India's light transport aircraft Saras completes second test-flight
The light transport aircraft project, abandoned after an accident while being flight-tested in 2009, has been revived with NAL making design and system modifications and improvements on the Saras PT 1 model
Hackers hijack Tesla's Amazon cloud account to mine crypto-currency
The attack on Tesla is the latest in a string of crypto-jacking attacks where thieves hijack unsuspecting victims' computers to generate virtual currencies
World's first solar fuels reactor for night passes test
International solar thermal energy researchers have successfully tested a solar reactor that runs on air, is able to make any solar fuel like hydrogen and can be run day or night using concentrated solar power
Bangladesh bourse rejects NSE-led bid, opts for Chinese partners
The Dhaka Stock Exchange has decided to sell a 25-per cent stake to a Chinese consortium, rejecting a rival bid by India's NSE and Nasdaq of the US though reports say the deal in not final and India still harbours hopes
Private hospitals fleecing patients on consumables, diagnostics
An analysis of bills from four reputed private hospitals in Delhi and NCR by the NPPA reveals that they are making profits of up to 1,737 per cent on drugs, consumables and diagnostics that are not price controlled
Oil-eating microbes are challenged in the Arctic
Bacteria play a major role in cleaning up oil spills and mitigating its environmental impacts. A new review examines the major limiting factors for microbial degradation in Arctic environments
Union Budget: 2018-19
Economic Survey: 2017-18

  Ethical leadership is a good thing, right?
  Research consistently shows ethical leadership is very beneficial. But new research shows that there are boundaries to those benefits,says Matthew Quade, Ph.D., assistant professor of management in Baylor's Hankamer School of Business /  Baylor Marketing & Communication
  Not LTCG, not US effect it was simple market correction
  The tumble in the Indian bourses last week was widely blamed on the LTCG Tax or a downturn in US markets. But it was simply a case of an overheated market correcting itself and good times are coming again, says Probir Roy
  A fruitful journey from the attic to an angel investor
  Pejman Nozad, managing partner, Pear Venture Capital in conversation with Swetha Amit on his journey from being penniless to one of the leading angel investors in Silicon Valley
  Budget 2018: old habits die hard
  The present NDA government has been trying to deglamorize the Union Budget since the beginning of its term. It has been trying to keep most of the major policy initiatives outside the budget speech. But as they say, ''Old habits die hard'' - so, today was no different, says Alok Singh, BOI AXA Investment Managers
  New, forward-looking report outlines research path to sustainable cities
  An increaingly push for smart cities should equally focus on creating sustainable cities; in 1950, fewer than one-third of the world's people lived in cities. Today more than half do. By 2050, urban areas will be home to some two-thirds of Earth's human population
  Aadhaar depriving countless Indians of access to services: Amnesty, HRW
  There is a growing body of evidence that the government's stringent Aadhaar requirements may be depriving millions of Indians of essential services and also leaving them vulnerable to fraud. By Jagdeep Worah
  Use of mobile devices at home can carry conflict to workplace: study
  The use of mobile technology for work purposes during family time has been found to affect employees' work and family lives. Researchers say that extra time spent on mobile devices after hours might not be worth it if the grief it causes results in productivity losses once the conflict is carried back to work
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