Turkey downs Russian fighter jet; Putin calls it 'stab in the back'
The Russian Su-24 jet was shot down by F-16 fighters near Syria border after allegedly violating its airspace and it is not clear whether the pilots are dead or alive
US politicians unite to flay Pfizer-Allergan deal
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said the deal would ''leave US taxpayers holding the bag'', while her Republican rival Donald Trump called it ''disgusting''
Alibaba's Jack Ma in talks to buy Hong Kong newspaper
Ma will be the latest internet tycoon to buy a traditional newspaper, following Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and reversing the perception that the days of print media are numbered
SC asks Vodafone to pay Rs2,000 cr for merger of its entities
The move would bring Vodafone India Ltd, India's second largest communications services provider, a step closer to listing on the stock exchanges
VW says it has fixes for 90% of emission-scandal cars in Europe
German auto giant Volkswagen, mired in a massive emissions cheating scandal, says it has found technical solutions for more than 90 per cent of the vehicles affected in Europe
Rajnath urges Chinese firms to join Indian projects
Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Monday called upon Chinese companies participate in ongoing infrastructure development projects in India
Russia lifts ban on nuclear work in Iran
A decree signed by Russian President Vladmir Putin enables Russian firms to work with Iranian companies on the Fordo enrichment site and help Tehran in redesigning its Arak nuclear reactor
Indian ISIS fighters seen as inferior, get less perks
A report drawn up with the help of the British MI6, the CIA says in the ISIS, Indian, Pakistani, African and Bangladeshi fighters are paid less as they are considered "inferior to Arab fighters"
University of California scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes
Using a groundbreaking gene editing technique, scientists have created a strain of mosquitoes capable of rapidly introducing malaria-blocking genes into other mosquitoes
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

  Kindling the entrepreneurial spirit
  Co-founders of UpGrad, India's first full-fledged online education company, Ronnie Screwala, founder of UTV group, Unilazer Ventures and Swades Foundation, and Mayank Kumar, in conversation with Swetha Amit about the valuable benefits of their online higher educational program for working professionals which commences from November 2015
  The innings behind a good partnership
  Deborah Kirsten, journalist, motivational speaker and wife of cricketer Gary Kirsten, in conversation with Swetha Amit about her autobiography Chai Tea & Ginger Beer
  After Paris, France contemplates a reckoning
  Instead of pulling back from the global coalition working against jihadism, it appears that the French will renew and perhaps expand their efforts to pursue revenge for the most recent assault. Republished with permission of Stratfor
  The Journey of the Silent Warrior
  Sudha Menon, columnist and bestselling author, talks to Swetha Amit about the silent warrior who touched several lives with his acts of philanthropy
  Why corporations don't always 'learn' their way to success
  A new study of the aircraft industry suggests that the belief in 'learning by doing' may be overstated. This study provides an alternative explanation for why we may observe a strong relationship between experience and performance, even without actual learning, says Jaideep Anand from The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business
  Decoding the mind of an engineer
  Author of Applied Minds, Guru Madhavan, biomedical engineer and senior policy adviser, talks to Swetha Amit about how engineers view problems as opportunities rather than obstacles
  Consumers resist influence of covert marketing when paid placements are disclosed
  Consumers remember and like products better after seeing covert marketing, such as a product placement in a sitcom, but reminding them that product placement is ''marketing'' eliminates the effect
  Recasting the Mahabharata as a 'historical' fact than a myth
  Aditya Iyengar, senior marketing manager of History TV18, discusses with Swetha Amit the reasons for retelling the Mahabharata as a historical fact rather than as a myth
  Weathering a perfect mobile storm
  It's a great time for mobility but challenging times for mobile network operators, says Conor Carroll, senior vice president of sales for Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Tata Communication
  A Katha for corporations from a master story teller
  Award-winning author and columnist, Shoba Narayan, who has authored Return to India and Monsoon Diary talks to Swetha Amit about the power of storytelling in business and management, which is the theme of her latest book, Katha: Tell a Story, Sell a Dream
  A thrill down the spine
  Manasi Sapre, content head of Lebara Digital Pvt Ltd, talks to Swetha Amit about her debut novel Pune Murder Chronicles, which is a crime fiction
  Innovative marketing key to capturing India's HNWIs
  The Indian luxury market is poised for further growth, and innovative marketing will be the key to success, says Joginder Chhabra, Head, market intelligence and consumer insights, LG Electronics India
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