milk Vio has not been very successful so far.
"We are well entrenched in three of the five beverage segments. We are not in the other two — dairy and tea/coffee. You will hear from us on that soon," said Krishnakumar, according to Business Today.

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