AI pilots union threatens strike action from 24 Nov

New Delhi: The Air India's pilots union, the Indian Commercial Pilots Union (ICPA), has served notice to airline management, informing it of their intention to strike work from 24 November should management fail to meet all obligations with respect to payments that are due to employees over the past three months, as well as other demands.

ICPA officials expressed frustration over the prevailing situation and warned management to sort out problems by the tenth of the month or they would be compelled to strike work.

Meanwhile, confirming receipt of the strike notice, airline officials said it was unfortunate that union officials had decided to pre-empt matters as the airline was working towards raising funds.

 Air India had already announced it would clear dues by this date.

The airline's executive pilots have struck work in the recent past, badly disrupting domestic and international operations. The airline is badly stuck for funds, as an expected financial rescue package from the government is yet to materialise.