UN needs reforms to address new challenges: India
Imparting more legitimacy and balance to the Security Council would restore its credibility and equip it to confront the challenges of our times, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj told the UN General Assembly
Volkswagen sold new cars fitted with cheating devices till this week
Volkswagen continued to sell cars in the UK fitted with emissions-cheating software till Wednesday even after the  scandal hit the headlines
Pesticide residues found in 12.5% of Indian food samples
Identifying a major health hazard, the government has found residues of pesticides in a significant proportion of vegetables, fruits, milk and other food items collected from various retail and wholesale outlets across the country
India pledges to cut emissions by 33-35% in 15 years
But, unlike the United States, China and other big nations, which have announced peak years for emissions, New Delhi has ruled out committing to absolute cuts in carbon emissions
Mondelez mulls sale of European cheese, grocery businesses
The move comes over a year after Mondelez agreed to split its coffee unit and merge it with that of rival DE Master Blenders 1753
Teva to buy Mexican drugmaker Rimsa for $2.3 bn
With this acquisition, Teva will become a leading pharmaceutical company in Mexico, the second-largest market in Latin America and one of the top five emerging markets globally
Mining, oil exploration threat to almost a third of natural World Heritage Sites: Study
According to research from the World Wide Fund for Nature and asset managers Aviva Investors and Investec, 70 out of the 229 natural World Heritage Sites are at risk from extractive industries
Volcanos near Mumbai caused dinosaur extinction
New research suggests that dinosaurs, wiped out 66 million years ago, faced a double whammy of an asteroid or comet hit followed by intensified volcanic activity in a mountainous region of India known as the Deccan Traps
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

  Innovative marketing key to capturing India's HNWIs
  The Indian luxury market is poised for further growth, and innovative marketing will be the key to success, says Joginder Chhabra, Head, market intelligence and consumer insights, LG Electronics India
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  Arun Firodia, chairman, Kinetic Group, discusses with Swetha Amit some aspects of Green Growth and Smart Cities, the titles of his two recent books
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  Retired IAS officer Vivek K. Agnihotri, a former secretary-general, Rajya Sabha, mulls over aspects of governance just after the Emergency and today
  Research reveals how advertisers play the online bidding game
  When an ad pops up in your Web browser, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Advertisers are competing for the space in front of you in what amounts to an auction. In milliseconds, their computers have to decide how much they are willing to pay for a few seconds of your attention, while the website's computers choose which advertisers' bids to accept
  A grocer's ingredients for the recipe of successful modern retail
  Damodar Mall, CEO of Reliance Value Retail talks to Swetha Amit about the changing trends in consumer behaviour and modern retail
  Reaping the rewards of failure
  A brain-scan study shows failure is a rewarding experience when the brain has a chance to assess its options and mistakes
  Grabbing the digital era by its horns
  Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO and co-founder of Culture Machine, talks to Swetha Amit about revolutionising the digital media space
  Five charts that demystify the Chinese housing market
  There are reasons to worry about the Chinese housing market, but they may not be the reasons you expect, say researchers at Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Peking University who have built housing-price indices covering 120 major Chinese cities from 2003 to 2013 and analysed detailed information on mortgage borrowers
  The art of creating value and wealth
  Sanjay Kulkarni, director, Tranzmute Capital and Management and partner, Seven Capital Ventures tells Swetha Amit what it takes for investors to create value in both business and management
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