Part payment of dues ends Air India crew strike

Air India flight attendants ended their two-day strike on Wednesday evening after they were paid part of their outstanding sustenance allowance and salary dues.

The cabin crew had been protesting because their salaries have not been paid for the past two months and the sustenance allowance is in abeyance since August.

This monthly allowance ranging from $800 to $1,500 is paid in international currency for expenses such as meals and transportation when the crew is on a layover abroad in between flights.

"We have been paid allowance for August and so we will go back to work. We hope we won't have to go on strike again for payment of allowance for the pending four months," a member of the All India Cabin Crew Association said.

At least four international flights from Delhi were delayed for a few hours on Tuesday as around 231 cabin crew members refused to fly, forcing the airline to look for replacements.

The problem of unpaid salaries however remains a headache for the national carrier; and there could be a fresh flare-up if these are delayed much further. Apart from the cabin crew, the Aviation Industry Employees Guild, a union with 8,000 members including ground handlers, engineers, booking office staff and check-in staff, have issued a strike notice to the airline.