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Bing increases search engine market share in August news
19 September 2009

Microsoft's newly launched searched engine Bing increased its market share by 22.1 per cent month-over-month in August, making it the fastest growing search provider among the top 10.

According to the Neilsen research firm, share of searches for Bing increased from 9.0 per cent in July to 10.7 per cent in August. Google continued as the No.1 search provider, with 7.0 billion searches and a 64.6 per cent search share.

Yahoo, the second biggest search provider saw its market share drop 4.2 per cent to 16 per cent, while AOL gained 1.8 per cent to 3.1 per cent.

The biggest loser was Comcast Search losing 21.6 per cent to 0.5 per cent.

Neilsen said that the data including total searches, unique searchers, search share, and all other search figures can not be trended with search results prior to June 2009 due to recent methodology changes.

Bing, launched in early June, continued to make small inroads into search giants Google's and Yahoo's market share in the US internet search market in July, according to research firm ComScore. (See: Bing makes small dent in Google, Yahoo market share in July)

Table 1: Top 10 Search Providers for August 2009, Ranked by Searches (US)Provider


Searches (000) M-O-M % Growth

Share of Searches


10,812,734 2.9%


Google Search

6,986,580 2.6%


Yahoo! Search

1,726,060 -4.2%


MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search

1,156,415 22.1%


AOL Search

333,231 1.8%

3.1% Search

186,270 2.9%


My Web Search

128,432 0.5%


Comcast Search

50,328 -21.6%


Yellow Pages Search

37,923 2.7%


NexTag Search

31,830 0.4%

0.3% Search

16,314 2.9%


Searches represent the total number of queries conducted at the provider. Example: An estimated 7.0 billion search queries were conducted at Google Search, representing 64.6 percent of all search queries conducted during the given time period.

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Bing increases search engine market share in August