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Indian Navy flotilla heads for naval exercise with Russia news
19 April 2007
Vladivostok: Russia and India will conduct joint naval counter-terrorism exercises on April 24-26 in the Sea of Japan as part of the INDRA-2007 series, according to a press release from Russia's Pacific Fleet.

INDRA-2007 is part of a biennial joint exercise between the Russian and Indian navies aimed at fostering cooperative engagement in the fight against terrorism. This will be the third such exercise since 2003.

According to the release, two large anti-submarine ships, a missile boat, a diesel submarine, a group of minesweepers, and a tanker will represent the Russian Navy along with two tugboats. Two Russian Navy Ka-27 Helix helicopters and an Il-38 May maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft will also add punch to the exercise.

The Indian naval flotilla comprises of three missile destroyers, a missile corvette and a fleet tanker.

The press release states that the INDRA-2007 exercise will include surface live ammunition firing, air defense and anti-submarine warfare maneuvers. The naval units will also practice operations related to maintaining maritime order and countering piracy, terrorism, and drug smuggling.

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Indian Navy flotilla heads for naval exercise with Russia