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Airbus unveils 'Cabin of the Future' news
15 June 2011

Ahead of next week's Paris Air Show, Airbus has unveiled its ''2050 Concept Cabin,'' which offers a ''Star Trek''-styled cabin of the future. The cabin of the future, according to Airbus, has no regulated class divisions of first, business and economy, which are replaced by personalized zones that offer flexible, tailored levels of relaxation, interactivity and working spaces.

Airbus cabin of the future. Image: Courtesy AirbusPassengers can choose to travel in the Interactive Zone, with a bar and electronic games, where they can mingle and socialize. Those wanting quiet and solitude can choose the Relaxation Zone. For those who need a lift there is the ''Vitalizing Zone,'' which is all about well-being and relaxation, allowing passengers to recharge with vitamin- and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments.

Last year, Airbus unveiled a future Concept Plane with technologies to reduce fuel burn, emissions, waste and noise. Regarding this year's release of a future interior design, executive VP, engineering, Charles Champion, said Airbus research shows that the passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience that does not harm the environment.

The Concept Cabin will enable airlines to identify and respond to passenger needs and will include features such as morphing seats to accommodate individual body shapes, said Airbus. The cabin will be able to automatically control air temperature and is designed to give passengers open, panoramic views of the passing sky.

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Airbus unveils 'Cabin of the Future'