Local airlines not ready for e-ticketing deadline: IATA

The global implementation of of 100-per cent electronic ticketing by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) from 1 June has been welcomed by foreign airlines operating into India. However, India will take a few years to go entirely online on the domestic front as some of the airlines in the country are yet to become e-ticket eligible, stated IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI). (See: e-ticketing will cover 90 per cent of interline travel by 31 May, says IATA

With soaring fuel prices airlines across the world are desperately seeking measures to cut down other expenses. The move towards e-ticketing from paper tickets will save $3 billion for an airline plus e-ticketing will reduce workload of the airlines, increase efficiency and the process will be speedy. Consumers will benefit as electronic tickets can be easily printed at one's own convininence and can be changed or reissued even if one print-out is lost. Most importatntly it will negate the  agents commission making it a zero commission procedure

According to (IAAI), currently, about 15 per cent of all the tickets issued in India are paper tickets. With e-tickets, the processing time will improve and travel agencies can also do away with maintaining a stock of the vast paper tickets it uses every fortnight.

IAAI confirmed that, Air India, Indian and Jet Airways had already announced their readiness in this regard and finalised interline agreements for e-ticketing.