Bosch to develop driver assistance apps for smart phone integration on vehicle displays

17 Oct 2014


Bosch is seeking to integrate driver assistance apps designed for its mySPIN smart phone integration solution – ones that drivers can use safely and conveniently on vehicle displays.

The first such event will see some 30 independent software developers, designers, and innovative web users converging on the Rainmaking Loft, owned and run by entrepreneurs and active angel investors, in Berlin for the event this weekend.

They have been invited to develop innovative apps for Bosch's `mySPIN' software. mySPIN makes it very easy to integrate smart phones into a car's infotainment system, which will make it much handier and safer to use apps on vehicles' own screens and control systems, Bosch stated in a release.

Bosch will use the Berlin hackathon to explore new approaches to connected driving and end-customer orientation. ''This hackathon is an excellent opportunity for us to tap into the potential of creative ideas outside the company,'' says Torsten Mlasko, general manager of Bosch SoftTech GmbH.

Bosch will be giving the external software developers exclusive access to the developer package for its mySPIN solution. Over two days, the software developers participating will work in small project teams, using this data to develop creative ideas and initial prototypes for new mySPIN apps.

''The way our software package is designed means it offers app developers a quick and uncomplicated means of transferring their applications to the vehicle – it's what makes our software so special,'' Mlasko said.

The event in Berlin will also help Bosch to reach new digital target groups in a creative and interactive environment. ''By organising the Bosch hackathon, we're deliberately seeking to cultivate our communication with digital target groups,'' explains Martin Gansert.

mySPIN is capable of integrating iOS and Android smart phone apps into vehicles. All compatible apps that are saved on a smart phone can be displayed and controlled on the screen in the vehicle.

The way apps appear and are controlled via the vehicle display is adapted to the respective driving situation, and the smart phone itself is controlled using the vehicle's touch screen. By integrating the smart phone and all relevant apps into their vehicles, automakers can offer their customers an attractive range of always up-to-date services, Bosh said.

Bosch's mySPIN solution already makes available a variety of popular applications, including media player, maps, calendar, and contacts apps. However, further well-known apps such as Parkopedia, Stitcher, News OnBoard, hotelseeker, eventseeker, and cityseeker can also be used at any time.

And now, following their recent introduction at the Paris Motor Show, Rivet News Radio, Audiobooks, and Newsbeat have also been added as new app partners for mySPIN. This enables drivers with a compatible GPS app to benefit from all kinds of useful assistance.

For example, while driving the fastest route to the next appointment in their personal calendar, they might listen to their favorite tunes on internet radio and find a suitable hotel room.

''Apps are the lifeblood of mySPIN, and more of them will be added all the time,'' Mlasko added.

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