Kingfisher, American Airlines in codesharing and frequent flyer pact

Kingfisher Airlines has entered into a comprehensive code-sharing and frequent flier agreement with American Airlines, which, Kingfisher said, would be implemented in 2011.

The agreement, which allows the airlines to share passengers beyond each other's operations network, however, is subject to regulatory approvals, Kingfisher Airlines said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Kingfisher is a member of the global airlines alliance oneworld, of which American Airlines is a founder-member.
The initial phase of the codesharing arrangement will allow American Airlines to place its `AA' code on Kingfisher Airlines' domestic network beyond New Delhi and on the London Heathrew to New Delhi and Mumbai routes on its international network.

Kingfisher Airlines will place its code on American Airlines' Chicago O'Hare-New Delhi flights as well as on select American flights between the United States and London Heathrow.
Members of American's `AAdvantage' and Kingfisher's `King Club' frequent flier programmes will be able to earn miles on the code share flights. The two airlines are exploring a more comprehensive frequent flier agreement that would help redeem miles across each other's carrier network, the filing said.

"We are very pleased to announce our codeshare partnership with Kingfisher, an airline that offers our customers the choice of flying to more cities throughout India and a more convenient travel experience," said Virasb Vahibi, chief commercial officer of American Airlines. "We look forward to strengthening further our partnership as Kingfisher completes the promise of joining the oneworld alliance."

"I am delighted that Kingfisher Airlines has entered into a codeshare and frequent flier relationship with American airlines.