May calls for 2-year transition period post Brexit
During the proposed two-year transition period after Brexit  the UK would largely continue to retain its current ties with Brussels, May said
2100: Some of us now living may witness the next mass extinction
Daniel Rothman, professor of geophysics at MIT and the co-director of MIT's Lorenz Center, feels a sixth mass extinction will occur when a critical amount of carbon - which he analysed as 310 giga tonnes - is likely added to the oceans by the year 2100
London deems Uber unfit to run cab service, cancels licence
Thirty-two of the 154 allegations of rape or sexual assault by taxi drivers reported to police in London between February 2015 and February 2016, concerned Uber
New US travel ban to be more country-specific, may hit 9 nations
While officials declined to say which or how many countries would be targeted, the decision is reported to be based on the recommendations of the homeland security secretary
More trade woes for N Korea; China to cut oil supplies
Reports from Pyongyang say that retail prices of petrol have gone up by around 20 per cent in two months in the wake of United Nations sanctions restricting exports of oil products
NPPA urges better regulation of private hospitals
This is because the cost of treatment, including surgical procedures at most of these hospitals remain high despite the NPPA effecting major reductions in the prices of essential medicines and medical implants
Union Budget: 2017-18
Economic Survey: 2016-17

  Aedes to Zika, an Infectious Journey
  Drawing exhaustively on research and scientific data, medical professionals Ishrat Syed and Kalpana Swaminathan have cut through the clutter of misinformation to present to lay readers a comprehensive biography of the Zika Virus, in their book, The Secret Life of Zika Virus
  Brand building: love in the time of likes
  In the digital world of low-cost sameness, businesses need to find an emotional connect as their best differentiator, says Manoj Agarwal,  co-founder of lifestyle events curator Xoxoday
  Beyond the comfort zone
  Former managing director of Kimberly Clark Lever, Prakash Iyer is a best-selling author, leadership coach and a motivational speaker. In this interview with Swetha Amit, Iyer talks about his latest book on entrepreneurial stories
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