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DRDO develops state-of-the-art counters for nuclear and chemical warfarenews
21 May 2007
New Delhi: In yet another significant move, marking a rapid ratcheting up of the country's defence systems and also its preparedness for dealing with warfare in a nuclearised environment, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has said that it has developed state-of-the-art equipment that will allow the country to face civil and defence eventualities arising out of the use of nuclear or chemical weapons.

In a significant revelation, the chief controller of Life Sciences Research and Human Resources, DRDO, Dr Selvamurthy has said that the defence services have already begun the use of masks and modern equipment that will allow them to operate in an environment contaminated with such weapons.

"DRDO has nine life science labs across the country and they have indigenously developed nuclear, biological and chemical defence masks, and other 35 products to face any threat arising out of chemical and nuclear wars. They have also developed bio-warfare agents, field diagnostic kits to fight biological eventualities like that of typhoid, dengue, malaria, anthrax or any other viruses," he said.

The life science laboratories have also designed and developed a de-contamination vehicle, which can sanitize air, ground and water resources.

"These labs have also developed chemical warfare detection systems and portable chromatographs, to protect both civil and defence society. A de-contamination vehicle has also been developed to decontaminate air, ground and water," he said.

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DRDO develops state-of-the-art counters for nuclear and chemical warfare