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DGCA requests bandwidth for airlines to install in-flight safety systems on aircraft news
09 September 2008

Toronto: Leading Canadian technology company, Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd, which provides  both hardware and software aerospace solutions, said India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has contacted the Union ministry of communications & information technology, department of telecommunication (WPC-Wing) and formally requested consideration of applications by airline operators for the allotment of required bandwidth for use with Star's Terrastar:Real-Time Monitoring System (Terrastar-RTMS).

Star Navigation said the DGCA request not only demonstrated the Indian civil aviation regulator's support for Terrastar RTMS technology, but also underlined the working relationship that the company had with Indian aviation authorities.

Dale F Sparks, chief technical officer of Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. stated, "We see great opportunity in the S.E Asia/Pacific aviation sector, and it is a significant part of our overall strategy. Acquiring the necessary bandwidth for communications is critical to our success in this market and it begins with regulatory approvals from the relevant government departments and ministries. Therefore, we approached this directive very tactfully and ambitiously."

The request for bandwidth is a necessary step in the process of getting Star's technology installed on aircraft in the region.

Meanwhile, Star Navigation's India office has said that it is in the process of opening an office in New Delhi, in order to take advantage of the growth in aviation services in the India and south-east Asia region.

Star Navigation Systems' In-flight Safety Monitoring System is the first system in the world to feature in-flight data-analysis, monitoring and diagnostics with a real-time connection between aircraft and ground.

Its real-time capability of tracking performance-trends and predicting incident-occurrence enhances aviation safety and improves fleet management while reducing costs for the operator.

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DGCA requests bandwidth for airlines to install in-flight safety systems on aircraft