Apple unveils Power Mac G4

By Our Corporate Bureau | 02 Sep 1999


Apple has introduced Power Mac G4, a new generation desktop computer, designed for professional and 'pro-sumer' customers.

Power Mac G4 is powered by the revolutionary new PowerPC G4 chip created by Apple, Motorola and IBM. This is the first personal computer in history to deliver supercomputer-level performance of over one gigaflop (one billion floating-point operations per second). Power Mac G4 runs professional applications like Adobe's Photoshop at nearly twice the speed of 600MHz Pentium III-based PCs.

The G4 chip incorporates new execution unit named Velocity Engine—the heart of a supercomputer miniaturised onto a sliver of silicon. In a set of Intel's own tests published on its web site, the 500MHz G4 chip was 2.94 times as fast as the 600MHz Pentium III processor.
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“The Power Mac G4 is not only the fastest Mac ever, it's the fastest personal computer ever,“ said Apple's interim CEO Steve Jobs.

The new Power Mac G4 line is available in three standard models - based on 400MHz, 450MHz and 500MHz processors. Customers can build and order their required configurations from Apple's online store.

The top two standard models feature: support for up to 1.5 GB of fast industry-standard PC100 SDRAM, a new 100MHz system bus that delivers up to 800 MBps of data throughput, high performance graphics, besides Apple's breakthrough AirPort wireless networking (optional).

All models feature: 1MB level 2 backside cache, internal drives from 10 GB to 27 GB (configurable to more than 100 GB via build-to-order) and removable storage including ZIP, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM with video playback, and DVD-RAM.

Power Mac G4 comes in a stunning translucent clear, silver and graphite minitower that has a side door that swings open to provide the industry's easiest access to internal components.

Power Mac G4 400MHz  is priced at US. $1,599.  While Power Mac G4 450MHz   which is priced at US $2,499, will be available shortly, Power Mac G4 500MHz which is priced at US $3,499, is scheduled to shipping in October.

In addition, Apple plans to launch two new Macintosh Server G4s and a new Macintosh Server G4 with MacOS X Server in November.

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