International Civil Aviation Organisation's 36th session to focus on safety, security and the environment

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will hold the 36th session of its assembly at the organisation's headquarters in Montreal, from 18 to 28 September

Delegates from the organisation's 190 contracting states will meet to review ICAO's activities over the past three years and to approve the work programme and budget for the period 2008-2010. Aviation-related international organisations will also attend the meet.

The agenda will cover aviation safety and security, air navigation and environmental protection. The session will also discuss air transport policies, as well as economic, medical and legal issues related to aviation.

The session will also elect the 36-member ICAO council, the governing body of the organisation.

The assembly will provide an opportunity for contracting states and the world aviation community to validate the progress to date and to establish direction for the next three years and beyond. ICAO council president Roberto Kobeh González said: "I expect this to be a truly pivotal assembly."