Cabinet approves Pay Commission recommendations on allowances
The approval, though delayed, comes with a lower trigger for raising house rent allowance, which has now been set at 25 per cent increase in dearness allowance against 50 per cent earlier
UAE threatens to force sanctions on Qatar: report
The UAE, a partner in the Saudi Arabia-led `siege countries' has now threatened a trade embargo on Qatar by forcing its trading partners to choose between working with them and working with Doha, says an Al Jazeera report
Major firms hit as Petya virus sweeps from Ukraine to US
The outbreak is the latest and perhaps the most sophisticated in a series of attacks making use of dozens of hacking tools that were stolen from the National Security Agency and leaked online in April by a group called the Shadow Brokers
Toshiba sues Western Digital for meddling in memory chips unit sale
Toshiba has sued Western Digital for 120bn yen ($1bn), accusing it of interfering in the attempted sale of its flash memory business
Chinese scientists create GM purple rice that reduces risk of cancers and diabetes
However, the purple rice that can cut the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, ­diabetes and other chronic disorders, will not be in the market any time soon as it is difficult to produce
H-1B visa issue under wraps, US flags trade concerns
Reports quoting a senior US official said the Trump administration has signed some executive orders related to work and immigration and there cannot be any discussion on the issue till the outcome of the review
Hey Siri, an ancient algorithm may help you grasp metaphors
Study tracks the cognitive steps humans have taken over centuries to create and comprehend metaphoric language
Union Budget: 2017-18
Economic Survey: 2016-17

  Bullying in organisations begets whining: study
  It has been said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now new research suggests that such a dynamic can play out in organisations, where bullying within decision-making groups appears to go hand in hand with whining.
  From the camera to the coffee table
  Pradeep Chandra, photo journalist and writer,  in conversation with Swetha Amit about his journey as a photographer and author of four coffee table books.
  Is 'doing good' bad for a company's bottom line? Yes, says study

Empirical analyses using a large sample of firms for the period 1992 to 2014, found that CSR reduces a firm's overall performance and investment efficiency

  Disconnect and be human

Mainak Dhar, managing director, General Mills,and the author of over a dozen books, some of which have been on the bestsellers list in India and abroad in conversation with Swetha Amit on his book 03:02

  To think 'outside the box', first see what's inside the box

Before hiring external consultants for any and every aspects of your business, first see what you can learn by applying common sense to available data, says Manoj Agarwal, co-founder of lifestyle events curator Xoxoday

  Demystifying the Kohinoor
  Best-selling author, historian, broadcaster and critic, William Dalrymple in conversation with Swetha Amit about his new book Kohinoor, which he co-authored with British radio and television presenter and journalist Anita Anand
  How to manage the failure of your venture
  Entrepreneur Sanil Sachar, co-owner of the sports brand Trusox, advises aspiring entreprenurs, "If the impact of your business leaks into your personality, then a failed business equals to a failed you. An entrepreneur is not the business but the ideas. So, don't take it personally. Separate yourself from your work."
  PK's karmic ride for love

Dr Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, aka PK in conversation with Swetha Amit on his remarkable 7,000-mile, five-month journey that transformed him from a street artist an adviser on art and culture for the Swedish government, while reuniting him with someone he loved.

  WannaCry a wake-up call for businesses
  As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, ransomware is fast becoming the number one cyber security challenge for businesses, irrespective of their size, location or industry they operate in, says Shree Parthasarathy, partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP
  Retirement associated with lower stress, but only those with a top job
  A research paper suggests that the period around retirement may widen socio-economic inequalities in stress and health amongpPoorer people, or those in low status occupations, who often have poorer health and higher biological stress response levels, especally post retirement
  Fake news and filters aren't fooling internet users
  Despite what some politicians argue, fake news and biased search algorithms aren't swaying public opinion, finds a survey of 14,000 internet users in seven nations: the US, Britain, France, Poland, Germany, Italy and Spain
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