Isro sets up 473 centres for rural development through satellite technology
08 February 2018
Isro launches Cartosat-2 and 30 other satellites
12 January 2018
Isro sets 10 January for another mega launch of 31 satellites
30 December 2017
Isro plans to launch at least one satellite every month in 2018
01 December 2017
Tiangon-1, Chinese space lab hurtles towards earth
17 October 2017
Isro’s IRNSS satellite launch fails
01 September 2017
Isro to launch back-up satellite for NavIC navigation system
12 August 2017
Isro, NPL sign MoU for time synchronisation of desi GPS
04 August 2017
Russia to make its Mayak satellite the third brightest object in sky after sun and moon
20 July 2017
United Launch Alliance beats SpaceX to launch US Air force rockets
01 July 2017
ESA’s Ariane 5 rocket places India's GSAT-17 in orbit
29 June 2017
Isro all set to launch GSAT-17 from French Guiana tomorrow
28 June 2017
Isro’s PSLV-C38 places Cartosat and 30 nano satellites in orbit
23 June 2017
Isro’s PSLV-C38 all set to launch Cartosat and 30 nano satellites
22 June 2017
Isro’s GSLV Mk III successfully places GSAT-19 satellite in orbit
05 June 2017
Isro’s GSLV Mk-III to place high-power communication satellite GSAT-19 in orbit
05 June 2017
India’s homegrown GPS system NavIC to be operational next year
29 May 2017
Isro to boost internet speeds in India with 3 new satellites in 18 months: report
22 May 2017
SpaceX launches second satellite in 14 days
16 May 2017
Isro’s GSLV-09 successfully places South Asia Satellite in orbit
05 May 2017
GSLV Mark-III set for first flight after Isro’s Saarc satellite launch
02 May 2017
Isro to launch South Asia Satellite on 5 May; Pakistan not on board
15 April 2017
NASA finds India’s lost Chandrayaan-1 orbiting Moon
10 March 2017
Trump’s spy chief Coats ‘shocked’ by India’s rocket prowess
02 March 2017
Isro leaps into history with launch of 104 satellites in one go
15 February 2017
Isro to launch record 103 satellites in one shot in February
05 January 2017
SpaceX to start flying rockets next week
03 January 2017
Isro’s PSLV-C36 places Resourcesat-2A in orbit
07 December 2016
Isro to launch its third remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A on Wednesday
05 December 2016
Isro to launch 83 satellites in one shot in January
30 November 2016
Isro eyes world record with launch of 83 satellites in one go next year
31 October 2016
India's GSAT-18 communication satellite launched successfully
06 October 2016
GSAT-18 launch postponed by a day as bad weather delays liftoff of Ariane 5 rocket
05 October 2016
ISRO’s PSLV-C35 places eight satellites in two orbits
26 September 2016
Isro’s PSLV rocket set for its longest launch mission
24 September 2016
Isro tastes success with cryogenic engine in INSAT-3DR launch
08 September 2016
Isro to use own cryogenic technology for tomorrow’s INSAT-3DR launch
07 September 2016
India lost Antrix-Devas case over a cabinet press note, says report
07 September 2016
Qualcomm chief meets ministers over chips, satellite network
30 August 2016
Antrx-Devas row: CBI says Devas used false info to sign deal
19 August 2016
Isro to launch IIT-B's `Pratham’ satellite in September
02 August 2016
Isro set to launch weather satellite INSAT-3DR by month-end
01 August 2016
Google upgrades mapping service via Landsat 8 satellite
30 June 2016
Isro sets new record with launch of Cartosat-2 and 19 other satellites
22 June 2016
Isro set to launch record 20 satellites at one go
20 June 2016
Isro all set to launch 20 satellites on board PSLV-C34
16 June 2016
China launches Beidou G7 navigation and positioning satellite
13 June 2016
ED serves notice on Devas Multimedia for FEMA violations in Antrix deal
07 June 2016
China to launch first quantum communications satellite in July
30 May 2016
ISRO launches IRNSS-1G to complete satellite navigation system
28 April 2016
Isro, Nasa to jointly launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change
05 April 2016
Railways seeks Isro's help to run trains in difficult times and terrain
18 March 2016
Isro closer to setting up own navigation system with IRNSS-1F launch
10 March 2016
North Korean satellite ‘stable but not transmitting’
10 February 2016
N Korea rocket launch could lead to new ‘star wars’
08 February 2016
N Korea could launch rocket ‘as early as Monday’
06 February 2016
US, allies to track N Korean rocket; China cautions Pyongyang
05 February 2016
India to set up satellite tracking centre in Vietnam
25 January 2016
India successfully places a fifth navigational satellite in space
20 January 2016
Isro planning to launch 8 micro satellites on PSLV, says its director
04 January 2016
Isro launches 6 Singaporean satellites on PSLV platform
17 December 2015
Isro’s PSLV-C29 to launch 6 Singapore satellites on Wednesday
14 December 2015
GAIL to launch satellite surveillance of gas pipeline
27 November 2015
Europe’s Ariane launches Indian telecom satellite GSAT-15
12 November 2015
Nasa’s new miniature satellite CubeSat starts beaming back
13 October 2015
Isro launches space observatory Astrosat
28 September 2015
Isro’s space observatory Astrosat set for launch on 28 September
22 September 2015
Isro's GSLV D-6 heavy-lift rocket places GSAT-6 satellite in orbit
27 August 2015
Countdown starts for launch of Isro’s GSAT-6 satellite
26 August 2015
Boeing to lay off hundreds at satellite business
26 August 2015
NASA, University of Michigan start work on hurricane tracking satellite network
21 August 2015
Isro's 'Bhuvan’ to help govt map urban areas for smart city project
13 August 2015
UN-backed global satellite to be named after APJ Abdul Kalam
08 August 2015
Isro’s PSLV-C28 successfully places 5 British satellites in orbit
11 July 2015
Isro to launch 5 British satellites on 10 July
06 July 2015
Russian rocket carrying Mexican satellite crashes in Siberia
16 May 2015
India plans to launch 6 satellites in 2015-16
02 May 2015
ISRO launches its fourth navigational satellite IRNSS-1D
28 March 2015
Isro starts count-down for tomorrow’s IRNSS-1D launch
27 March 2015
Isro to launch fourth navigational satellite on 9 March
02 March 2015
Global rainfall satellites require massive overhaul
14 February 2015
NASA selects 14 palm-sized satellites for launch from 2016
09 February 2015
Inmarsat launches second Global Xpress satellite
03 February 2015
India set to become a global space power in a decade: Jitendra Singh
22 January 2015
Google, Fidelity invest $1 bn in Tesla founder's SpaceX
21 January 2015
NASA to launch instrument to measure moisture in earth’s soil
31 December 2014
Nasa satellite captures image of Christmas Island
26 December 2014
Isro tests lunar crew module on its heaviest rocket GSLV-Mark III
18 December 2014
China launches CBERS-4 satellite along with Brazil
08 December 2014
Better TV signals? ISRO confident of GSAT-16 launch on Sunday
06 December 2014
Ariane to launch Isro’s GSAT-16 communication satellite early on 5 December
01 December 2014
NASA's Swift satellite marks 10 years of game-changing astrophysics
29 November 2014
Tesla's Elon Musk working on launching satellites for global internet connectivity
10 November 2014
ISRO successfully launches India’s third navigational satellite IRNSS-1C
16 October 2014
ISRO postpones Friday’s IRNSS-1C launch by a week
06 October 2014
MOM Mangalyaan sends pics of Martian dust storm
30 September 2014
NASA, ISRO exchange space Tweets as Mangalyaan starts beaming pics
25 September 2014
ISRO creates history as Mars orbiter Mangalyaan in place sans glitch
24 September 2014
ISRO successfully test-fires Mangalyaan’s liquid engine
22 September 2014
Mystery Lockheed Martin-built satellite lifts off from Kennedy Space Complex
18 September 2014
India’s Mars orbiter Mangalyaan close to finish sans glitches
18 September 2014
India’s Mars Orbiter Mission covers 95% of odyssey, in ‘pink of health’
13 September 2014
Space Station goes berserk, launches satellites on its own
08 September 2014
China launches Gaofen-2 HD satellite
20 August 2014
ISRO to launch French remote sensing satellite, 4 other satellites
20 June 2014
ISRO successfully launches India’s second navigational satellite IRNSS-1B
04 April 2014
India set to launch IRNSS-1B satellite on 4 April
02 April 2014
NASA teams up with ISRO for water-mapping satellite
27 February 2014
ISRO plans to launch astronomical satellite Astrosat
26 February 2014
NASA launches third-generation communications satellite
24 January 2014
ISRO’s GSLV-D5 rocket blasts off into space; India makes history
06 January 2014
Countdown begins for re-launch of failed GSLV space mission
04 January 2014
ISRO clears GSLV-D5 for 5 January launch
28 December 2013
China to launch unmanned lunar mission in 2017
17 December 2013
ISRO warns of action against its social media fakes
17 December 2013
ISRO performs first trajectory correction on Mars Orbiter
11 December 2013
ISRO readies GSLV-D5 for early January launch
03 December 2013
ISRO’s Mars Orbiter spacecraft travels past lunar orbit
03 December 2013
ISRO places `Manglyaan’ on a trajectory towards Mars
02 December 2013
India’s Orbiter spacecraft set to start journey towards Mars tonight
30 November 2013
Mars Orbiter camera sends first pictures of Earth; captures cyclone`Helen’
22 November 2013
Russia’s Dnepr rocket sets record with 32 satellite launches
21 November 2013
ISRO takes Mars Orbiter spacecraft’s orbit beyond 1,00,000 km
12 November 2013
PM pleased as India’s Mars mission makes good launch
05 November 2013
India’s Mars orbiter mission all set for Tuesday launch
04 November 2013
First interstellar man-made object, Voyager-I makes history
16 September 2013
India launches first defence satellite
31 August 2013
US uses its biggest rocket to launch huge spy satellite
30 August 2013
GSAT-7, India’s first dedicated maritime communications satellite set for launch tomorrow
29 August 2013
Insat-3D gave scientists anxious moments after launch
02 August 2013
NASA may join hands with ISRO for new satellite
30 July 2013
India launches weather satellite INSAT-3D
26 July 2013
ISRO gets set for Mars mission
08 July 2013
ISRO jubilant on launch of India’s first navigation satellite
02 July 2013
Countdown begins for launch of India's first navigation satellite IRNSS-1A
29 June 2013
ISRO hopes to launch first privately built PSLV in 5 years
08 April 2013
U R Rao inducted into `Satellite Hall of Fame’
28 March 2013
India to launch first unit of its navigational satellite system in June
16 March 2013
PSLV-C20 successfully places 7 satellites in orbit
25 February 2013
PSLV to launch first smartphone-controlled nano satellite
23 February 2013
India’s heaviest satellite GSAT-10 launched successfully
29 September 2012
India’s GSAT-10 satellite launch set for 29 September
24 September 2012
PM congratulates scientists on successful PSLV launch
10 September 2012
NASA rover `Curiosity’ lands on Mars, starts beaming images
06 August 2012
ISRO to launch navigational satellite system in 2013
23 July 2012
Japan forays into commercial satellite launch business
19 May 2012
Satellite imagery company GeoEye to buy rival DigitalGlobe for $792.3 million
04 May 2012
ISRO jubilant after launch of all-weather RISAT-I satellite
26 April 2012
ISRO prepares to keep date with 'lucky' 20 April for RISAT-1 launch
02 April 2012
Former ISRO chief Madhavan Nair moves CAT against blacklisting
05 March 2012
ISRO chief vows to release reports on banned scientists
31 January 2012
China launches Ziyuan III satellite
09 January 2012
Antrix-Devas deal probe over: ISRO
14 November 2011
Asteroid zips past Earth
09 November 2011
Asteroid will fly past Earth on Tuesday
07 November 2011
NASA launches first-of-its-kind weather satellite
29 October 2011
ROSAT likely crashed somewhere over southeast Asia
24 October 2011
EU launches Galileo satellite navigation programme
22 October 2011
After UARS, a German satellite to crash-land on Earth
20 October 2011
ISRO successfully orbits Megha-Tropiques weather satellite
12 October 2011
ISRO starts countdown for launch of Megha-Tropiques satellite
10 October 2011
Students building satellite that’s seen as future of space research
04 October 2011
ISS supply programme on track with successful Soyuz launch
03 October 2011
UARS debris landed in the Pacific: NASA
28 September 2011
NASA satellite’s re-entry location is a mystery
26 September 2011
New Japanese spy satellite to look at N Korea
23 September 2011
NASA hazy about satellite crash
23 September 2011
NASA satellite to crash back on Earth
21 September 2011
ISRO successfully tests Asia’s largest rocket booster
14 September 2011
ISRO to focus on new communication satellites, GSLV
02 September 2011
GSAT-12 positioned into final geo-synchronous orbit
20 July 2011
ISRO successfully launches GSAT-12
15 July 2011
PSLV-C17 countdown in progress
14 July 2011
India to launch GSAT-12 communication satellite on 15 July
01 July 2011
ISRO’s GSAT-8 satellite with GAGAN payload placed in position
27 June 2011
ISRO’s calendar for 2011 chock-a-block with launches
20 June 2011
Satellite images rule out diversion of Brahmaputra
17 June 2011
ISRO to post transponder lease policy on Antrix website
08 June 2011
ISRO to orbit GSAT-8 in July
02 June 2011
ISRO bags contracts for 12 satellite launches
02 June 2011
GSAT- 8 satellite placed in geosynchronous orbit
26 May 2011
ISRO puts GSAT-8 into geo-synchronous transfer orbit
23 May 2011
ISRO communication satellite GSAT-8 launched successfully
21 May 2011
Launch of ISRO’s GSAT-8 satellite put off to 21 May
17 May 2011
Israeli defence to focus on spy satellites
14 May 2011
Russia fires space chief
30 April 2011
Russia to form air-space defence command by year-end
25 April 2011
ISRO ushers in 2011 with a successful PSLV-C16 launch
20 April 2011
PSLV-C16 to orbit three satellites on Wednesday
18 April 2011
ISRO has a busy quarter ahead
17 January 2011
Indian IRNSS to line up alongside other satnav systems
07 January 2011
ISRO to use PSLV for launching Singapore's first satellite in February
04 January 2011
India to launch 30 earth observation satellites in next decade
28 December 2010
ISRO clears GSLV launch after tests
22 December 2010
Cartosat-2B to be operational in a week
14 July 2010
ISRO over the moon after successful PSLV launch
12 July 2010
INSAT-4B power snag hits TV channels and telecom opeartions
10 July 2010
INSAT-4B suffers power glitch; operations hit slightly
09 July 2010
ISRO to launch satellites to monitor forest fires
22 June 2010
ISRO to launch imaging satellite Cartostat-2B in mid-May
21 April 2010
Boeing seeks ISRO alliance –opportunities to be explored
30 March 2010
Russia to launch three GLONASS satellites in March
16 February 2010
ISRO to launch communication satellite for Satphone services
02 February 2010
ISRO to launch Cartosat-2B in March
07 January 2010
Glonass to provide global coverage from next year: Putin
24 December 2009
Indigenous cryogenic engine to power GSLV-D3
05 December 2009
ISRO’s multiple satellite launch is a success
23 September 2009
ISRO to orbit six nano satellites along with Oceansat-2
22 September 2009
ISRO to launch Algerian satellites with US components
12 August 2009
ISRO to develop Indian satellite security cover
10 August 2009
ISRO to tap US satellite launch market post tech agreement
31 July 2009
ISRO to help put US satellites into space
31 July 2009
ISRO receives clearance for GSAT-11 communication satellite
24 July 2009
Raytheon: Indian GAGAN air navigation system is the world’s most advanced
23 July 2009
TerreStar-1, world’s largest commercial satellite, launched
03 July 2009
US mobile company launches world’s largest and most powerful commercial communications satellite
02 July 2009
US puts ballistic missile flight tracking satellite in orbit
15 May 2009
US Air Force to monitor space debris and traffic
13 May 2009
RISAT-2, ANUSAT launched into orbit
20 April 2009
India’s high-tech spy satellite to go aloft Monday
17 April 2009
US move to source intel data from private sector to benefit satellite imaging firms
09 April 2009
India to launch IAI-built spy satellite on 20 April
08 April 2009
Boeing’s high capacity WGS-2 military communications satellite ready for testing
07 April 2009
North Korean rocket launch flops –also move for UN sanctions
06 April 2009
USAF successfully launches seventh GPS IIR-M satellite
25 March 2009
Space junk: Clear and present danger
23 March 2009
Student satellite Anusat to ride into space soon
23 March 2009
ISRO readies launch of another high-tech spy satellite
19 March 2009
ESA's GOCE satellite launch put off till Tuesday
17 March 2009
Raytheon readies space-based “super-sensor” for missile launch warning
16 March 2009
Satellites did not collide but were destroyed: ex-Russian General
07 March 2009
Abu Dhabi to host largest space centre in the MENA region
25 February 2009
NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite plunges into the ocean
25 February 2009
ISRO to launch student-made nano satellites
19 February 2009
NASA's new mission to search for water on moon
18 February 2009
Debris from satellites’ collision possibly seen in Texas skies
16 February 2009
Space crash: Iridium 'fixes' problem, but scientists worried
14 February 2009
Space crash destroys Iridium-owned satellite
12 February 2009
Iran launches own space satellite using indigenous rocket: report
03 February 2009
Chinese threat to Indian space assets
29 January 2009
Russia suspends space tourism programme
23 January 2009
Japan launches first-ever environmental Gosat 'Ibuki'
23 January 2009
China to develop GPS by 2015
20 January 2009
EADS Astrium buys out SSTL
14 January 2009
ISRO to launch 4 foreign satellites this year
09 January 2009
ISRO to launch Indo-French weather satellite Megha Tropiques
03 January 2009
ISRO to test high-end launch vehicle GSLV Mark III in 2009
01 January 2009
ISRO hooked to Ariane-5 lift-off with Antrix-built satellite
20 December 2008
New US missile warning satellite fails
03 December 2008
Israel to launch nano-satellites from India in 2009
02 December 2008
"Spot beam" satellite being developed for rural net connectivity: ISRO
19 November 2008
ISRO's Bhuvan portal to be more powerful, efficient than Google Earth
05 November 2008
India's satellite-based air navigation system to be world's most sophisticated: Raytheon
24 October 2008
Satellite operator Iridium to be sold to private equity firm for $591 million
24 September 2008
Arianespace buys 10 Russia Soyuz launch rockets from for its Galileo programme
22 September 2008
Putin ratchets up spending on the Glonass satellite programme – allocates $4.4 billion
13 September 2008
Salem College students develop motors and components for ISRO rockets and satellites
12 September 2008
Government nod for ‘Gagan’ Project
11 September 2008
India to be mapped in 3-D: Kapil Sibal
10 September 2008
IAF integrating space-based assets into operational plans
08 August 2008
India to get global navigation system for ISRO, AAI
04 August 2008
Raytheon led team to bid for final phase of GAGAN - India's satellite-based navigation system
16 July 2008
ISRO, CNES agree to share climate data with other countries
10 July 2008
India to send satellite dedicated to youth into orbit
28 June 2008
Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission vital for the country: Dr APJ Kalam
27 June 2008
ESA's Jules Verne ATV refuels the ISS
19 June 2008
NASA's GLAST settles into orbit – to explore origins of the universe
13 June 2008
India's Integrated Defence Staff evolving strategies for use of space assets
12 June 2008
NASA ties up with universities to develop planet-searching satellite
07 June 2008
Rocket maker Khrunichev takes control of US-Russian satellite launch firm ILS
31 May 2008
Astrium wins €263-million EarthCARE earth observation satellite
29 May 2008
Mars Orbiter develops minor glitch - takes stunning photograph of Phoenix Lander
28 May 2008
ISRO aggressively promoting commercial launches: ISRO chief GM Nair
26 May 2008
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander makes a successful landing
26 May 2008
Spacecraft searching for life-like conditions set to land on Mars
21 May 2008
Europe looks to EADS to build a European space shuttle
16 May 2008
Nasa's new water reclamation system headed for duty on space station
14 May 2008
Cartosat-2A and IMS-1 beam back “excellent” images: ISRO
02 May 2008
China successfully positions Tianlian-1, data relay communications satellite, for operations
02 May 2008
India's moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, slated for launch in Q3 2008: ISRO chief
29 April 2008
Historic launch for ISRO as PSLV-C9 orbits 10 satellites at one go
28 April 2008
European Union approves use of in-flight cell phone services
07 April 2008
European Union members reach agreement on Galileo Navigation System
07 April 2008
ISRO lines up 70 space missions in 2007-12 period - manned mission plan may be finalised this week
07 April 2008
ISRO to launch remote sensing satellite this month
05 April 2008
USAF launches new LM GPS II R-M satellite
25 March 2008
NORAD marks 50 years in May
24 March 2008
Astronauts assemble robot arm, Dextre, after 7-hour space walk
18 March 2008
Indian satellite ‘Aditya’ being readied for 2012 launch, to study Sun’s corona
28 February 2008
India can intercept and destroy objects in Space, say Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr VK Saraswat
25 February 2008
DLRL to develop next-generation electronic warfare equipment
25 February 2008
Japan launches high-speed Internet communications satellite
25 February 2008
Satellite-based “eyes in the skies” project being developed: IAF chief ACM FH Mistry
23 February 2008
US missile intercepts falling satellite
21 February 2008
US to blast disabled spy satellite after space shuttle Atlantis returns
16 February 2008
Israeli TecSAR spy satellite beams first images
01 February 2008
US celebrates 50th anniversary of its first satellite launch
31 January 2008
Launch of Israeli satellite a “landmark event,” says ISRO’s M Nair
22 January 2008
Antrix Corp and Germany’s Euromap enter distribution agreement for IRS imagery
16 January 2008
India’s Space programme 2007 - Year-end Review
02 January 2008
Russia’s GPS challenger, Glonass, completes initial chain with satellite launch
27 December 2007
ISRO installs second Deep Space Network antenna - first antenna ready for performance tests
17 December 2007
Boeing completes Space Based Space Surveillance system tests
14 December 2007
ISRO's GSAT-4 to provide computer connectivity in remote areas
11 December 2007
Chinese lunar probe completes first orbital transfer
27 October 2007
EU keen to develop heavy helicopters and satellite observation system
25 October 2007
Canadian satellite tech firm, NovAtel Inc, in friendly acquisition
19 October 2007
Japan lunar orbiter, Kaguya, releases mini-satellite into orbit
10 October 2007
FAA puts up proposal for satellite-based navigation by 2020
09 October 2007
Boeing's first GPS IIF satellite soon to be ready for testing
14 September 2007
Boeing bids for next generation global positioning satellite system
28 August 2007
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