Korean Air chief's daughter jailed for re-directing flight

A top executive in South Korea's national airline's in-flight service, the daughter of the company's CEO, has been sentenced to one year in jail by a court in Seoul for hampering aviation safety as she forced a Korean Air plane to return to the New York gate and offload a steward last December because she did not like the way she had been served nuts.

Cho Hyun-ah, the daughter of the Korean Air CEO Cho Yang-Ho, was charged after demanding that a crew member be removed from a flight for failing to serve the nuts on a plate.

It has created worldwide interest, but also sparked a wider debate in Korea over the so-called chaebol system where the economy is dominated by family firms, including Korean Air.

The BBC reported that Cho seemed contrite about her act, but not contrite enough to convince the judge, who said she was not really ''sorry enough'' about ordering the captain to turn back and offload the offending steward, who served her nuts in a packet rather than a bowl in first class.

The boss of electronics giant Samsung too is under fire for similar reasons of running a family 'chaebol' oligarchy.