Airbus lands leasing company order for 100 jets: Report

New York: Leasing company AWAS (Ireland) Ltd will buy up to 100 Airbus jets worth $6.9 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The AWAS deal is for 75 single-aisle jetliners, with options for 25 more. Airbus will make the bookings for 2008, the Wall Street Journal said. The planes are valued at $6.9 billion based on list prices, though such large orders are normally offered large discounts.

The deal will shift AWAS to a higher slot among second-tier aircraft-leasing companies, who are among the biggest plane buyers in the aviation business.

AWAS now owns or manages 320 aircraft and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing midsize players in the sector. British private-equity firm Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd purchased the company in 2006.

Last month AWAS announced an order for 31 single-aisle Boeing 737 planes, with options for 19 more, at a catalogue price of $2.3 billion.