Ilyushin Finance to supply 30 Tu-204 medium-haul airliners to Iran Airtour

Moscow: Ilyushin Finance, a Russian finance and leasing company for civil aircraft, plans to sign a preliminary contract with Iran Airtour at the Dubai Air Show coming Monday, for the supply of 30 Tu-204-100 aircraft, according to Ilyushin company sources.

According to these sources, Ilyushin had already signed a contract to supply Iran with five Tu-204-100 airliners at the MAKS-2007 air show near Moscow in August, and was now planning to sign a preliminary contract with Iran Airtour on November 19.

The first batch of the Tu-204 medium-haul airliners, designed to accommodate 210 passengers, would be delivered in 2009.

Ilyushin Finance deals with financial and operational leasing of Russian-made civil aircraft, and also provides consulting services. It has a 38% stake in Russia's 90% state-owned United Aircraft Corporation, which incorporates commercial and military aircraft makers such as Sukhoi, Ilyushin, and Tupolev, as well as companies involved in distribution, including Aviaexport.