Laptop ban lifted for Emirates, Turkish Airlines flights

Emirates and Turkish Airlines have said the cabin ban on laptops would no longer apply45 on their flights to the US. The development comes after the US, in March, banned laptops and other large electronic devices to and from eight mostly Muslim nations, over fears of explosives being concealed in them.

Emirates, which operates flights to the US from its Dubai hub, said it worked with US authorities to meet new security rules.

According to Turkish Airlines, it was also now allowing passengers travelling to the US to take their laptops onboard.

Dubai, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi airports have reportedly tightened security checks.

Emirates said in a statement, "Effective immediately, the electronics ban has been lifted for Emirates' flights from Dubai International Airport to the USA."

The airline, with flights to 12 US destinations from Dubai, thanked customers for "their understanding and patience during the last few months".

Turkish Airlines tweeted that all electronic devices would be allowed on its US flights from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways has also been allowed to let passengers carry laptops and large electronics in airplane cabins, despite facing logistical challenges amid the country's diplomatic dispute with several Arab nations.

Along with Etihad, which saw the ban lifted on Sunday for its flights from Abu Dhabi, three airlines originally on the ban list, will now allow passengers to carry laptops in their cabin luggage.

Doha-based Qatar Airways, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad, Dubai-based Emirates and Istanbul-based Turkish Airlines had all put security procedures in place to the satisfaction of US authorities.

Qatar Airways said that with "immediate effect, all personal electronic devices can be carried on board all departures from Hamad International Airport to destinations in the United States."

"Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport have met with all requirements of the US Department of Homeland Security's new security guidelines and we would like to express our thanks to the US and local authorities for their support during this process," the airline said in a statement.

"We would also like to thank our loyal passengers for their understanding and patience while the ban has been in place."