Japanese researchers develop ultrathin, highly elastic skin display
19 February 2018
Water-soluble warped nanographene
12 February 2018
New lithium collection method could boost global supply
12 February 2018
US researchers develop superdense wood with steel-like strength
09 February 2018
Silk fibres could be high-tech 'natural metamaterials'
02 February 2018
Integration of AI and robotics with materials sciences will lead to new clean energy technology
29 January 2018
Researchers develop highly stretchable aqueous batteries
27 January 2018
Adding graphene girders to silicon electrodes could double the life of lithium batteries
25 January 2018
Making fuel cells for a fraction of the cost
23 January 2018
New fuel cell technology runs on solid carbon
22 January 2018
Researchers find first evidence of sub-Saharan Africa glassmaking
20 January 2018
Using crumpled graphene balls to make better batteries
20 January 2018
Self-healing fungi concrete could provide sustainable solution to crumbling infrastructure
18 January 2018
White graphene makes ceramics multifunction
15 January 2018
Nanostructure boosts stability of organic thin-film transistors
13 January 2018
Bio-based compound offers a greener carbon fibre alternative
11 January 2018
Ultrafine fibres have exceptional strength
08 January 2018
Now entering, lithium niobate valley
26 December 2017
Researchers create bullet proof graphene sheet
23 December 2017
Smart alarm system recognizes attempted break-ins
23 December 2017
Electronically-smooth '3-D graphene': A bright future for trisodium bismuthide
23 December 2017
'Quantum material' has shark-like ability to detect small electrical signals
20 December 2017
Japanese researchers discover self-healing glass
20 December 2017
'Quantum material' has shark-like ability to detect small electrical signals
19 December 2017
Novel technique expands industrial use of advanced high-strength steel alloys
19 December 2017
New silicon structure opens the gate to quantum computers
13 December 2017
World’s first graphene shoes to debut in 2018
11 December 2017
Nature's toughest substances decoded
05 December 2017
Researchers develop graphene nano 'tweezers' that can grab individual biomolecules
04 December 2017
Wallpaper bio-solar panel developed by researchers
23 November 2017
Computer system finds 'recipes' for producing materials
07 November 2017
How to store information in your clothes invisibly, without electronics
01 November 2017
Taking a tip from mussels to make materials both strong and flexible
27 October 2017
Taming 'wild' electrons in graphene
23 October 2017
New material for digital memories of the future
20 October 2017
Engineers develop a programmable 'camouflaging' material inspired by octopus skin
13 October 2017
Lab surprised by ultraflat magnets
13 October 2017
TSRI chemists use modified DNA nucleotides to create new materials
12 October 2017
New analysis explains role of defects in metal oxides
22 September 2017
Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage
21 September 2017
Graphene and other carbon nanomaterials can replace scarce metals
19 September 2017
Corrosion in real time
15 September 2017
New insights into nanocrystal growth in liquid
15 September 2017
'Peel-and-go' printable structures fold themselves
14 September 2017
Faster, more precise, more stable: Study optimises graphene growth
26 August 2017
New results reveal high tunability of 2-D material
26 August 2017
Spinning plant waste into carbon fibre for cars, planes
23 August 2017
Understanding brittle crack behaviours to design stronger materials
22 August 2017
Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors
21 August 2017
Machine learning could be key to producing stronger, less corrosive metals
09 August 2017
From greenhouse gas to 3-D surface-microporous graphene
08 August 2017
Two sides to this energy story
04 August 2017
Solar glasses generate solar power
03 August 2017
Fundamental breakthrough in the future of designing materials
28 July 2017
Getting closer to porous, light-responsive materials
26 July 2017
Scientists announce the quest for high-index materials
22 July 2017
When life gives you lemons, make bioplastics!
15 July 2017
Fluorine grants white graphene new powers
15 July 2017
Strange silk: Why rappelling spiders don't spin out of control
08 July 2017
New material may help cut battery costs for electric cars, cellphones
06 July 2017
Sea shells: a new source of sustainable biomaterials
06 July 2017
Bacteria-coated nanofibre electrodes digest pollutants
05 July 2017
Nanostructures Detect Colours
05 July 2017
Scientists develop super-strong metal for next tech frontier
29 June 2017
New screen coating makes reading in sunlight a lot easier -- the secret? Moth eyes
24 June 2017
Chemists create 3-D printed graphene foam
22 June 2017
Researchers develop new method for creating `4D’ shape-shifting structures
21 June 2017
Lightweight steel production breakthrough: Brittle phases controlled
21 June 2017
New approach improves ability to predict metals' reactions with water
17 June 2017
New chemical method could revolutionise graphene
15 June 2017
Graphene transistor could mean computers that are 1,000 times faster
14 June 2017
Mussels add muscle to biocompatible fibres
13 June 2017
Researchers uncover two dimensional magnets formed by single atomic layer
12 June 2017
New form of carbon that's hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber
10 June 2017
Revolutionary new materials for troubled carbon times: Super filters the world can afford
09 June 2017
New low-cost material for lighting and diagnostics produces white light imitating sunlight
06 June 2017
New ceramic nanofiber 'sponges' could be used for flexible insulation, water purification
03 June 2017
'Miracle material' discovery could end cracked smart devices
02 June 2017
Miracle materials could add a new spin on electronics
31 May 2017
Conch shells may inspire better helmets, body armour
27 May 2017
High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, Stanford scientists find
25 May 2017
X-rays from copper source set new gold standard for measuring industrial materials
13 May 2017
Materials bend as they 'breathe' under high temperatures
10 May 2017
World’s largest X-ray laser XFEL generates first light
08 May 2017
Discovery of new transparent thin film material could improve electronics, solar cells
06 May 2017
Ultra-thin multilayer film for next-generation data storage and processing
03 May 2017
For first time, researchers measure forces that align crystals and help them snap together
29 April 2017
Engineers investigate a simple, no-bake recipe to make bricks from Martian soil
28 April 2017
RIL in pact with Germany’s Resysta to manufacture recyclable wood
27 April 2017
Computers create recipe for two new magnetic materials
17 April 2017
Leaf vein structure could hold key to extending battery life
08 April 2017
Graphene Flagship researches create thin film transistors printed with layered materials
08 April 2017
Researchers develop graphene-based sieve that can remove salt from seawater
04 April 2017
Materials may lead to self-healing smartphones
04 April 2017
Wastewater cleaned thanks to a new adsorbent material made from fruit peels
25 March 2017
Polymer-coated silicon nanosheets -- an alternative to graphene
09 March 2017
DMRL licenses high-nitrogen steel technology to Jindal Stainless
02 March 2017
Sustainable ceramics without a kiln
28 February 2017
New 'tougher-than-metal' fibre-reinforced hydrogels
28 February 2017
New pop-up strategy inspired by cuts, not folds
27 February 2017
Sound-shaping super-material invented
27 February 2017
Sandia use confined nanoparticles to improve hydrogen storage materials performance
25 February 2017
Engineers design origami shield to stop bullets
21 February 2017
Designing new materials from 'small' data
20 February 2017
Researchers engineer 'thubber,' a stretchable rubber that packs a thermal conductive punch
14 February 2017
Nano-level lubricant tuning improves material for electronic devices and surface coatings
13 February 2017
Cooling without an air conditioner
13 February 2017
Materials scientist invents breath monitor to detect flu
02 February 2017
New discovery: Nanometric imprinting on fibre
25 January 2017
A wolverine inspired material
28 December 2016
Engineers create programmable silk-based materials with embedded, pre-designed functions
27 December 2016
Graphene able to transport huge currents on the nano scale
23 December 2016
Laser pulses help scientists tease apart complex electron interactions
21 December 2016
Microfactories turn unwanted electronics into valuable metal alloys; solve global e-waste crisis
07 December 2016
Making spines from sea water
06 December 2016
TIFR researchers discover superconductivity of pure Bismuth crystal
05 December 2016
Perovskite solar cells hit new world efficiency record
03 December 2016
Nylon fibres made to flex like muscles
29 November 2016
Uncovering the secrets of friction on graphene
24 November 2016
Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials
08 November 2016
Researchers use graphene templates to make new metal-oxide nanostructures
08 November 2016
3-D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials
02 November 2016
Towards better metallic glasses
25 October 2016
'Bolt of lightning' captures development of block copolymer
22 October 2016
Stretchy optical fibres for implanting in the body
22 October 2016
Non-toxic solvent removes barrier to commercialisation of ‘wonder material’ perovskite solar cells
20 October 2016
Diamond micro-anvils to be used to produce immense pressures to make new materials
20 October 2016
Crystal clear imaging: Infrared brings to light nanoscale molecular arrangement
15 October 2016
Long may you wave, borophene
06 October 2016
Scientists purify copper nanowires with a near-100% yield
06 October 2016
'Materials that compute' advances as Pitt engineers demonstrate pattern recognition
05 October 2016
Uniform 'hairy' nanorods have potential energy, biomedical applications
03 October 2016
New theory overcomes a longstanding polymer problem
19 September 2016
Nanodiamonds in an instant
06 September 2016
Plastic crystals could improve fabrication of memory devices
01 September 2016
Subatomic microscopy is key to building new classes of materials
01 September 2016
Super cement's secret
30 August 2016
Scientists develop packaging material that you can eat
23 August 2016
Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight
23 August 2016
Hot 'new' material found to exist in nature
06 August 2016
New lithium-oxygen battery greatly improves energy efficiency, longevity
26 July 2016
Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity
25 July 2016
Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes
23 July 2016
‘Rivet graphene’ proves its mettle
23 July 2016
Magnets used to extracts valuable rare earth elements from geothermal plants
19 July 2016
Engineered 'sand' may help cool electronic devices
13 July 2016
Coconuts could show the way to make buildings quake-proof
08 July 2016
University of Bristol researchers develop new bio-ink for 3D printing with stem cells
29 June 2016
New material has potential to cut costs, make nuclear fuel recycling cleaner
16 June 2016
Researchers develop process to produce e-skin in minutes
15 June 2016
Scientists discover new material for isolating specific elements from nuclear waste
14 June 2016
Graphene-based transparent electrodes for highly efficient, flexible OLEDS
06 June 2016
Chinese startup to debut bendable smartphones this year
27 May 2016
Making some of the world's most durable materials corrosion-resistant
26 May 2016
Designer nanomaterials caught by laser octopus
26 May 2016
New bio-glass could make it possible to re-grow or replace cartilage
12 May 2016
Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials
10 May 2016
A super stretchy, self-healing material could lead to artificial muscle
03 May 2016
Researchers create 1-step graphene patterning method
28 April 2016
Adding some salt to the recipe for energy storage materials
22 April 2016
Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display
18 April 2016
Low-cost and lightweight
02 April 2016
Metal-foam hybrid has potential in soft robotics, aeronautics
02 April 2016
Clothes that clean themselves in the offing
26 March 2016
Mix and match MOF
09 March 2016
Electricity can flow through graphene at high frequencies without energy loss
07 March 2016
Superconductivity: footballs with no resistance
20 February 2016
Making sense of metallic glass
13 February 2016
Graphene leans on glass to advance electronics
12 February 2016
Graphene is strong, but is it tough?
06 February 2016
Graphene composite could keep wings ice-free
29 January 2016
How seashells get their strength
27 January 2016
Polymer breakthrough could revolutionise water purification
25 January 2016
Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough
12 January 2016
Mechanical properties of nanomaterials are altered due to electric field, researchers find
11 January 2016
‘Wonder material’ Graphene can filter nuclear waste
08 January 2016
New technique offers strong, flawless 3-D printed ceramics
04 January 2016
Researchers create exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
29 December 2015
Superhydrophobic coating protects without the price
23 December 2015
Improving bulk metallic glass by maximizing surface
23 December 2015
Artificial materials that came in from the cold: freeze-casting for fabricating advanced porous materials
14 December 2015
Researchers produce light malleable gold foam
30 November 2015
Hardened steels for more efficient engines
23 November 2015
Chemists create adaptable metallic-cage gels
23 November 2015
Stanford, IBM test the limits of toughness in nano composites
18 November 2015
Lasers could rapidly make materials hotter than the Sun
17 November 2015
MIT engineers develop hydrogel superglue that is 90% water
10 November 2015
Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger, cleaner
09 November 2015
Graphene key to high-density, energy-efficient memory chips
09 November 2015
Graphene key to high-density, energy-efficient memory chips, say Stanford engineers
03 November 2015
Is black phosphorous the next big thing in materials?
23 October 2015
Super-slick material makes steel better, stronger, cleaner
21 October 2015
Making nanowires from protein and DNA
09 September 2015
Conductivity in three dimensions from new nanomaterial could create super batteries
08 September 2015
Metallic gels produce tunable light emission
07 September 2015
New material captures and converts carbon into useful chemicals
02 September 2015
Researchers develop material that repairs itself if punctured
29 August 2015
Unusual magnetic behaviour observed at a material interface
25 August 2015
Manchester team reveals new, stable 2D materials
24 August 2015
Nanocrystals don’t add up for reactor materials
22 August 2015
Innovative method improves strength and modulus in carbon fibres
22 August 2015
Boosting gas mileage by turning engine heat into electricity
20 August 2015
Nano-style sheets may aid health, shield ecosystem
17 August 2015
“Yolks” and “shells” improve rechargeable batteries
06 August 2015
New insight on how crystals form may advance materials, health and basic science research
05 August 2015
Making the new silicon
04 August 2015
New ductile ceramics may help spacecraft technology, new mechanical engineering
04 August 2015
Researchers develop self-assembling artificial membrane
03 August 2015
Boxfish shell snspires new materials for body armour, flexible electronics
03 August 2015
Like paper, graphene twists, folds into nanoscale machines
31 July 2015
Researchers make significant advance in graphene generation
25 July 2015
Cheap, efficient metal-based solar cells through Plasmonics
25 July 2015
Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating, warns scientist
22 July 2015
Solving mysteries of conductivity in polymers
22 July 2015
Polymer mold makes perfect silicon nanostructures
21 July 2015
The softer side of control without clumping or capping
20 July 2015
‘White graphene’ structures can take the heat
16 July 2015
New design could dramatically boost efficiency of low-cost solar panels
15 July 2015
Advanced composites may borrow designs from deep-sea shrimp
15 July 2015
Graphene can help improve chemotherapy results: Study
13 July 2015
Trapping vortices key to high-current superconductors
10 July 2015
Nanotech transforms cotton fibres into modern marvel
09 July 2015
Aluminum clusters shut down molecular fuel factory
07 July 2015
Researchers stretch a thin crystal to get better solar cells
04 July 2015
New electron microscopes captures images at sub nanometer resolution
01 July 2015
Graphene flexes its electronic muscles
30 June 2015
Researchers stretch a thin crystal to get better solar cells
27 June 2015
Theory turns to reality for nonlinear optical metamaterials
25 June 2015
Physicists fine tune control of agile exotic materials
24 June 2015
Graphene heat-transfer riddle unravelled
20 June 2015
Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons
19 June 2015
Wood-derived foam materials
17 June 2015
Surfaces get smooth or bumpy on demand
15 June 2015
Nanotech process makes heat-resistant dyes
13 June 2015
Scientists discover why next-gen solar cells break down in days
11 June 2015
MIT team creates ultracold molecules
11 June 2015
Physicists conduct most precise measurement yet of interaction between atoms and carbon surfaces
08 June 2015
Grippy, not sticky: engineers debut an incredibly adhesive material that doesn't get stuck
05 June 2015
Seashell strength inspires stress tests
03 June 2015
Tough biogel structures produced by 3-D printing
02 June 2015
New 'designer carbon' boosts battery performance
02 June 2015
Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind sodium-oxygen battery
28 May 2015
How to make continuous rolls of graphene
28 May 2015
Revolutionary discovery leads to invention of new ‘building blocks’
28 May 2015
Revolutionary discovery leads to invention of new ‘building blocks’
14 May 2015
Out with heavy metal: new, high-volume joining process expands use of aluminum in automobiles
12 May 2015
Plugging up leaky graphene
09 May 2015
New material captures carbon at half the energy cost
09 May 2015
From brittle to plastic in one breath
06 May 2015
3D-printed aerogels improve energy storage
02 May 2015
Chemists cook up three atom-thick electronic sheets
30 April 2015
Ames Laboratory researchers create cheaper alloy for use in high-performance magnets
28 April 2015
Expanding the reach of metallic glass
23 April 2015
New manufacturing process could yield better solar cells, faster chips
18 April 2015
Scientists create quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors
16 April 2015
Packing heat: new fluid makes untapped geothermal energy cleaner
16 April 2015
New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces
09 April 2015
Aluminum battery from Stanford offers safe alternative to conventional batteries
08 April 2015
Researchers develop aluminium battery that charges smartphones in a minute
08 April 2015
An adhesive that could work underwater, in wet conditions for medical, construction, manufacturing industries
07 April 2015
New kind of “tandem” solar cell developed
27 March 2015
Caltech scientists develop 'cool' process to make better graphene
27 March 2015
Metals used in high-tech products face future supply risks
26 March 2015
Stanford engineers' new manufacturing process could yield better solar cells, faster chips
25 March 2015
Plasmonic ceramic materials key to advances in nanophotonics for extreme operational conditions
24 March 2015
Mathematical approach provides a new step in resolving the mystery of glass
23 March 2015
Symmetry matters in graphene growth
18 March 2015
Study helps understand why a material’s behaviour changes as it gets smaller
12 March 2015
New paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces
09 March 2015
New materials from waste CO2
07 March 2015
New flow battery to keep big cities lit, green & safe
07 March 2015
Mystery solved: why seashells’ mineral forms differently in seawater
05 March 2015
New analysis shows ion slowdown in fuel cell material
04 March 2015
Improved fire detection with new ultra-sensitive, ultraviolet light sensor
03 March 2015
Dendrite eraser: new electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibres
26 February 2015
Asphaltene analysis takes a giant step
24 February 2015
Fibres made by transforming materials
21 February 2015
Scientists identify mineral that destroys organic compounds, with implications for Mars Curiosity Mission
21 February 2015
Electrical conductors that are 100% efficient
19 February 2015
Potassium salt outperforms precious metals as a catalyst
12 February 2015
Binding bad: Buckyballs offer environmental benefits
11 February 2015
Preventing metal embrittlement
07 February 2015
Spider electro-combs its sticky nano-filaments
31 January 2015
Researchers working on eyeglasses that change into sunglasses on command
31 January 2015
Scaffolding is in charge of calcium carbonate crystals
27 January 2015
Perovskites boost silicon solar cells: study
24 January 2015
Study shows material can be both magnetic and electrically charged
24 January 2015
Laser-induced graphene ‘super’ for electronics
22 January 2015
New fibres can deliver many simultaneous stimuli
22 January 2015
Scientists use "pen and ink" to control how materials interact with light
21 January 2015
New type of glass material could boost smartphone battery life: study
20 January 2015
Carbon nanotubes could lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life
16 January 2015
Researchers produce new wonder material: Black Phosphorus
15 January 2015
Nanomaterial to drive new generation of electric car battery
14 January 2015
Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete
13 January 2015
Cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture
12 January 2015
Rice University scientists develop two-dimensional, light-sensitive material
10 January 2015
Contact lens merges plastics and active electronics via 3-D printing
07 January 2015
Titanium metal foam may help fuse metal into bones to repair damages
27 December 2014
Researchers create tunable photon-pair spectrum using room-temperature quantum optics silicon chip
26 December 2014
Metallic bubble wraps revolunise packaging to automobile body casting
26 December 2014
Heart disease biggest killer in India and globally: study
18 December 2014
Defects are perfect in laser-induced graphene
13 December 2014
Chemicals released during natural gas extraction may harm human reproduction, development
12 December 2014
Material made of single-atom layers snap together like Legos
10 December 2014
Protons fuel graphene prospects
09 December 2014
Engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space
01 December 2014
Controlling a material with voltage
26 November 2014
Cornell chemists develop new polymer using CO2
26 November 2014
Researchers develop efficient method to measure residual stress in 3D printed parts
25 November 2014
New 2-D quantum materials for nanoelectronics
24 November 2014
Yale engineer readies for rapid discovery of metallic glasses
04 November 2014
New solar power material converts 90% of captured light into heat
03 November 2014
Serendipitous holography reveals hidden cracks in shocked targets
03 November 2014
Cooking up carbon: sawdust and iron in the melting pot
30 October 2014
Atom-width Graphene sensors could provide unprecedented insights into brain structure and function
27 October 2014
Rethinking the Basic Science of Graphene Synthesis
25 October 2014
Charged graphene gives DNA a stage to perform molecular gymnastics
25 October 2014
Smallest possible diamonds form ultra-thin nanothread
24 October 2014
Solid nanoparticles can deform like a liquid
20 October 2014
Colourful carbon monoxide sensor could help save lives
20 October 2014
Ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years developed
20 October 2014
Stanford scientists create a 'smart' lithium-ion battery that warns of potential fire hazards
16 October 2014
Rediscovered ceramic has potential in hypersonic flight
16 October 2014
Novel porous silicon microfabrication technique increases sensing ability
14 October 2014
Unconventional photoconduction in an atomically thin semiconductor
13 October 2014
Smallest possible diamonds form ultra-thin nanothreads
09 October 2014
Crumpled graphene could provide an unconventional energy storage
06 October 2014
A solar cell that stores its own power
04 October 2014
Making cement stronger, “greener”
01 October 2014
A new theory to describe packings of frictional particles
29 September 2014
Gel-like padding to help cells survive injection, heal spinal cord injuries being developed
25 September 2014
Cherry picking molecules based on their Pi electrons
17 September 2014
New species of electrons can lead to better computing
15 September 2014
Rediscovered ceramic has potential in hypersonic flight
13 September 2014
Ceramics don't have to be brittle
12 September 2014
Rethinking the basic science of graphene synthesis
09 September 2014
The power of hidden patterns
05 September 2014
Big data approach identifies Europe’s most dangerous human and domestic animal pathogens
04 September 2014
Researchers create engineered energy absorbing material
04 September 2014
New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing
22 August 2014
Engineering long-lasting joint lubrication by mimicking nature
20 August 2014
New material structures bend like microscopic hair
14 August 2014
Carbon-fibre epoxy honeycombs mimic the material performance of balsa wood
09 August 2014
The birth of topological spintronics
06 August 2014
"Wetting" a battery's appetite for renewable energy storage
02 August 2014
A new way to make microstructured surfaces
31 July 2014
Finding the 'heart' of an obstacle to superconductivity
28 July 2014
Nature’s strongest glue comes unstuck
21 July 2014
Self-assembling nanoparticle could improve MRI scanning for cancer diagnosis
16 July 2014
Silicon sponge improves lithium-ion battery performance
11 July 2014
Researchers discover ‘Nano-pixels’ that promise thin, flexible high-res displays
11 July 2014
Yale team finds a straighter path in light absorption
05 July 2014
Yale scientists look to living cells to develop novel self-actuating materials
03 July 2014
Engineers envision an electronic switch just three atoms thick
01 July 2014
Super-stretchable yarn made from graphene
01 July 2014
Scientists create cheap, rechargeable organic battery
26 June 2014
Researchers develop new ultralight, ultrastiff 3D printed materials
21 June 2014
Opposing phenomena possible key to high-efficiency electricity delivery
20 June 2014
Cleaning the air with roof tiles
13 June 2014
Graphene’s multi-coloured butterflies
06 June 2014
Graphene to make large scale electricity storage a reality
27 May 2014
Scientists use nanoparticles to control growth of materials
20 May 2014
New chemistry paves the way for creating higher-quality advanced materials
07 May 2014
A device that boosts image quality in phones, computers, TVs
05 May 2014
Solving a mystery of thermoelectrics
05 May 2014
Lead out, tin in for cheap solar cell
03 May 2014
Experiments determine real-world limits of graphene
03 May 2014
A molecular approach to solar power
17 April 2014
Relieving electric vehicle range anxiety with improved batteries
16 April 2014
Quantum photon properties revealed in plasmon
16 April 2014
New light on novel additive manufacturing approach
14 April 2014
Glasses strong as steel: A fast way to find the best
14 April 2014
Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees C
11 April 2014
Strain can alter materials’ properties
10 April 2014
Engineers design ‘living materials’
08 April 2014
Solar cells turned into cheap printable lasers
04 April 2014
Two-dimensional material shows promise for optoelectronics
11 March 2014
Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory
11 March 2014
Researchers create graphene coating to prevent blood clots associated with implanted devices
04 March 2014
Creating tiny holes in graphene could lead to ultra-thin filters
03 March 2014
New materials open door to electronics in extreme environments
21 February 2014
Silicon-germanium chip sets new speed record
20 February 2014
Minerals Technologies enters fray for Amcol International with $1.38 bn bid
15 February 2014
Opposing phenomena possible key to high-efficiency electricity delivery
28 January 2014
New chemistry could make it easier to design materials to order
25 January 2014
New transparent display system could provide 'heads-up' data
23 January 2014
How to tap the sun’s energy through heat as well as light
20 January 2014
Scientists cooking up alloy “recipes” for bone implants
18 January 2014
Disordered materials hold promise for better batteries
10 January 2014
New material harvests energy from water vapour
03 January 2014
Process developed for ultrathin carbon membranes
02 January 2014
Polymer coatings based on molecular structures developed
01 January 2014
Batteries as they are meant to be seen
27 December 2013
Decoding the structure of bone
27 December 2013
Graphene can host exotic new quantum electronic states at its edges
26 December 2013
New research in non-toxic flame retardants
26 December 2013
Modified form of graphene could be used to make an energy-efficient data storage device
23 December 2013
Successful graphene synthesis out of single molecules
23 December 2013
New graphene treatment could unleash new uses
16 December 2013
Novel membrane for climate protection and medicine technology
14 December 2013
A new step towards graphene-based electronics
14 December 2013
Spider’s super-thin ribbons key to silk tech
13 December 2013
Graphene-based nano-antennas may enable networks of tiny machines
12 December 2013
GERMI researchers develop grapheme technology to reduce solar power cost
09 December 2013
Centuries-old Amontons’ laws of friction challenged
30 November 2013
Fuel-efficient cars & planes cheaper with magnesium drawn from ocean
29 November 2013
Creating synthetic antibodies
26 November 2013
Methane-munching microorganisms meddle with metals
25 November 2013
Engineered bacteria turns landfill waste into bio-plastic
23 November 2013
Study could lead to paradigm shift in organic solar cell research
21 November 2013
Scientists invent self-healing battery electrode
19 November 2013
Breakthrough in battery technology – no recharging needed!
19 November 2013
Rock music bolsters solar cell efficiency
07 November 2013
Rebel rooftops offer energy, cost savings
29 October 2013
New material for quantum computing discovered out of the blue
29 October 2013
Scientists untangle nanotubes to release their potential in electronics industry
21 October 2013
Heat-resistant materials that could improve solar-cell efficiency developed
21 October 2013
Pulling apart makes cracks in metal fuse together heal thyself
12 October 2013
“Waviness” explains why carbon nanotube forests have low stiffness
05 October 2013
Seeing through silicon
05 October 2013
Improving lithium-ion batteries with nanoscale research
03 October 2013
Ceramics that bend without breaking
28 September 2013
Stanford engineers build first computer based on carbon nanotube technology
27 September 2013
Researchers create first carbon nanotube computer
27 September 2013
Engineers develop a stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display
24 September 2013
Container’s properties affect viscosity of nanoscale water
23 September 2013
Water-shedding surfaces can be made to last
21 September 2013
Beyond silicon: “growing” carbon nanotubes with specific atomic structures
20 September 2013
New materials improve oxygen catalysis
18 September 2013
Graphene could yield cheaper optical chips
16 September 2013
Made-to-Order Materials
12 September 2013
Made-to-Order Materials
06 September 2013
Man-made quakes could lead to safer, sturdier buildings
12 August 2013
Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells
10 August 2013
Making cars that are lightweight and crash-safe
10 August 2013
Saws made of carbon
06 August 2013
Water clears path for nanoribbon development
03 August 2013
New coating may help joint replacements bond better with bone
30 July 2013
Improved nuclear fuel-rod cladding might prevent future Fukushimas
27 July 2013
Optical fibre tests the laws of physics
25 July 2013
Scientists build thinnest light-absorber
24 July 2013
Graphene ‘onion rings’ have delicious potential
20 July 2013
Playing with glass safely — and making it stronger
17 July 2013
Researchers create new material with graphene oxide flakes
15 July 2013
Tiny nanocubes help scientists tell left from right
09 July 2013
Fitness test for corrosion-protection coatings
08 July 2013
Shape of nanoparticles points the way toward more targeted drugs
05 July 2013
Making computers from a pencil trace
29 June 2013
Solar power heads in a new direction: thinner
28 June 2013
Ferroelectric-graphene-based system could lead to improved information processing
22 June 2013
Novel cellulose structure requires fewer enzymes to process biomass to fuel
22 June 2013
Metamaterial flexible sheets could transform optics
21 June 2013
New catalyst could jumpstart e-cars, green energy
19 June 2013
Kone's fibre UltraRope makes light work of "lifting" to new heights
17 June 2013
Polymer structures serve as “nanoreactors” for nanocrystals with uniform sizes and shapes
15 June 2013
Controlling magnetic clouds in graphene
12 June 2013
Planes, trains and automobiles: faster, stronger, lighter
10 June 2013
New all-solid sulphur-based battery outperforms lithium-ion technology
08 June 2013
Scientists develop efficient zinc-air battery
05 June 2013
Advanced paper could be foundation for inexpensive biomedical and diagnostic devices
05 June 2013
Adhesive tape glues Prefab houses together
05 June 2013
Organic polymers show sunny potential
03 June 2013
DNA-guided asembly yields novel ribbon-like nanostructures
31 May 2013
A new kind of chemical ‘glue’
31 May 2013
Shape-shifting nanoparticles flip from sphere to net in response to tumour signal
29 May 2013
Telling mirror molecules apart
27 May 2013
Catching graphene butterflies
25 May 2013
Soft matter offers ways to study arrangement of ordered materials in non-spherical spaces
24 May 2013
Nano-breakthrough: Solving the case of the herringbone crystal
23 May 2013
Paper becomes a high tech material
20 May 2013
Chinese scientists perfect world’s lightest material `carbon aerogel’
18 May 2013
Stanford engineers monitor heart health using paper-thin flexible 'skin'
17 May 2013
Gloves that warn of toxic substance in the air
11 May 2013
Building protocells from inorganic nanoparticles
11 May 2013
Scientists build material that mimics squid beak that may lead to better implants
10 May 2013
‘Going negative’ pays for nanotubes
08 May 2013
New material for Co2 capture discovered
08 May 2013
Seahorse’s armour gives engineers insight into robotics designs
04 May 2013
A blueprint for reversible wrinkling in composite materials
25 April 2013
An aircraft made entirely by a 3D printer takes flight
19 April 2013
Decoding the structure of bone
17 April 2013
New type of solar structure cools buildings in full sunlight
15 April 2013
Patterning graphene with DNA
10 April 2013
Controlled surface diffusion may help define shapes of catalytic nanoparticles
10 April 2013
Microscopy uncovers "dancing" silicon atoms in graphene
08 April 2013
A new understanding of metallic glass
05 April 2013
Long predicted atomic collapse state observed in graphene
02 April 2013
New insulating plaster for Bamberg’s old town
01 April 2013
Trees used to create recyclable, efficient solar cell
28 March 2013
New solar-cell design based on dots and wires
26 March 2013
Researchers make breakthrough in race to create 'bio-batteries'
26 March 2013
Breakthrough in race to create 'bio-batteries'
26 March 2013
Measuring mercury: common test may overestimate exposure from dental amalgam fillings
21 March 2013
Predicted state of atomic collapse seen for first time
16 March 2013
New material could improve ultrasound technology
08 March 2013
Neutron scattering technique provides new data on adsorption of ions in microporous materials
05 March 2013
Researchers experiment with shape-changing GHOSTS to change the face of digital display units
04 March 2013
Researchers convert seaweed into insulation material
04 March 2013
Tuned coatings ensure cleanliness
02 March 2013
New technique scales up graphene micro-supercapacitor production
22 February 2013
New technique developed to separate complex molecular mixtures
16 February 2013
A taste of the graphene sandwich
14 February 2013
Cheap, long-life lithium-ion battery developed
14 February 2013
Solar cell fabrication is simplified by spray painting
13 February 2013
A cooler way to protect silicon surfaces
13 February 2013
Routes towards defect-free graphene
11 February 2013
Researchers improve quantum-dot performance
06 February 2013
New material helps troops keep cool while using less fuel
06 February 2013
Flat boron by the numbers
02 February 2013
Creating safe glass facades
01 February 2013
Bio-inspired fibres change colour when stretched
30 January 2013
ORNL research paves way for larger, safer lithium ion batteries
24 January 2013
Chemistry resolves toxic concerns about carbon nanotubes
22 January 2013
Rare earth oxides make lasting water-repellent surfaces
22 January 2013
Fraunhofer shows bio-tiles and heat-resistant biopolymers
17 January 2013
Graphene plasmonics beats the drug cheats
15 January 2013
Particles of crystalline quartz wear away teeth
15 January 2013
Physicists create 'recipe book' for building new materials
12 January 2013
New material harvests energy from water vapour
11 January 2013
New nanotech fibre: Robust handling, shocking performance
11 January 2013
Graphene oxide soaks up radioactive waste
10 January 2013
Noise protection – multifunctional and aesthetical
07 January 2013
Rice University researchers show short laser pulses selectively heat gold nanoparticles
05 January 2013
Flexible, light solar cells could provide new opportunities
03 January 2013
New paints break down nitrogen oxides
24 December 2012
Changing our material future, layer by layer
22 December 2012
Flexible, light solar cells could provide new opportunities
21 December 2012
Tiny compound semiconductor transistor could challenge silicon’s dominance
18 December 2012
Dreidel-like dislocations lead to remarkable properties
17 December 2012
Hybridising energy conversion, storage in a mechanical-to-electrochemical process
17 December 2012
Green batteries: extract of madder plant works as lithium-ion cathode
13 December 2012
Self-assembled monolayers create P-N junctions in graphene films
12 December 2012
Composites for large-scale manufacturing
07 December 2012
Engineers demonstrate micro fuel cell made of glass
05 December 2012
Quick-cooking nanomaterials in a low-cost microwave oven to make tomorrow’s solid-state ACs, refrigerators
05 December 2012
Nature Materials Study: Boosting Heat Transfer With Nanoglue
04 December 2012
Lignin-based thermoplastic conversion process developed
03 December 2012
The music of the silks: this new material responds to music
03 December 2012
US launches new project to develop cheaper batteries for electric vehicles
01 December 2012
Size diversity in cement nanoparticles optimizes packing density to give concrete its strength
29 November 2012
Good connections to molecular electronics: how molecular wires can be optimised
29 November 2012
Funneling the sun’s energy
29 November 2012
Clear view into glass: what glass looks like from the inside
28 November 2012
New structures self-assemble in synchronised dance
26 November 2012
A step toward stronger polymers
24 November 2012
Oxide interface perfection opens path to novel materials
24 November 2012
Researchers develop better protection technique for forging dies
22 November 2012
Electron microscopy enables study of individual atoms in graphene
22 November 2012
Fabrication on patterned silicon carbide produces bandgap for graphene-based electronics
21 November 2012
Making ‘nanospinning’ practical
21 November 2012
'Strain tuning' reveals promise in nanoscale manufacturing
14 November 2012
A new way of making glass
10 November 2012
Production of FRP components without release agents
10 November 2012
Quality products from rubber residues
09 November 2012
Researchers develop low-cost technique to double solar energy
05 November 2012
‘Buildings as power stations’ has £1 bn industry potential
01 November 2012
Taking the sting out of medical tape
31 October 2012
Nickelblock: an element's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes
30 October 2012
A new take on the Midas touch - changing the colour of gold
26 October 2012
Nanotextured surfaces improved performance of condensers
25 October 2012
Tiny pores in graphene could give rise to membranes
25 October 2012
Glass: characterising with precision and efficiency
25 October 2012
Safety glass – cut to any shape
23 October 2012
How a fish 'broke' a law of physics
22 October 2012
Lubricants from vegetable oil
20 October 2012
Cost-effective titanium forming
20 October 2012
ORNL study confirms magnetic properties of silicon nano-ribbons
19 October 2012
Nanomaterials may boost gas tank storage capacities
15 October 2012
Drawing a line, with carbon nanotubes
13 October 2012
Graphene membranes may lead to enhanced natural gas production, less CO2 pollution
12 October 2012
‘Invisibility’ could be a key to better electronics
12 October 2012
New technique reveals lithium in action
08 October 2012
Biocompatible electronics for health monitoring vanish when no longer needed
06 October 2012
Research uncovers path to defect-free thin films
05 October 2012
Probing the mysteries of cracks and stresses
28 September 2012
Watching electrons move at high speed
18 September 2012
Quantum stress in nanofilms
14 September 2012
Engineers want to design custom-built nanotubes to reinforce composite materials
13 September 2012
Nanofibre health risk quantified
11 September 2012
Computer simulations could lead to better cardiac pump for children with heart defects
11 September 2012
Silicon chip enables mass-manufacture of quantum technologies
04 September 2012
Cutting the graphene cake
04 September 2012
Fibres with a filtering effect: twisted photonic crystal fibres suppress specific optical wavelengths
03 September 2012
Batteries from world’s thinnest material could power tomorrow’s electric cars
27 August 2012
Engineers achieve longstanding goal of stable nanocrystalline metals
25 August 2012
One-molecule-thick material has big advantages
24 August 2012
BP and UK-led universities to create new materials for industry
23 August 2012
Patterning defect-free nanocrystal films with nanometer resolution
22 August 2012
Constructive conflict in the superconductor
22 August 2012
Fibres with a filtering effect
14 August 2012
Graphene’s behaviour depends on where it sits
14 August 2012
Extreme plasma theories put to the test
09 August 2012
Riding herd on photons
06 August 2012
Wrinkled surfaces could have widespread applications
01 August 2012
Is ovarian cancer linked to ovulation?
30 July 2012
Exeter physicist bends light waves on surfboards
30 July 2012
Graphene re-knits its holes
27 July 2012
Man-made pores mimic important features of natural pores
23 July 2012
Molecule changes magnetism and conductance
23 July 2012
Diamond in the rough: Half-century puzzle solved
21 July 2012
Dripping faucets inspire new way of creating structured particles
20 July 2012
Anti-ageing elixir for solar cells
16 July 2012
Shape-Shifting Materials are Goal of New Nanotechnology Project
12 July 2012
Glasses-free 3-D TV looks near
12 July 2012
Novel coating that repels just about anything receives R&D 100 Award
11 July 2012
Microscope probe-sharpening technique improves resolution, durability
10 July 2012
SolarTrak technology helps arrays worldwide follow the sun
09 July 2012
New chip captures power from multiple sources
09 July 2012
Molecule changes magnetism and conductance
06 July 2012
Printable organic solar cell may deliver solar power from plastic foils
06 July 2012
Student offers new insights into power-generating windows
06 July 2012
Anti-aging elixir for solar cells
05 July 2012
Keeping electric vehicle batteries cool
05 July 2012
Activated by sunlight, titanium dioxide cleans up slime
04 July 2012
Non-slip tracheal implants
04 July 2012
Colorful light at the end of the tunnel for radiation detection
03 July 2012
Feel-good glass for windows
03 July 2012
New fuel cell keeps going after the hydrogen runs out
02 July 2012
A new approach to water desalination
02 July 2012
Artificial membranes to mimic the complex functions of cells
30 June 2012
New technique controls crystalline structure of titanium dioxide
29 June 2012
Researchers synthesize printable, electrically conductive gel
28 June 2012
Self-healing dynamic membrane
27 June 2012
Nano-sandwich technique slims down solar cells, improves efficiency
26 June 2012
Better surfaces could help dissipate heat
26 June 2012
Assessing an object's consistency without touching it
25 June 2012
New technique allows simulation of noncrystalline materials
23 June 2012
Researchers find gold nanoparticles capable of ‘unzipping’ DNA
22 June 2012
Solar nanowire array may increase percentage of sun’s frequencies available for energy conversion
21 June 2012
All-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light
21 June 2012
Iron instead of precious metal
21 June 2012
Nanoparticles seek and destroy groundwater toxins
20 June 2012
Understanding surface molecules in controlling size of gold nanoparticles
19 June 2012
Small worlds come into focus with new microscope
18 June 2012
Microscopy reveals workings behind promising inexpensive catalyst
15 June 2012
Researchers create ultra slippery anti-ice and anti-frost surfaces
14 June 2012
Chemical engineers devise new way to split water
14 June 2012
Textured surface may boost power output of thin silicon solar cells
13 June 2012
Microscopy reveals workings behind promising inexpensive catalyst
13 June 2012
Compact and flexible thermal storage
12 June 2012
Repelling the drop on top
11 June 2012
Repelling the drop on top
07 June 2012
Artificial muscle as shock absorber
07 June 2012
Compact and flexible thermal storage
06 June 2012
Silkmoth inspires novel explosive detector
04 June 2012
Food, water safety provide new challenges for today's sensors
02 June 2012
First-ever pentamode metamaterial for acoustic cloaks
02 June 2012
Unique approach to materials allows temperature-stable circuits
01 June 2012
'Unzipped' carbon nanotubes could help energise fuel cells and metal-air batteries
30 May 2012
Molecular sieve removes radioactive material from wastewater
30 May 2012
Computer model pinpoints prime materials for efficient carbon capture
29 May 2012
Food, water safety provide new challenges for today's sensors
29 May 2012
'Metamaterials,' quantum dots show promise for new technologies
26 May 2012
Microreactors to produce explosive materials
25 May 2012
New silicon memory chip developed
21 May 2012
Oxygen-separation membranes could aid in CO2 reduction
21 May 2012
In chemical reactions, water adds speed without heat
18 May 2012
“Key” genetic search of novel electrical crystals
17 May 2012
New 'metamaterial' practical for optical advances
15 May 2012
Researchers succeed in realising a new material class
14 May 2012
Fibres in spider's fangs inspire ideas better, bio-inspired material design
12 May 2012
Nanotube 'sponge' has potential in oil spill cleanup
11 May 2012
Untangling the mysteries of spider silk
09 May 2012
Functional coatings from the plasma nozzle
09 May 2012
Improved lubrication without oil
08 May 2012
At smallest scale, liquid behaviour portends new materials
07 May 2012
Fabrication method can affect the use of block copolymer thin films
05 May 2012
Creating molecular graphene
03 May 2012
Biomimetic polymer synthesis enhances structure control
03 May 2012
New technique predictably generates complex, wavy shapes
03 May 2012
New technique predictably generates complex, wavy shapes
03 May 2012
Oil-spill clean-up may be made easier by carbon-nanotube technology
28 April 2012
Researchers find a way to make glass that’s anti-fogging, self-cleaning and free of glare
26 April 2012
Defects make catalysts perfect
26 April 2012
Controlling heat flow with atomic-level precision
25 April 2012
New material shares many of graphene’s unusual properties
24 April 2012
Self-assembling highly conductive plastic nanofibres
23 April 2012
Lightweight construction on the way to volume production
23 April 2012
X-ray probe finds new organic transistors do well in hot water
21 April 2012
Microscopy yields first proof of ferroelectricity in simplest amino acid
21 April 2012
Researchers boost efficiency of multi-hop wireless networks
20 April 2012
New polymer signals red when damaged, then fixes itself
18 April 2012
Visualisation of how powder becomes molten glass could lead to greener manufacture
17 April 2012
Microscopy inspires flexoelectric theory behind 'material on the brink'
16 April 2012
Probing hydrogen under extreme conditions
13 April 2012
New infrared spectroscopy method to study processes at oxide surfaces
12 April 2012
Hybrid copper-gold nanoparticles convert CO2
11 April 2012
Researcher finds faster, cheaper way to cool electronic devices
11 April 2012
Single atom alloys catalyse reactions
10 April 2012
Simultaneous size and electrochemical measurement of nanomaterials
10 April 2012
Honeycombs of magnets could lead to new type of computer processing
09 April 2012
Powerful magnets help scientists create new materials for use in low-carbon energy
07 April 2012
Risk of suicide, fatal heart attack immediately following a cancer diagnosis
07 April 2012
Seeing the music in nature
04 April 2012
Detecting material defects in ship propellers
03 April 2012
Ion Beam Laboratory looks at advanced materials for reactors
02 April 2012
Shooting at ceramics
02 April 2012
Moving microfluidics from the lab bench to the factory floor
31 March 2012
Copper-based materials show strange spin states
31 March 2012
New material cuts energy costs of separating gas for plastics and fuels
31 March 2012
Copper-based materials show strange spin states
29 March 2012
Metamaterials will change optics
29 March 2012
Process converts polyethylene into carbon fibre
28 March 2012
Electroactive polymer key to durable, affordable full-screen braille displays
28 March 2012
Standoff sensing enters new realm with dual-laser technique
27 March 2012
The lithium battery as a source of hope
26 March 2012
Microlenses from a test tube
26 March 2012
Process makes polymers truly plastic
19 March 2012
New generation of flexible graphene transistors
15 March 2012
Researchers create exotic electrons that may lead to new materials, devices
15 March 2012
Exotic material boosts electromagnetism safely
12 March 2012
Functional oxide thin films create new field of oxide electronics
12 March 2012
New metamaterial design may usher new generation of solar cells, optical sensors
10 March 2012
Squeezing polymers produces chemical energy but raises doubts about implant safety
10 March 2012
Exotic materials boosts electromagnetism safely
07 March 2012
Graphene foam sensor could enable better, detection of hazardous gases
06 March 2012
“Negative refraction” opens avenue to new products and industries
28 February 2012
“Negative refraction” opens avenue to new products and industries
24 February 2012
Research finding has materials scientists entering new territory
23 February 2012
Technology can control the composition and structure of nanowires as they grow
22 February 2012
Nano shish kebabs control pore size in buckypaper
18 February 2012
Liquid batteries could level the load
15 February 2012
Unusual 'collapsing' iron superconductor sets record for its class
13 February 2012
Materials for first optical fibres with high-speed electronic function developed
09 February 2012
Revealing how a battery material works
08 February 2012
Turning heat into power
07 February 2012
Graphene electronics moves into a third dimension
04 February 2012
How spider webs achieve their strength
03 February 2012
Growing graphene at room temperature
03 February 2012
ORNL microscopy reveals 'atomic antenna' behaviour in graphene
02 February 2012
Tool determines value of solar photovoltaic power systems
02 February 2012
Disappearing gold a boon for nanolattices
30 January 2012
Berkeley Lab to develop novel materials for hydrogen storage
28 January 2012
Metadynamics technique offers insight into mineral growth and dissolution
27 January 2012
Hacking the SEM: Crystal phase detection for nanoscale samples
25 January 2012
Metadynamics technique offers insight into mineral growth and dissolution
25 January 2012
Chemists find new material to remove radioactive gas from spent nuclear fuel
25 January 2012
Cooling semiconductor by laser light
24 January 2012
Watching a gas turn superfluid
20 January 2012
Developing power-over-fiber communications cable
18 January 2012
Inventing self-repairing batteries
16 January 2012
Large vertices dramatically increase pore volume of metal-organic frameworks
16 January 2012
Graphene reveals its magnetic personality
09 January 2012
“Nanowiggles:” Graphene nanomaterials with tunable functionality in electronics
05 January 2012
New biomaterial film coatings from whey found commercially viable
03 January 2012
Flamac and imec jointly develop new materials for solar cells
30 December 2011
Researchers develop paint-on solar cells
29 December 2011
First electronic optical fibres with hydrogenated amorphous silicon developed
27 December 2011
'Nanoantennas' show promise in optical innovations
26 December 2011
New technique makes it easier to etch semiconductors
26 December 2011
NIST releases first certified reference material for single-wall carbon nanotubes
24 December 2011
Electronics made of plastic present endless new possibilities
23 December 2011
Not only invisible, but also inaudible
22 December 2011
Self-healing electronics could work longer and reduce waste
22 December 2011
Research could improve laser-manufacturing technique
21 December 2011
New tool helps revolutionise materials research
20 December 2011
New 3D transistors promising future chips, lighter laptops
19 December 2011
Chemists propose explanation for superconductivity at high temperatures
15 December 2011
Researchers explain granular material properties
15 December 2011
CERN scientists find further signs of `God particle’ Higgs boson
13 December 2011
Glass that cleans itself
09 December 2011
Researchers link patterns seen in spider silk, melodies
09 December 2011
New elemental cookbook guides efficient thermoelectric combinations
08 December 2011
Astronomers confirm existence of earth-like planet 600 light years away
06 December 2011
Making future buildings safer
06 December 2011
Electronics takes on a new spin
05 December 2011
Giant piezoelectric effect to improve MEMS devices
03 December 2011
New technique to see crystals like never before
02 December 2011
A novel way to concentrate sun’s heat
02 December 2011
Thinner thermal insulation
01 December 2011
Scientists watch electrons "melt"
29 November 2011
Graphene foam detects explosives, emissions better than today’s gas sensors
25 November 2011
"Fool's gold" leads to new options for cheap solar energy
25 November 2011
New revolutionary material can be worked like glass
24 November 2011
Large-scale power storage on grids made feasible using new nanoparticle electrode
23 November 2011
New magnetic-field-sensitive alloy could find use in novel micromechanical devices
23 November 2011
New biosensor benefits from melding of carbon nanotubes, DNA
21 November 2011
Want fuel cells? Think outside the hydrogen tank
21 November 2011
Breakthrough in low-loss, high-frequency carbon nanotube electronics
16 November 2011
Researching graphene nanoelectronics for a post-silicon world
12 November 2011
Ames Laboratory physicists find strong bonds between rare-earth metals and graphene
12 November 2011
Batteries get a quick charge with new anode technology
09 November 2011
An incredible shrinking material: how scandium trifluoride contracts with heat revealed
05 November 2011
Robot speeds up glass development
04 November 2011
Custom glass bending
02 November 2011
Graphene grows better on certain copper crystals
28 October 2011
Improved characterisation of nanoparticle clusters for EHS and biosensors research
28 October 2011
A simple compound with surprising anti-freeze properties
27 October 2011
Tiny stamps for tiny sensors
19 October 2011
Amorphous diamond, a new superhard form of carbon created under ultrahigh pressure
18 October 2011
Nano Materials by design: No Small Breakthrough
17 October 2011
New form of superhard carbon observed
12 October 2011
Graphene shows unusual thermoelectric response to light
08 October 2011
Sulfur in hollow nanofibres overcomes challenges of lithium-ion battery design
05 October 2011
Metal hydride nanoparticle size influences speed of hydrogen release to fuel cell
30 September 2011
Engineers “cook” promising new heat-harvesting nanomaterials in microwave oven
29 September 2011
New solar cell technology gives light waves “amnesia”
27 September 2011
ORNL discovers amazing electrical properties in polymers
24 September 2011
Microwave ovens a key to energy production from wasted heat
21 September 2011
Tiny wires a step towards photonic chip
19 September 2011
Diamonds show depth of Earth’s carbon cycle
17 September 2011
Researchers create nanoscale gold coating with largest-ever superlattice
16 September 2011
Researchers begin testing of promising new nanomaterial for hydrogen storage
15 September 2011
New materials hold promise for better detection of nuclear weapons
13 September 2011
New material possible boon for lithium ion batteries
12 September 2011
Innovative nanoparticle purification system using magnetic fields may aid medication, diagnostics
08 September 2011
Scientists observe smallest atomic displacements ever
02 September 2011
Concrete improvements could pave the way to greenhouse gas reductions
29 August 2011
Etch-a-sketch with superconductors
23 August 2011
Nano-scientists invent better etching technique
20 August 2011
Simply knotted: Creating every knot conceivable from silica microspheres in liquid crystals
20 August 2011
The future of inks, paints and coatings takes shape
20 August 2011
Effortless sailing with fluid flow cloak
19 August 2011
Scientists uncover reliability issues for carbon nanotubes in future electronics
18 August 2011
A new approach to scratch resistance
17 August 2011
Caltech researchers find that disorder is key to nanotube mystery
13 August 2011
Armchair science: DNA strands that select nanotubes are first step to a practical ‘quantum wire’
12 August 2011
Scientists find new way to control electronic properties of graphene 'alloys'
06 August 2011
Ethanol-loving bacteria accelerate cracking of pipeline steels
04 August 2011
Researchers use gold nanoparticles to diagnose flu in minutes
04 August 2011
Disease-causing tangle could spawn new materials
01 August 2011
Pigment discovery expanding to new colours
28 July 2011
Graphite + water = the future of energy storage
16 July 2011
New material could offer hope to those with no voice
14 July 2011
Controlling chemistry improves potential of carbon nanotubes
13 July 2011
Solar cells that can be printed like documents devloped at MIT
11 July 2011
University College of London technology used in windpipe transplant
08 July 2011
Change in material boosts prospects of Ultrafast Single-photon Detector
02 July 2011
Scientists produce graphene in two- and three-layer form
30 June 2011
Defect in graphene may present bouquet of possibilities
28 June 2011
Metallic glass: a crystal at heart
25 June 2011
Nanowire-based sensors offer improved detection of volatile organic compounds
24 June 2011
Low-cost, efficient catalyst boosts hydrogen fuel technology
24 June 2011
Nano-research opens way to everlasting battery
24 June 2011
Understanding how glasses 'relax' provides some relief for manufacturers
22 June 2011
Scientists succeed in magnestising graphene
14 June 2011
Graphene defect may present bouquet of possibilities
04 June 2011
Silver cycle: new evidence for natural synthesis of silver nanoparticles
04 June 2011
Nanoengineers invent new biomaterial that more closely mimics human tissue
27 May 2011
New iron-carbon electric vehicle batteries could store higher energy density
13 May 2011
Conducting ferroelectrics may be key to new electronic memory
04 May 2011
Engineers predict impact damage to commercial aircraft
06 April 2011
Scientists use light to join nanoparticles into new materials
01 April 2011
High-temperature superconductor reveals new phase of matter
29 March 2011
Fundamental discovery could lead to better memory chips
23 March 2011
New material provides greater thermoelectric conversion efficiency
18 February 2011
Fleeting fluctuations in superconductivity disappear close to transition temperature
14 February 2011
Bound neutrons pave way to free ones
11 February 2011
Delving into manganite conductivity
10 February 2011
Natural dissolved organic matter plays dual role in cycling of mercury
22 January 2011
Light touch transforms material into a superconductor
18 January 2011
“Nanoscoops” could spark new generation of electric automobile batteries
10 January 2011
Structural distortions emerge from nothing at the nanoscale
29 December 2010
Molecular beam epitaxy facility to design custom materials for scientists
17 December 2010
Magnetic interactions bring about the formation of cooper pairs and allow unconventional superconductivity
15 December 2010
NIST's new scanning probe microscope is supercool
10 December 2010
Quartz crystal microbalances enable new microscale analytic technique
08 December 2010
Molecular "stencils" open up new possibilities for solar energy
01 December 2010
ORNL scientists crack materials mystery in vanadium dioxide
25 November 2010
Electron orbits in multilayer graphene have unexpected structure
19 November 2010
NIST pings key material in sonar, closes gap on structural mystery
15 November 2010
Isotope near 'doubly magic' tin-100 flouts conventional wisdom
22 October 2010
Researchers develop techniques for using graphene
22 October 2010
Multi-component .nano-structures with tunable optical properties
12 October 2010
Russian scientists win Physics Nobel for carbon breakthrough
05 October 2010
New laser LCLS to breach 'unreachable dimensions' of atoms, materials
21 September 2010
Engineers make artificial skin out of nanowires
14 September 2010
NIST researchers hear puzzling new physics from graphene quartet's quantum harmonies
13 September 2010
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