Bombardier in deal to sell 15 CSeries jetliners for $1-bn

Bombardier Inc, the world's third-largest aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus said Sunday that an undisclosed customer has placed a conditional order for 15 CSeries jetliners for approximately $1 billion.

The order is for five CS100 and ten CS300 jetliners which are expected to enter into service in 2013, and the buyer wants to remain unanimous at this stage, the Canadian manufacturer said in a statement.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft's president Mike Arcamone said: ''Bombardier's CSeries aircraft provide a distinct economic advantage compared to any aircraft in their class, and we are thrilled to welcome the twelfth CSeries aircraft customer to the program.''

''The CS100 and CS300 airliners combine unmatched field performance along with transcontinental range, creating opportunities for new business models; what's more, they'll be contributing to more sustainable aviation with their reduced environmental footprints,'' Arcamone further stated.

The CSeries aircraft built with advanced materials and cutting-edge technology fits in the 100-149 seat category of single aisle aircraft. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G engines and has a range of over 5,400 km.

The CSeries is lighter than other comparable aircraft weigning around 5.4 tonnes, and is more fuel efficient. The aircraft's clean-sheet design ensures reduced noise and emissions and provides superior operational flexibility, the company said.