Biotech & pharma
Viruses are everywhere, maybe even in space
19 January 2018
A simple cell holds 42 million protein molecules, scientists reveal
18 January 2018
Researchers develop a remote-controlled cancer immunotherapy system
17 January 2018
Scientists make cells that enable the sense of touch
13 January 2018
Promise of new antibiotics lies with shackling tiny toxic tetherballs to bacteria
13 January 2018
Supercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
06 January 2018
ASK the enzyme: New potential targets for cancer
06 January 2018
Virus-bacteria co evolutionary 'arms race' solves diversity paradox by 'Killing the Winner'
04 January 2018
Keeping egg cells fresh with epigenetic
02 January 2018
Cancer overrides the circadian clock to survive
30 December 2017
New structure of key protein holds clues for better drug design
29 December 2017
Growing organs a few ink drops at a time
28 December 2017
Study explores impact of obesity on bone marrow cells
28 December 2017
Bacteria acquire resistance from competitors
28 December 2017
New marker in blood could detect fatal breast cancer up to one year earlier
23 December 2017
Researchers see gene influencing performance of sleep-deprived people
22 December 2017
Overlooked immune cells hold breakthrough for treating aggressive cancers
21 December 2017
Critics applaud cautiously as US lifts ban on making lethal viruses
20 December 2017
From the omelette to the egg: Reversing protein aggregations
20 December 2017
Novel mechanism that protects from glioblastoma identified
19 December 2017
Study prompts new ideas on cancers' origins
16 December 2017
How defeating THOR could bring a hammer down on cancer
15 December 2017
Hyperlens crystal capable of viewing living cells in unprecedented detail
13 December 2017
Scientist's accidental exhale leads to improved DNA detector
12 December 2017
CLOCK gene may hold answers to human brain evolution
11 December 2017
Modified CRISPR allows gene activation without editing DNA
09 December 2017
Discovery puts the brakes on HIV's ability to infect
04 December 2017
Researchers develop graphene nano 'tweezers' that can grab individual biomolecules
04 December 2017
New imaging study reveals how saturated fatty acids damage cells
04 December 2017
First step to artificial life: scientists add two new letters to DNA
02 December 2017
Researchers identify gene variant that protects against Alzheimer's disease
30 November 2017
Beating heart patch is large enough to repair the human heart
29 November 2017
Biology and chemistry combine to generate new antibiotics
29 November 2017
New study finds mycobacteria can sense presence of proteins that cause disease
28 November 2017
Researchers unravel novel mechanism by which tumours grow resistant to radiotherapy
25 November 2017
New variation of CAR T-cell therapy holds promise for leukemia
25 November 2017
Study reveals new mechanisms of cell death in neurodegenerative disorders
23 November 2017
Antibiotic resistance: Researchers succeed in blocking genes of resistance
22 November 2017
Binding molecule could improve injected radiation therapy
20 November 2017
To find new biofuel enzymes, it can take a microbial village
15 November 2017
Researchers uncover genetic basis of natural variation in ageing rate
14 November 2017
Innovative genetic and cellular techniques help identify multiple disease targets
13 November 2017
Genetic treatment for blindness may soon be reality
11 November 2017
Microbial murder mystery solved
10 November 2017
Scientists rejuvenate old human cells and make them function like young cells
10 November 2017
Fighting cancer with cancer: 3-D cultured cells could drive precision therapy
09 November 2017
Inner ear stem cells may someday restore hearing
08 November 2017
Immune cell policing offers insights into cancer, autoimmune disease
07 November 2017
Promising new drug for Hep B tested at Texas Biomedical Research Institute
07 November 2017
Biomarkers may provide early warning of lung problems in 9/11 firefighters
04 November 2017
Scientists reveal how inflammation affects the life of brain cells
30 October 2017
Three new lung cancer genetic biomarkers identified
30 October 2017
Is Alzheimer's disease a disorder of energy metabolism?
28 October 2017
New molecule shows promise in HIV vaccine design
28 October 2017
Indian-origin couple gets top US award for groundbreaking Aids research
26 October 2017
Genome sleuthing tracks the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
26 October 2017
Antibiotics from a 'molecular pencil sharpener'
24 October 2017
Researchers test first drug to prevent the onset of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
24 October 2017
Suicide molecules kill any cancer cell
23 October 2017
How herpes simplex virus changes when passed between family members
21 October 2017
New bird flu strain in China has experts worried about pandemic
21 October 2017
Saving hearts after heart attacks: Overexpression of a gene enhances repair of dead muscle
17 October 2017
Reengineered immune system cells show early promise against HIV
16 October 2017
New antibiotic resistance genes found
16 October 2017
TSRI chemists use modified DNA nucleotides to create new materials
12 October 2017
Atlas of human DNA differences that influence gene expression completed
12 October 2017
Genetic advance for male birth control
11 October 2017
USFDA seeks details of Biocon’s biosimilar cancer drug pegfilgrastim
10 October 2017
Cleveland Clinic researchers find link between bacterial imbalances and breast cancer
09 October 2017
Three European-born scientists share Nobel Prize in Chemistry
05 October 2017
Move towards 'holy grail' of computing by creation of brain-like photonic microchips
28 September 2017
CCMB to develop diagnostic kit for Sickle Cell Anaemia
23 September 2017
Study uncovers markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis
20 September 2017
Why we did not evolve to live forever: Unveiling the mystery of why we age
19 September 2017
A fat-regulating enzyme could hold the key to obesity, diabetes, cancer, other diseases
19 September 2017
A fat-regulating enzyme could hold the key to obesity, diabetes, cancer, other diseases
18 September 2017
Bacteria zapped with antibiotics in space show shapeshifting ability
14 September 2017
Australian researchers use seaweed to heal brain tissue
13 September 2017
Brain activity between seizures informs potential treatment for childhood absence epilepsy
13 September 2017
Researchers find 'internal clock' within live human cells
12 September 2017
Cilia: 'The bouncer' of bacteria
11 September 2017
Climate change leading to disastrous loss of parasite species
08 September 2017
Research shows how DNA molecules cross nanopores
06 September 2017
Scientists discover and target brain area in patients with schizophrenia who 'hear voices'
05 September 2017
Biologists find new source for brain's development
04 September 2017
Virus hijacks cell's transportation system
02 September 2017
Breakthrough CAR-T treatment for leukaemia gets FDA nod
31 August 2017
Antibiotic resistance rises in 'lonely' mutating microbes
28 August 2017
Magic enzymes
26 August 2017
Finding what fuels the 'runaway train' of autoimmune disease
26 August 2017
Scientists uncover a deadly 'addiction' in esophageal cancer
23 August 2017
From thousands of suspects, Yale researchers ferret out cancer-causing genes
22 August 2017
New Pathology Atlas maps genes in cancer to accelerate progress in personalized medicine
19 August 2017
A new method for the 3-D printing of living tissues
16 August 2017
From thousands of suspects, researchers ferret out cancer-causing genes
16 August 2017
Mapping the brain, neuron by neuron
12 August 2017
University of Washington researchers find DNA transcription data can be hacked
11 August 2017
DNA sequencing tools lack robust protections against cybersecurity risks
10 August 2017
Human ‘brains’ made from skin cells could help fight Alzheimer’s
09 August 2017
Scientists create stem cell therapy for lung fibrosis conditions
07 August 2017
New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety
05 August 2017
Gene therapy via skin could treat many diseases, even obesity
05 August 2017
Microbot origami can capture, transport single cells
05 August 2017
Discovery points to drugs that would 'short-circuit' deadly leukemia
04 August 2017
Breakthrough in human gene editing raises ethical questions
03 August 2017
Study reveals how to reprogram cells in our immune system
03 August 2017
New 3-D imaging reveals how human cell nucleus organizes DNA and chromatin of its genome
31 July 2017
On-chip pumps achieve high-speed sorting of large cells
29 July 2017
US Scientists edit genes of human embryos for the first time
28 July 2017
Biocon Q1 net profit drops 51.2% to Rs81.3 crore
28 July 2017
Molecular hitchhiker on human protein signals tumours to self-destruct
26 July 2017
Study finds gene variant increases risk for depression
24 July 2017
A genetic variation may increase tuberculosis susceptibility
24 July 2017
Steering an enzyme's 'scissors' shows potential for stopping Alzheimer's disease
19 July 2017
Biomedical advances further stem cell use in drug discovery, cell therapy
17 July 2017
In breakthrough for research, scientists create mini human heart from rat’s heart
13 July 2017
IISc division launches project to map 1,000 genomes
13 July 2017
Immune system process found to prevent generation of antibodies capable of neutralising HIV-1 virus
13 July 2017
Bringing bacteria's defence into focus
11 July 2017
Houston team one step closer to growing capillaries
11 July 2017
Powerful new technique can clone thousands of genes at once
07 July 2017
Chinese scientists create GM purple rice that reduces risk of cancers and diabetes
28 June 2017
Stanford scientists create a cellular guillotine for studying single-cell wound repair
27 June 2017
Scientists solve 30-year old mystery on how resistance genes spread
17 June 2017
Sulforaphane in broccoli found to help diabetics control blood sugar
16 June 2017
A mechanical trigger for toxic tumour therapy
15 June 2017
Study discovers proteins which suppress the growth of breast cancer tumours
14 June 2017
Indian researcher uncovers link between toxicants and lipid metabolism
12 June 2017
Cancer cells send signals boosting survival and drug resistance in other cancer cells
07 June 2017
How killer cells take out tumours
06 June 2017
Chemical coatings boss around bacteria, in the bugs' own language
03 June 2017
New drug reduces transplant and mortality rates significantly in patients with hepatitis C
31 May 2017
Not such a 'simple' sugar -- glucose may help fight cancer and inflammatory disease
31 May 2017
CRISPR gene editing can cause hundreds of unintended mutations
31 May 2017
Researchers to release lab-created moths with ‘self-destruct’ gene onto US farmland
30 May 2017
BARC helps develop new preservation technique for litchi fruits
30 May 2017
Study sweetens connection between cancer and sugar
30 May 2017
A new way to slow cancer cell growth
29 May 2017
Ineffective antibiotics form strong teams against deadly super bacteria
25 May 2017
Scientists borrow from electronics to build circuits in living cells
25 May 2017
Scientists enlist engineered protein to battle the MERS virus
20 May 2017
UK scientists to harness Zika virus to kill brain tumour cells
19 May 2017
Computer accurately identifies and delineates breast cancers on digital tissue slides
15 May 2017
Compiling big data for gene variants in a human-centric way
15 May 2017
Scientists engineer baker’s yeast to produce penicillin molecules
15 May 2017
Sniffing out stem cell fates in the nose
13 May 2017
Researchers identify first genetic variant for anorexia nervosa
13 May 2017
Cannabis reverses ageing processes in the brain
09 May 2017
Researchers identify 6,500 genes that are expressed differently in men and women
08 May 2017
Oxford University researchers develop synthetic, soft tissue retina
06 May 2017
Gene alteration could hasten memory loss in Alzheimer’s: study
06 May 2017
CRISPR breakthrough in eliminating HIV from mice
05 May 2017
One step closer to finding out how wine may protect your neurons
04 May 2017
Stem cells edited to fight arthritis
29 April 2017
A chicken-egg question: Where do baby genes come from?
28 April 2017
Scientists uncover mechanism allowing bacteria to survive the human immune system
21 April 2017
Antibody helps detect protein implicated in Alzheimer's, other diseases
20 April 2017
Scripps researchers make immune cells resistant to HIV
12 April 2017
Homing system delivers drugs to specific neurons
10 April 2017
Researchers assemble five new synthetic chromosomes
10 March 2017
Can math help explain our bodies -- and our diseases?
06 March 2017
Latest genomic technology uncovers secrets of immune system's response to malaria
04 March 2017
Gene therapy to fight blood cancer shows encouraging results in study
02 March 2017
Common bacterium may help control disease-bearing mosquitoes
28 February 2017
If maths and maps make you nervous, it could be because its in your genes
28 February 2017
Decoding the genome's cryptic language
25 February 2017
Princeton-Intel collaboration breaks new ground in studies of the brain
25 February 2017
Fructose is generated in the human brain
24 February 2017
Researchers aim to disrupt egg production in dengue- and Zika-spreading mosquito
24 February 2017
Researchers are first to see DNA 'blink'
20 February 2017
DNA computer brings 'intelligent drugs' a step closer
17 February 2017
'Anti-ageing' hormone could unlock new treatments for kidney and heart disease
16 February 2017
Limiting lung cancer’s spread and growth in the brain
16 February 2017
Brain has rhythm
16 February 2017
Researchers develop 'living diode' using cardiac muscle cells
15 February 2017
Ebola viruses need very few mutations to cause disease in new host species
15 February 2017
Cells linked to the development of the heart's ventricular chambers discovered
14 February 2017
Microbiomes more in flux in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
14 February 2017
Traffic light in the brain
11 February 2017
Scientists discover an unexpected influence on dividing stem cells' fate
11 February 2017
One step closer to personalised antibiotic treatment
11 February 2017
Designer compound may untangle damage leading to some dementias
10 February 2017
Scientists find brain hormone that triggers fat burning
31 January 2017
Vitamin B12: Power broker to the microbes
31 January 2017
Neurotransmitter serotonin shown to trigger fat burning
30 January 2017
Growing human organs in animals comes a step closer
28 January 2017
Scientists use stem cells to create human / pig chimera embryos
27 January 2017
New sensors can detect single protein molecules
25 January 2017
Scientists develop tiny microscope attached to mobile phone for sequencing DNA
20 January 2017
Appendix may play a key role in immune system: Researchers
12 January 2017
Researchers identify new organ in the abdomen
05 January 2017
New tool could make CRISPR gene-editing technology safer
31 December 2016
Preventing too much immunity
29 December 2016
Protein monitors lung volume and regulates breathing
27 December 2016
Yale team discovers way to pinpoint ‘words’ in genetic book of life
27 December 2016
Protein that activates immune response harms body's ability to fight HIV
24 December 2016
Light powers new chemistry for old enzymes
23 December 2016
'Watershed' discovery reveals plants' medicinal secrets
22 December 2016
Artificial leaf as mini-factory for drugs
22 December 2016
Turning therapeutic antibodies inside-out to fight cancer
17 December 2016
Turning therapeutic antibodies inside-out to fight cancer
17 December 2016
The galloping evolution in seahorses
15 December 2016
Oxygen can wake up dormant bacteria for antibiotic attacks
08 December 2016
Immune system overreaction may trigger eczema into becoming long-term
07 December 2016
New link discovered between class of rogue autoantibodies and poor health outcomes
06 December 2016
Drug-loaded synthetic nanoparticles can distinguish lung cancer cells from healthy cells
30 November 2016
Genes, early environment sculpt the gut microbiome
29 November 2016
Scientists find ‘key’ to prevent lung cancer spreading
28 November 2016
Researchers break new territory analysing DNA modifications in glioblastoma
26 November 2016
Tissue damage is key for cell reprogramming
26 November 2016
Bringing silicon to life
26 November 2016
New target receptor discovered in the fight against obesity
25 November 2016
How to mend a broken heart
25 November 2016
Cancer cells 'talk' to their environment, and it talks back
24 November 2016
Overlooked molecules could revolutionise our understanding of the immune system
16 November 2016
Chinese scientists use CRISPR technique to treat cancer patient in study
16 November 2016
Tumour cells in blood samples could predict prostate cancer spread
07 November 2016
CRISPR technology may help treat genetic blood disorders
28 October 2016
Yale scientists edit gene mutations in inherited form of anaemia
27 October 2016
New analysis of big data sheds light on cell functions
26 October 2016
Computer simulation breaks virus apart to learn how it comes together
22 October 2016
New molecule may help fight obesity by converting 'bad' fat to 'good' fat
17 October 2016
Cocoa compound linked to some cardiovascular biomarker improvements
17 October 2016
Alzheimer’s disease could be treated with gene therapy, suggests animal study
12 October 2016
Gene-tinkering by amateurs could lead to disaster: study
30 September 2016
Computational method identifies existing drugs with virus-fighting potential
22 September 2016
Scientists discover antibodies that target holes in HIV's defences
19 September 2016
Multitasking protein keeps immune system healthy
19 September 2016
‘CRISPR’ a viable option to GM foods
07 September 2016
Coffee habits may be genetic, study reveals
29 August 2016
Researchers develop a genome editing technique that does not cleave DNA
27 August 2016
Potential new test to detect serious bacterial infections like meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia
23 August 2016
'Born to be bad' or 'born to be benign' -- testing cells for esophageal cancer risk
19 August 2016
Malarial parasite boosts survival in Ebola patients
17 August 2016
Five ways bioengineers want to use 3-D printing
16 August 2016
St Jude researchers pinpoint key influenza-fighting immune trigger
13 August 2016
How HIV disrupts immune system helps vaccine development
01 August 2016
When the going gets tough, the tough get growing
29 July 2016
Dolly the sheep’s death not related to cloning: study
27 July 2016
Drug targeting BRAF mutation slow thyroid cancer, too
25 July 2016
In a first, Chinese scientists to use stem cell tech on cancer patients
23 July 2016
UK scientists’ genetic switch discovery holds promise of cure for asthma
23 July 2016
An engineered protein can disrupt tumour-promoting 'messages' in human cell
22 July 2016
Stem cell technique could help avert hip replacement
20 July 2016
Gene contributes to poor speech processing and dyslexia: study
20 July 2016
Proteins team up to turn on T cells
18 July 2016
Stanford researchers grow bone, heart muscle from embryonic stem cells
16 July 2016
Scientists transform lower-body cells into facial cartilage
11 July 2016
Researchers identify new biomarker for Parkinson’s disease in patients’ urine
08 July 2016
New anti-cancer strategy mobilises both innate and adaptive immune response
06 July 2016
Researchers identify calorie-burning pathway in fat cells with potential for obesity treatment
04 July 2016
Gene-editing tool CRISPR to be used to treat humans for the first time
23 June 2016
Drug candidate shrinks tumour when delivered by plant virus nanoparticle
09 June 2016
Stanford stem cell experiment helps stroke patient walk
04 June 2016
European regulators approve GSK’s Strivelis therapy for children with combined immunodeficiency
01 June 2016
Mistreating animals: US biotech firm to pay record $3.5 mn fine, shut down
23 May 2016
Scientists identify 'smoking gun' in metastasis of hybrid cells
21 May 2016
Researchers successfully excise HIV DNA from animals
21 May 2016
In scientific first, researchers visualize proteins being born
09 May 2016
Controlling RNA in living cells
30 April 2016
Study uncovers memory molecules in plants
28 April 2016
Flu vaccine taken in morning more effective: Study
28 April 2016
New insights into enzymes to help reverse cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's
27 April 2016
Certain genes, in healthy environments, can lengthen lifespan
23 April 2016
AstraZeneca project to sequence 2 mn genomes for new medicines
23 April 2016
Cellular Trojan horse yields potential cancer treatment
19 April 2016
Salk scientists discover key ingredient to make functional beta cells
16 April 2016
Substituting animal fat with vegetable oil not reducing heart disease risk: Study
13 April 2016
6 new proteins found to help crack age-related diseases
13 April 2016
UP born researcher Devika Sirohi part of US team that determined Zika virus structure
07 April 2016
Starving immune cells prevents allergic reaction in lung
05 April 2016
Cancer cells' ability to self-repair may spawn new treatments
02 April 2016
Researchers trace preference for vegetarian diet to genetic variation among populations
01 April 2016
Hydrogen-bonding pairing helps design better drugs to neutralize gut bacterial infections
28 March 2016
End-game for dengue as Indian scientists develop herbal remedy
09 March 2016
Mutated gene safeguards against heart attacks
09 March 2016
UK researchers derive ‘naïve’ pluripotent stem cells for the first time
08 March 2016
New study shows HIV structure in unprecedented detail
07 March 2016
Monsanto threatens pull-out over proposed royalty fee cut on GM seeds
05 March 2016
India, US partner research on traditional medicines to fight cancer
04 March 2016
Researchers study gut bacteria to understand diabetes better
04 March 2016
Study identifies genes linked to stroke risk
01 March 2016
Different organs have their own sexuality: study
24 February 2016
New nanotechnology detects biomarkers of cancer
19 February 2016
Delivering genes across the blood-brain barrier
12 February 2016
Gene family turns cancer cells into aggressive stem cells that keep growing
06 February 2016
Bharat Biotech claims breakthrough in Zika vaccine development
03 February 2016
Too-few proteins prompt nanoparticles to clump
01 February 2016
Study reveals subtle brain differences in men with autism
29 January 2016
Vital clues to future cancer development in normal breast tissue DNA
29 January 2016
Synthetic biologists use bacterial superglue for faster vaccine development
25 January 2016
Nanoparticles combine photodynamic and molecular therapies against pancreatic cancer
23 January 2016
Microbes take their vitamins - for the good of science
22 January 2016
DNA ‘building blocks’ pave the way for improved drug delivery
20 January 2016
Light-activated nanoparticles prove effective against antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”
19 January 2016
Weight loss, quitting smoking and giving up alcohol may be aided by hormones from our guts
15 January 2016
Scientists pinpoint one way nanoparticles damage immune cells
14 January 2016
US nod likely for growing human organs in animals
12 January 2016
Good bacteria may help prevent pneumonia: study
11 January 2016
Popping microbubbles help focus light inside the body
11 January 2016
Flu virus hijacking tactics revealed by scientists, paving way for new treatments
08 January 2016
Study of twins reveals shared roles of genetics and environment in cancer risk
08 January 2016
New antibody promises breakthrough in diabetes treatment
06 January 2016
RNA Mystery Solved in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
04 January 2016
New genes born by accident lead to evolutionary innovation
02 January 2016
'Self-sabotage' prevents immune protection against malaria
29 December 2015
Scientists show how drug molecules regulate a medically important protein
23 December 2015
Bengalru start-up develops artificial lever tissue
23 December 2015
Intelligence ‘networks’ discovered in brain for the first time
22 December 2015
Genetic techniques could lead to ‘group parenting’
19 December 2015
Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning
19 December 2015
University of Liverpool scientists create first map of the wheat genome
11 December 2015
Researchers develop way to boost conversion of skin cells into dopamine neurons
08 December 2015
Researchers turn human stem cells into retinal nerve cells
02 December 2015
Healthy snacks make people fat: Nutritionist
30 November 2015
White vegetables cut stomach cancer risk: study
30 November 2015
Scientists turn to algae for clean energy
27 November 2015
TSRI scientists find surprising trait in anti-HIV antibodies
23 November 2015
Turing Pharma chief-led group acquires majority of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals
19 November 2015
Berkeley researchers discover how CRISPR/Cas steals foreign DNA for the bacterial immune system
19 November 2015
Uneven growth of twins may begin shortly after conception
19 November 2015
Scientists find surprising trait in anti-HIV antibodies
18 November 2015
'Super natural killer cells' destroy lymph node tumours
18 November 2015
How a mutated gene wreaks havoc on white matter
17 November 2015
Brushing up peptides boosts their potential as drugs
17 November 2015
Prebiotic compounds used to develop innovative coating
16 November 2015
Chemists turn bacterial molecules into potential drug molecules
14 November 2015
Circadian clock controls insulin and blood sugar in pancreas
12 November 2015
Researchers find signalling protein for anti-viral defence
10 November 2015
New computational strategy finds brain tumour-shrinking molecules
09 November 2015
Tumours may ‘seed’ cancer metastases earlier than expected
07 November 2015
Engineers design magnetic cell sensors
05 November 2015
Study reveals how specialized cells help each other survive during times of ttress
05 November 2015
Chicken study reveals evolution can happen much faster than thought
03 November 2015
Genes involved in schizophrenia and obesity highlighted
03 November 2015
Researchers identify gene linked to obesity in children, adults
30 October 2015
Scientists produce GM tomatoes that could help fight cancer
29 October 2015
US FDA approves drug that uses engineered virus to destroy melanoma tumours
29 October 2015
Drug from bananas could fight Aids, hepatitis C
24 October 2015
Drug engineered from bananas shows promise in fighting deadly viruses
24 October 2015
A biomarker for premature death
24 October 2015
Intimations of immortality? Gene manipulation could retard ageing
14 October 2015
New gene research gives fresh hope for Parkinson’s
12 October 2015
Medical breakthrough as kidney grown in lab dish
08 October 2015
Australia’s top court rules human genes not patentable inventions
08 October 2015
Drugs disguised as human platelets target cancer
01 October 2015
New test detects all viruses that infect people, animals
30 September 2015
Why some smokers have healthy lungs
30 September 2015
Viruses are alive and deserve place on tree of life: Study
30 September 2015
Research identifies new gene that causes osteoporosis
24 September 2015
Scientists customise viruses to kill bacteria
24 September 2015
DNA sequencing to improve treatment of urinary infections
21 September 2015
Researchers reawaken sleeping HIV in patient cells to eliminate the virus
11 September 2015
Scientists create implant to capture cancer cells spreading in body
11 September 2015
Expert group supports human gene modification research
11 September 2015
Making nanowires from protein and DNA
09 September 2015
Antibody-making bacteria promise drug development
08 September 2015
Biomarker helps predict survival time in gastric cancer patients
08 September 2015
Discovery of trigger for bugs’ defences could lead to new antibiotics
04 September 2015
Researchers study using nanotechnology to fight cancer
02 September 2015
Protein plays key role in blocking pathogen survival
02 September 2015
Forever young? New gene research could block ageing
31 August 2015
New 'tissue velcro' could help repair damaged hearts
29 August 2015
Researchers reveal how a common mutation causes neurodegenerative disease
27 August 2015
Algorithm helps identify elusive genes that express like clockwork
27 August 2015
A paradigm shift in multidrug resistance
24 August 2015
Expression of a single gene lets scientists easily grow hepatitis C virus in the lab
22 August 2015
Capturing cell growth in 3-D
22 August 2015
Yale team sheds light on century-old biochemical mystery
18 August 2015
Scientists bolster 'phage' weapons in food safety battle
18 August 2015
Traitors in our midst: Bacteria use toxins to turn our own bodies against us
17 August 2015
Identifying a key growth factor in cell proliferation
17 August 2015
New breath test shows possible biomarker for early-stage liver disease diagnosis
14 August 2015
Researchers genetically engineer yeast to produce opioids
14 August 2015
Combining chemotherapy with an immune-blocking drug could stop cancer growing back
14 August 2015
Scientists determine how antibiotic gains cancer-killing sulphur atoms
11 August 2015
Scientists designing decoy drugs to fool cancer
11 August 2015
Researchers strategize to outsmart bacteria: identify mutations that resist antibiotics
11 August 2015
New strategy identifies infertility-causing genes
11 August 2015
Atomic view of cellular pump reveals how bacteria send out proteins
10 August 2015
Chemists say nicotine-chewing bacteria may hold key to anti-smoking therapy
10 August 2015
Molecular tinkering doubles cancer drug’s efficacy
10 August 2015
Researchers strategise to outsmart bacteria
05 August 2015
Study identifies ‘major player’ in skin cancer genes
30 July 2015
Cellular defect linked to diabetes
28 July 2015
Resolving social conflict is key to survival of bacterial communities
25 July 2015
Scientists find new variant of streptococcal bacteria causing severe infections
22 July 2015
Extra support for cells under stress may be a job for DoGs
21 July 2015
Mutations in a single gene underlie vulnerability to two unrelated types of infections
18 July 2015
Lynchpin mlecule for the spread of cancer found
16 July 2015
Drug Candidate Significantly Reduces HIV Reactivation Rate
15 July 2015
Scientists identify compounds that could treat depression in less than 24 hours
15 July 2015
Wrinkles in the brain’s outer surface correlates with genetic heritage
14 July 2015
Molecular transporter could be the key to more successful chemotherapy
13 July 2015
Rare genetic mutations occur more often in schizophrenia patients
13 July 2015
Bacteria use DNA replication to time key decision
11 July 2015
Gene therapy restores hearing in mice
10 July 2015
How anthrax spores grow in cultured human tissues
08 July 2015
Tumours' mechanical properties affect protein production
08 July 2015
Research finds protein regulation linked to cells' growth cycle
07 July 2015
Potential new HIV therapy seen in immune cells
06 July 2015
Researchers find why BRCA gene resists cancer treatment
04 July 2015
Researchers evolve CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases with novel properties
30 June 2015
‘Core’ immune cells reduce symptoms and spread of flu
27 June 2015
How Huntington’s disease proteins spread from cell to cell
25 June 2015
Scientists show AIDS vaccine candidate successfully ‘primes’ immune system
24 June 2015
How anthrax spores grow in cultured human tissues
23 June 2015
Pneumonia found to harm DNA in lung cells
23 June 2015
Workings of working memory revealed
22 June 2015
Researchers identify blood protein linked to cognitive decline
19 June 2015
Researchers discover heart repair protein
19 June 2015
Tumour surroundings affect progression of different cancer subtypes
18 June 2015
Natural genetic variation gives complete resistance in prion diseases
13 June 2015
Engineers' synthetic immune organ produces antibodies
12 June 2015
Lipid mediator associated with good cholesterol promotes more than good heart health: study
10 June 2015
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may share genetic roots with creativity
09 June 2015
EC rejects petition calling for ban on animal studies in drug development
06 June 2015
Scientists show anti-tumor agent can be activated by natural response to cell stress
06 June 2015
Researchers develop transplantable bio-engineered forelimb in animal model
05 June 2015
Autism and prodigy share a common genetic link
04 June 2015
CSIR lab completes genome sequencing of tulsi plant
02 June 2015
Cooperation among viral variants helps Hepatitis C survive immune system attacks
02 June 2015
The ongoing battle with melanoma
02 June 2015
Yeast protein network could provide insights into human obesity
01 June 2015
Translate research in labs into solutions for the common man to “make In India”
30 May 2015
Diagnosing cancer with help from bacteria
30 May 2015
Alzheimer protein’s structure may explain its toxicity
29 May 2015
Study finds how pancreatic cancer spreads to liver
28 May 2015
Scientists identify Interferon Beta as likely culprit in persistent viral infections
27 May 2015
Missing molecule prevents puberty
27 May 2015
Fly-catching robot developed by Stanford scientists speeds biomedical research
26 May 2015
Researchers find human-specific gene that turns back cellular clock
23 May 2015
Specific genetic mutation may increase risk for breast cancer after acute estrogen withdrawal
23 May 2015
New portable device could test how “squishy” cancerous tumours are
22 May 2015
First cancer-promoting oncogenes discovered in rare brain tumor of children and adults
22 May 2015
Scientists to develop stem cell therapies to treat blood disorders
21 May 2015
Scientists identify stem cell injection that could mend broken hearts
21 May 2015
New study reveals how new “hydrogel” could boost stem cell transplantation
19 May 2015
Allen Institute takes major step towards mapping human brain
19 May 2015
Evolution of stem cells traced in study of fossilized rodent teeth
18 May 2015
Blocking obesity-associated protein stops dangerous fat formation
18 May 2015
Scientists to develop stem cell therapies to treat blood disorders
15 May 2015
Starved T cells allow hepatitis B to silently infect liver
15 May 2015
Molecular homing beacon redirects human antibodies to fight pathogenic bacteria
14 May 2015
Alzheimer protein’s structure may explain its toxicity
14 May 2015
Yale study details how key protein protects kidney and heart from injury
13 May 2015
“Freezing a bullet” to find clues to ribosomes assembly process
09 May 2015
Apple may use ResearchKit for DNA collection in medical studies
08 May 2015
CRISPR gene editing technique holds promise of wiping out genetic diseases
07 May 2015
Pairing mass spectrometry and biomedical science to open new doors for health research
07 May 2015
Autism and prodigy share a common genetic link
05 May 2015
Biomarkers could predict response to antipsychotic treatment
04 May 2015
Yale lab uncovers new pathway for passing genetic messages between cells
04 May 2015
How the brain tells good from bad
30 April 2015
Immune system “friendly fire” could be to blame for bowel cancer deaths
30 April 2015
How an RNA gene silences a whole chromosome
29 April 2015
DBT secretary K Vijay Raghavan inducted into US National Academy of Sciences
28 April 2015
Ella Foundation claims breakthrough in Ebola vaccine research
27 April 2015
Epigenome could reverse lymphoma treatment resistance
25 April 2015
Inhibitor for abnormal protein points the way to more selective cancer drugs
25 April 2015
Towards more targeted cancer vaccines
25 April 2015
New transitional stem cells discovered
23 April 2015
Inhibitor for abnormal protein points the way to more selective cancer drugs
22 April 2015
Protein boosts immunity to viruses and cancer
22 April 2015
Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer
18 April 2015
India, France sign MoU to set up Marine Biology Institute
13 April 2015
Control switch that modulates cell stress response may be key to multiple diseases
04 April 2015
A few cells could prevent bone marrow transplant infections
30 March 2015
New role uncovered for ‘oldest’ tumour suppressor gene
30 March 2015
Researchers find key to making neurons from stem cells
27 March 2015
Enzyme that keeps blood stem cells functional to prevent anaemia discovered
26 March 2015
Sizing up cells: study finds possible regulator of growth
25 March 2015
Scientists use DNA sequencing to trace the spread of drug-resistant TB
24 March 2015
Scientists urge caution in using new CRISPR technology to treat human genetic disease
20 March 2015
Top scientists warn against misuse of new gene technique
20 March 2015
US researchers find key culprit behind heart diseases
20 March 2015
Researchers turn deadly leukemia cells into immune cells
19 March 2015
Researchers unravel secrets of shape-shifting bacteria
19 March 2015
New findings on ‘key players’ in brain inflammation
18 March 2015
Genetic architecture of immune system
17 March 2015
DNA safeguard may be key in cancer treatment
17 March 2015
Researchers unravel secrets of shape-shifting bacteria
17 March 2015
How stem cells are grown affects their genetic stability
16 March 2015
Protein may be key to cancer’s deadly resurgences
14 March 2015
Researchers devise new method to identify disease markers, a key step toward personalised medicine
13 March 2015
Genetic architecture of immune system
13 March 2015
Gene networks for innate immunity linked to PTSD risk
11 March 2015
Novel tool captures total body SIV replication
11 March 2015
Study shows how the brain can trigger a deep sleep
10 March 2015
Researchers map ‘switches’ that shaped the evolution of the human brain
10 March 2015
Multi-tasking hunger neurons also control compulsive behaviours
09 March 2015
How different types of cannabis affect the brain
07 March 2015
Research suggests brain's melatonin may trigger sleep
07 March 2015
Europe’s approval system for GM crops,“fundamentally flawed”, say UK's MPs
26 February 2015
Study shows how the brain can trigger a deep sleep
24 February 2015
Communication networks discovered between tumuors and surrounding micro-environment
24 February 2015
Protein clue to sudden cardiac death
21 February 2015
Caltech Biochemist sheds light on structure of key cellular 'gatekeeper'
21 February 2015
Yale researchers find surprising trigger of new brain cell growth
21 February 2015
Epigenetic study highlights drug targets for allergies and asthma
19 February 2015
Another sexual revolution? Birth control pill for men on anvil
16 February 2015
Scripps Florida scientists discover a key pathway that protects cells against death by stress
14 February 2015
Foundry of the future gets a boost
10 February 2015
Genetically engineered antibodies show enhanced HIV-fighting abilities
09 February 2015
X-ray study reveals division of labour in cell health protein
06 February 2015
UK researchers solve metabolic mystery lending insight into form of epilepsy
04 February 2015
Researchers identify 2 genetic mutations that interact to lower heart attack risk
04 February 2015
Salk and Harvard scientists chart spinal circuitry responsible for chronic pain
02 February 2015
D Enzyme model provides new tool for anti-inflammatory drug development
02 February 2015
Bioengineers develop tool for reprogramming genetic code
31 January 2015
Immune cells are an ally, not enemy, in battle against Alzheimer’s
31 January 2015
New analysis explains collagen’s force
27 January 2015
Brain’s on-off thirst switch identified
27 January 2015
Chemists find a way to unboil eggs
26 January 2015
New way to model sickle cell behaviour
24 January 2015
New 'systems genetics' study identifies possible target for epilepsy treatment
23 January 2015
New computation method helps identify functional DNA
23 January 2015
Why protein mutations lead to familial form of Parkinson’s
22 January 2015
Iron overload disease causes rapid growth of potentially deadly bacteria
22 January 2015
New tech application keeps bacteria from sticking to surfaces
22 January 2015
Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions
22 January 2015
A combination of genes results in malaria drug resistance
21 January 2015
Researchers discover molecule that may lessen severity of Parkinson’s disease
17 January 2015
New device allows scientists to glimpse communication between immune cells
16 January 2015
‘Titin’ gene mutations will help identify patients at risk of heart failure
15 January 2015
Bioengineers discover knob to dial up fitter cells
13 January 2015
New research on what the nose ‘knows’ reveals an unexpected simplicity
13 January 2015
Defying textbook science, study finds new role for proteins
12 January 2015
Darwinian’ test uncovers an antidepressant’s hidden toxicity
10 January 2015
Evolving bacteria in beer, bread may lead to new treatments
09 January 2015
US scientists discover “game changer” antibiotic to take on super bugs
08 January 2015
UK farmer forced to butcher aggressive ‘Nazi’ cows
06 January 2015
Using light to understand the brain
06 January 2015
Time adds a wrinkle to nature and nurture
05 January 2015
3-D printed molecule models solve protein puzzles
02 January 2015
Study points to bats as possible source of Ebola outbreak in West Africa
01 January 2015
Suven Life Sciences receives product patents in Eurasia, Japan and Mexico
01 January 2015
Headaches at times could be only symptom of brain tumour: Study
30 December 2014
Health ministry evaluating stem cell donor registry
30 December 2014
ADA lowers BMI threshold for diabetes screening Asian-Americans
29 December 2014
Scientists uncover how lung cancer spreads
26 December 2014
Mix of bacteria in gut may depend more on diet than genes
24 December 2014
Big-data analysis reveals gene sharing in mice
19 December 2014
New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies
17 December 2014
X-ray laser acts as tool to track life’s chemistry
13 December 2014
Scientists discover brain mechanism that drives us to eat glucose
13 December 2014
Biomarker discovery sheds new light on heart attack risk of arthritis drugs
11 December 2014
Stroke damage mechanism identified
11 December 2014
Peptide shows great promise for treating spinal cord iknjury
10 December 2014
Genetic errors linked to more ALS cases than scientists had thought
09 December 2014
Seeking answers from a mysterious parasite
08 December 2014
New single-cell analysis reveals complex variations in stem cells
08 December 2014
New molecule could fight oxidative stress, lead to therapies for cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: research
06 December 2014
New Approach for Treating ALS
05 December 2014
Secret of tetanus toxicity offers new way to treat motor neuron disease
05 December 2014
Computer model sets new precedent in drug discovery
05 December 2014
Computer model enables design of complex DNA shapes
04 December 2014
New insight into cells could lead to better drugs
03 December 2014
‘Tissue chip’ to screen neurological toxins
29 November 2014
Researchers identify new ways to drain cancer’s ‘fuel tank’
29 November 2014
Biochemists build largest synthetic molecular ‘cage’ ever
27 November 2014
UK researchers turn to crowdfunding to research cancers linked to EBV
26 November 2014
Molecule fights cancer on two fronts
24 November 2014
Second protein associated with common cause of kidney failure identified
19 November 2014
New insight into common cause of blindness
18 November 2014
Diet for your DNA
17 November 2014
DNA sequencing helps identify genetic defects in glaucoma
15 November 2014
The brain’s “inner GPS” gets dismantled
13 November 2014
Cause of organ damage after heart attack and stroke found
12 November 2014
Getting to the heart of the heart
11 November 2014
Researchers uncover more detail of the molecular triggers behind asthma attacks
10 November 2014
Environmental carcinogens leave distinctive genetic imprints in tumours
08 November 2014
Making lab-grown tissues stronger
07 November 2014
Artificial cell with multiple compartments could improve drug delivery
06 November 2014
Scientists propose benchmark for better replication of natural stem cell development in the lab
05 November 2014
Growing cartilage from stem cells
04 November 2014
Molecular map reveals genetic origins of 21 autoimmune diseases
01 November 2014
What makes a tumour switch from dormant to malignant?
31 October 2014
Bipolar disorder discovery at the nano level
29 October 2014
Swedish doctors find new way to replicate blood vessels
27 October 2014
Fast modelling of cancer mutations
25 October 2014
Scientists Identify Gene Required for Recovery from Bacterial Infection
25 October 2014
Scientists engineer toxin-secreting stem cells to treat brain tumours
25 October 2014
Breakthrough allows researchers to watch molecules “wiggle”
17 October 2014
Bio researchers receive patent to fight superbugs
14 October 2014
King's launches British Gut
09 October 2014
Researchers capture images of the elusive protein HIV uses to infect cells
09 October 2014
Gene discovery prevents weight gain with a high-sugar diet
07 October 2014
First pictures of BRCA2 protein show how it works to repair DNA
06 October 2014
Researchers create 'evolved' protein that may stop cancer from spreading
01 October 2014
Protein ‘map’ could lead to potent new cancer drugs
26 September 2014
'Stripe' manual provides fresh insights for tissue and organ development
25 September 2014
Battling superbugs
23 September 2014
Researchers make new discovery about 3-D shape processing in the brain
23 September 2014
Sensing neuronal activity with light
22 September 2014
Gene variant that dramatically reduces ‘bad’ lipids
20 September 2014
Researchers discover what lies behind the death of stem cells
20 September 2014
Researchers develop improved means of detecting mismatched DNA
18 September 2014
3D model shows survival strategies of bacteria
17 September 2014
Small molecule acts as 'on-off' switch for nature's antibiotic factory
16 September 2014
Scientists create new type of stem cells in lab
15 September 2014
Scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ autoimmune diseases
10 September 2014
Creating brain cells from skin to study Alzheimer’s
08 September 2014
Seeing protein synthesis in the field
08 September 2014
Bacteria hijack plentiful iron supply source to flourish
04 September 2014
Researchers try to make sure herpes does not find a home
02 September 2014
Researchers use new technique to shed light on inherited diseases
02 September 2014
Gene linked to development of glaucoma
02 September 2014
New tool to probe cancer’s molecular make-up
02 September 2014
Evolution used similar molecular toolkits to shape flies worms and humans
01 September 2014
Researchers uncover secrets of newborn neurons
01 September 2014
Stem cells reveal how illness-linked genetic variation affects neurons
30 August 2014
How to rejuvenate ageing immune cells
30 August 2014
Fully functional immune organ grown in mice from lab-created cells
28 August 2014
Toxic proteins implicated in frontotemporal dementia and motor neurone disease
27 August 2014
Researchers grow ‘seed’ of spinal cord tissue in a dish
27 August 2014
Scientists make major breakthrough in understanding leukaemia
26 August 2014
Cancer leaves a common fingerprint on DNA
26 August 2014
New analysis reveals tumour weaknesses
23 August 2014
New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing
22 August 2014
Synthetic molecule makes cancer self-destruct
22 August 2014
Tissue development 'roadmap' created to guide stem cell medicine
18 August 2014
Epigenetic study bolsters understanding of Alzheimer's
18 August 2014
New genome editing strategy offers potential to control insect-borne disease
14 August 2014
Wiggly microRNA binding implies a more complex genome regulation
13 August 2014
Researchers reveal weakness in defences of deadly brain tumour
13 August 2014
Synthetic molecule kills cancer cells with salt
13 August 2014
Study tracks blood cell gene variant
13 August 2014
Cell mechanics may hold key to how cancer spreads and recurs
12 August 2014
Stem cells show promise for stroke in pilot study
09 August 2014
Tumour suppressor mutations alone don’t explain deadly cancer
08 August 2014
Key worker in protein synthesis factory revealed
08 August 2014
The bit of your brain that signals how bad things could be
07 August 2014
Much-reviled tobacco may prove key source for Ebola treatment
06 August 2014
Transplanting genes into injured hearts creates biological pacemakers
05 August 2014
The biology behind schizophrenia
02 August 2014
Piggy-backing cells hold clue to cancer growth
02 August 2014
Researchers translate the chemical language of microbes
31 July 2014
Researchers find mechanism that clears excess of a pancreatic protein linked with Type 2 diabetes
25 July 2014
Yale study finds some aggressive tumours silence genes that fight cancer
24 July 2014
Biology behind schizophrenia
22 July 2014
Potential new target for antibiotics against E coli
22 July 2014
Researchers uncover new cancer cell vulnerability
19 July 2014
Scientists trying gene therapy to create biological pacemaker
17 July 2014
Immune cells found to prevent bone marrow transplant rejection
16 July 2014
Does cat poop parasite play a role in curing cancer?
16 July 2014
Biomarker predicts effectiveness of brain cancer treatment
14 July 2014
Cornell Professor proves textbooks wrong on steroid protein
11 July 2014
New genetic variant linked to risk of stroke and heart attack
05 July 2014
Why birds don’t spread Lassa fever
04 July 2014
Researchers regrow human corneas; could reverse blindness
04 July 2014
New study reveals complex speech networks in the brain
03 July 2014
NMR provides fresh atomic insights into a key protein that helps repair DNA
03 July 2014
How ageing can intensify damage of spinal cord injury
03 July 2014
Controlling movement with light
30 June 2014
Research finds cell division synchronised to cell and body’s daily clock
28 June 2014
Researchers see promise in transplanted foetal stem cells for Parkinson's
28 June 2014
The brain’s balancing act
26 June 2014
Growing unknown microbes one by one
25 June 2014
Study in Science suggests novel approaches to preventing access
24 June 2014
New test follows the molecular footsteps that lead to oesophageal cancer
24 June 2014
Stem cells hold keys to body’s plan
21 June 2014
Neurons get their neighbours to take out their trash
21 June 2014
For the first time in the lab, researchers see stem cells take initial step toward development
21 June 2014
New study pinpoints 'Lemur' protein as main player in spread of breast cancer
18 June 2014
Genetic tracking identifies cancer stem cells in human patients
18 June 2014
Automating laboratory-on-a-chip to cut healthcare costs
17 June 2014
A vaccination to prevent heart attacks?
16 June 2014
Newly identified brain cancer mutation to aid drug development
16 June 2014
Leptin also influences brain cells that control appetite: Yale research
03 June 2014
Newly identified brain cancer mutation to aid drug development
02 June 2014
Extensive cataloguing uncovers 193 unknown human proteins
31 May 2014
Migrating stem cells and stroke
30 May 2014
Bangalore scientists help breakthrough in human genome studies
29 May 2014
Delegating the dirty work is a key to evolution
28 May 2014
Investigators discover how key protein enhances memory and learning
27 May 2014
Breakthrough shows how DNA is ‘edited’ to correct genetic diseases
27 May 2014
Illuminating neuron activity in 3-D
26 May 2014
One cell type may quash tumour vaccines
23 May 2014
Scientists revert mature blood cells into blood-forming stem cells
23 May 2014
Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission
23 May 2014
Potential mother pigs can deliberately influence sex of offspring: study
22 May 2014
B cells produce antibodies 'when danger calls, but not when it whispers,' scientists report
20 May 2014
Yale researchers identify gene that causes obesity-related metabolic syndrome
20 May 2014
Cancer's potential on-off switch
19 May 2014
Harvard researchers use herpes virus to fight brain tumours
19 May 2014
On-off switch causes changes in cancer types, say researchers
19 May 2014
Patient stem cells used to make 'heart disease-on-a-chip'
17 May 2014
Study helps unravel the tangled origin of ALS
16 May 2014
Man's best friend shares similar 'albino' gene
16 May 2014
Researchers find way to decrease chemoresistance in ovarian cancer
15 May 2014
Scientists reveal structural secrets of enzyme used to make popular anti-cholesterol drug
14 May 2014
Rare byproduct of marine bacteria kills cancer cells by snipping their DNA
13 May 2014
Pig' retroviruses un-replicated in human cell culture after transplant
10 May 2014
Diagnosis of childhood TB could be improved by genetic discovery
03 May 2014
10-year study shows 'Lethal Factor' could be X-factor for new anthrax vaccine
03 May 2014
Stem cells in circulating blood affect Cciovascular health
30 April 2014
Fear of math? study finds some genetic factors
29 April 2014
Transplanted brain cells in monkeys light up personalised therapy
28 April 2014
New method to analyse how cancer cells die
26 April 2014
Skin layer grown in lab could replace animal testing
26 April 2014
First genetic link to difficult-to-diagnose breast cancer sub-type discovered
26 April 2014
Researchers develop lab grown skin
26 April 2014
Genetic legacy from the Ottoman Empire: single mutation causes rare brain disorder
25 April 2014
How a plant beckons the bacteria that will do it harm
25 April 2014
In the 'slime jungle' height matters
24 April 2014
Unlocking a mystery of human disease . . . in space
23 April 2014
Fast way to measure DNA repair
22 April 2014
For cells, Internal stress leads to unique shapes
22 April 2014
Genetic mutations warn of skin cancer risk
21 April 2014
Gene variant raises risk for aortic tear and rupture
19 April 2014
Researchers find potential target for drug to treat allergic asthma
19 April 2014
Stanford researchers develop a single-cell genomics technique to reverse engineer the developing lung
17 April 2014
Limiting certain protein in the brain reverses Alzheimer's symptoms
16 April 2014
Seeing double: new study explains evolution of duplicate genes
16 April 2014
New finding suggests a way to block stress’ damage
14 April 2014
Biomolecular tweezers facilitate study of mechanical force effects on cells and proteins
12 April 2014
Mechanical forces affect T-Cell Recognition and signalling
12 April 2014
Genetic mutations warn of skin cancer risk
07 April 2014
Battling infection with microbes
04 April 2014
A key link between tumours and healthy tissue identified
22 March 2014
3-D printed microscopic cages confine bacteria in tiny zoos for the study of infections
22 March 2014
New therapeutic target discovered for Alzheimer’s
18 March 2014
Researchers slow pancreatic cancer growth and spread by blocking key enzyme
18 March 2014
Microbial detection array detects plague in ancient human remains
14 March 2014
Exploring how cancerous and healthy cells compete may help us understand cancer
11 March 2014
UV light aids cancer cells that creep along the outside of blood vessels
11 March 2014
Stanford researchers create a new technique to study how we inherit disease
10 March 2014
A changing view of bone marrow cells
08 March 2014
Researchers identify “carbohydrates in a coal mine” for cancer detection
07 March 2014
Researchers find potential target for drug to treat allergic asthma
06 March 2014
Lab-grown human heart cells could mean fewer animals used in research
06 March 2014
New insight into neurodegenerative disease trigger
05 March 2014
Pill could help humans live longer, healthier
01 March 2014
Researchers discover pathway of protein that helps cancer cells survive
01 March 2014
Chemical chaperones help proteins do their jobs
27 February 2014
Research in the News: Tiny ‘garbage collectors’ help control brain development
20 February 2014
Scarring cells turned to beating muscle
14 February 2014
Dental study provides wealth of stem cell details
08 February 2014
A microchip for metastasis
08 February 2014
Mystery solved: how nerve impulse generators get where they need to go
07 February 2014
Mutation leads to combined hyperlipidemia; genetic targeting may reverse it
07 February 2014
Protein that culls damaged eggs identified, infertility reversed
05 February 2014
Autistic brains create more information at rest
03 February 2014
Main intestinal disease bacteria to be sequenced
03 February 2014
Medical application of 3D printing could trigger ethical debate: Gartner
01 February 2014
Cell cycle speed is key to making aging cells young again
01 February 2014
Researchers identify innate channel that protects against pain
30 January 2014
Tiny acts of microbe justice help reveal how nature fights freeloaders
30 January 2014
In the brain, timing is everything
25 January 2014
Drug discovery potential of natural microbial genomes
23 January 2014
Drug strategy blocks a leading driver of cancer
20 January 2014
Scientists develop new approach to study how genetic variants affect gene expression
20 January 2014
Common disorders: it’s not the genes, but how they are controlled
17 January 2014
Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection
16 January 2014
Turning up the heat on enzyme design
15 January 2014
Stem cells used to model disease that causes abnormal bone growth
14 January 2014
Research uncovers key difference between our bodies' fight against viruses and bacteria
13 January 2014
Non-coding DNA implicated in type 2 diabetes
13 January 2014
Unique protein interaction may drive most common genetic cause of Parkinson’s Disease
13 January 2014
Metastatic cancer cells implode on protein contact
09 January 2014
Biologists find clues to a parasite’s inconsistency
06 January 2014
The mouse that ROR’ed
06 January 2014
Stem cell scientists first to track joint cartilage development in humans
06 January 2014
Animal cells can communicate by reaching out and touching
06 January 2014
Biologists discover solution to problem limiting development of human stem cell therapies
03 January 2014
Over 100 genetic risk markers for rheumatoid arthritis identified
01 January 2014
New study brings scientists closer to the origin of RNA
26 December 2013
Biosynthesis captured in motion
26 December 2013
Adult stem cells found to suppress cancer while dormant
24 December 2013
Biologists find clues to a parasite’s inconsistency
24 December 2013
How cells remodel after UV radiation
23 December 2013
Speeding up gene discovery
18 December 2013
Researchers developing a ‘universal’ flu vaccine
18 December 2013
Novel genetic mutations that cause neuro-muscular disease in children discovered
17 December 2013
Novel membrane for climate protection and medicine technology
14 December 2013
Autism-risk genes by function mapped
13 December 2013
New sensor tracks zinc in cells
10 December 2013
Research into bacteria could lead to improved fertilisers
04 December 2013
Prostate cancer stem cells a moving target: research
04 December 2013
Neanderthal viruses found in modern humans
04 December 2013
Natural killer cells may be key players in asthma
04 December 2013
Researchers unlock a new means of growing intestinal stem cells
03 December 2013
Quantitative approaches provide new perspective on development of antibiotic resistance
29 November 2013
Gene Mutation can cause excessive drinking
29 November 2013
Protein responsible for controlling communication between brain cells identified
29 November 2013
Pills of the future: nanoparticles
28 November 2013
Creating synthetic antibodies
26 November 2013
Scientists capture 'redox moments' in living cells
25 November 2013
Researchers model disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cell for genetic disorder
20 November 2013
All aboard the nano-train network
11 November 2013
Transporting nutrients into cells without energy or a transporter: researchers make a case for free fatty acids
28 October 2013
Researchers undertake more realistic models of drug, nanoparticle ingestion
24 October 2013
Yeti is a cross between bear species: DNA research
18 October 2013
Nanoscaled tip writes artificial cell membranes
17 October 2013
Direct ‘writing’ of artificial cell membranes on graphene
17 October 2013
Thermodynamics helps better understand human cancers
14 October 2013
Cells prefer nanodiscs over nanorods
08 October 2013
Nanoparticle vaccine offers better protection
08 October 2013
Computer scientists develop new approach to sort cells up to 38 times faster
05 October 2013
How a ‘mistake’ in a single-cell organism is actually a rewrite essential to life
05 October 2013
‘Jekyll-and-Hyde’ protein offers a new route to cancer drugs
30 September 2013
Centres throughout the brain work together to make reading possible
26 September 2013
New research sheds light on unusual RNA molecules
21 September 2013
Discovery helps to unlock brain’s speech-learning mechanism
19 September 2013
Protein essential for maintaining beta cell function identified
18 September 2013
Evidence shows cancer cells change while moving in the body
16 September 2013
Genes linked to being right-or left-handed identified
16 September 2013
A secret to making macrophages
16 September 2013
A home for the microbiome
14 September 2013
Unusual mechanism of DNA synthesis could explain genetic mutations
12 September 2013
Researchers determine protein structure for new antimicrobial target
07 September 2013
Scientists grow mini human brain in laboratory
29 August 2013
Nanosensors could aid drug manufacturing
17 August 2013
Scientists sequence genome of human's closest invertebrate relative
17 August 2013
Biophysicists zoom in on pore-forming toxin
16 August 2013
Messenger between gut and brain linked to eating behaviour
16 August 2013
Distinct brain disorders biologically linked
14 August 2013
Protein that accelerates age, brakes cancer
13 August 2013
UCLA researcher invents new tools to manage 'information overload' threatening neuroscience
13 August 2013
Study shows microRNAs can trigger lymphomas
13 August 2013
How cancer chromosome abnormalities form in living cells
12 August 2013
Immune system molecule promotes tumour resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy
10 August 2013
New inhibitor blocks the oncogenic protein KRAS
10 August 2013
Making connections in the eye to map the brain's wiring
10 August 2013
BARC helps develop 41 varieties of different crops
06 August 2013
New type of protein modification may play a role in cancer, diabetes
03 August 2013
Efficient model for generating human induced pluripotent stem cells developed
02 August 2013
Researchers uncover how a potent compound kills prostate cancer cells
02 August 2013
Molecular monkey arranges X-chromosome activation
01 August 2013
Controlling genes with light
30 July 2013
New technology to help plants fix nitrogen from air
27 July 2013
Humans, birds have brains that are wired in a similar way.
27 July 2013
Leaf cutter ants inspire powerful new anti-cancer drugs
26 July 2013
Magnets steer stem cells to specific locations
24 July 2013
The compound in the Mediterranean diet that makes cancer cells ‘mortal’
24 July 2013
Researchers decipher key step in molecular 'dance' that duplicates DNA
20 July 2013
Compound discovered at sea shows potency against anthrax
18 July 2013
Drug candidate leads to improved endurance
16 July 2013
Atrium repairs ventricle: cells make costume changes for cardiac regeneration
15 July 2013
Researchers to start human trials of new anti-cancer drug
15 July 2013
DNA flaws may contribute to cancer risk in people with type 2 diabetes
15 July 2013
Tumour-suppressor Protein Gives Up Its Secrets
13 July 2013
Microparticles create localised control of stem cell differentiation; reduce growth factor use
13 July 2013
Nature’s own nanoparticles harnessed to target disease
11 July 2013
Chance finding could lead to new antibiotics
06 July 2013
Genome study identifies some biological roots of migraine
02 July 2013
Scientists unravel DNA of ancient horse
01 July 2013
Scientists turn muscular dystrophy defect on and off in cells
01 July 2013
Sixteen new genetic regions for allergies discovered
01 July 2013
Genome of 700,000-year-old horse sequenced
01 July 2013
Cartilage gene linked to bone cancers
27 June 2013
A turbocharger for nerve cells
24 June 2013
Scientists create a way to see structures that store memories in a living brain
20 June 2013
'Chase and run' cell movement mechanism explains metastasis
18 June 2013
Study identifies protein essential for normal heart function
18 June 2013
Tissue in trouble calls in reinforcements to restore health
17 June 2013
Prince William will become first British monarch of Indian descent
14 June 2013
No patents on human DNA, unless synthetic: US Supreme Court
14 June 2013
Plasma coated plastic bags serve as GMP laboratories
14 June 2013
Scientists uncover new details of natural anti-cancer mechanism
12 June 2013
Achilles heel: Popular drug-carrying nanoparticles get trapped in bloodstream
10 June 2013
Molecular farming: automated plant factory for vaccine prodution
10 June 2013
Genome sequencing reveals mucosal melanoma’s bullseye
08 June 2013
Researchers discover mechanism guiding wiring of complex neural circuits in brain
07 June 2013
Unusual antibodies in cows suggest new ways to make therapies for people
07 June 2013
Rice, BCM crystallographers capture elusive actin nucleation process
05 June 2013
Potential new way to suppress tumour growth discovered
04 June 2013
Enhancer RNAs alter gene expression
04 June 2013
Japan suspends certain US wheat imports
01 June 2013
Oncogene mutation hijacks splicing process to promote growth and survival
01 June 2013
AstraZeneca drug to block energy supply to cancer cells being tested
31 May 2013
Itch-causing molecule unmasked
29 May 2013
Gene involved in neurodegeneration keeps clock running
27 May 2013
New gene discovery for babies born with hole in the heart
27 May 2013
Going live: immune cell activation in multiple sclerosis
25 May 2013
Study of the machinery of cells reveals clues to neurological disorder
24 May 2013
Scientists sequence genome of Norway spruce
23 May 2013
Cause of genetic disease discovered
23 May 2013
UK launches genetic testing programme for cancer patients
21 May 2013
Bacteria organize according to 'rich-get-richer' principle
20 May 2013
Probing the power of stem cells
18 May 2013
Antibody evolution could guide HIV vaccine development
17 May 2013
Scientists find clues to stem cells producing different kinds of cells
17 May 2013
Researchers transform biological cells into living calculators.
16 May 2013
Receptor proteins may hold clues to antibiotic resistance in MRSA bacteria
16 May 2013
Non-inherited mutations account for many heart defects
14 May 2013
UK researchers develop new `superwheat’
13 May 2013
Scientists provide insight into a molecule involved in cancer, birth defects
10 May 2013
Controlled cellular sabotage
08 May 2013
Peach genome offers insights into breeding strategies for biofuel crops
06 May 2013
Boosting 'cellular garbage disposal' can delay the ageing process, biologists report
06 May 2013
Scientists discover one gene is necessary for mice to avoid predators
06 May 2013
Decoded: molecular messages that tell prostate, breast cancers to spread
03 May 2013
Biologists produce rainbow-coloured algae
02 May 2013
Secrets of bacterial slime revealed
30 April 2013
Fingerprinting malaria parasite drug resistance
29 April 2013
A different view of cancer cells
27 April 2013
Boosting the powers of genomic science
26 April 2013
Scientists reveal natural process that blocks viruses from entering the body
25 April 2013
Scanning the human barcode: DNA tests aid faster diagnosis
25 April 2013
Battling with bugs to prevent antibiotic resistance
23 April 2013
Random walks on DNA
23 April 2013
Genetics defines a distinct liver disease
22 April 2013
Discovery of new genes will help childhood arthritis treatment
22 April 2013
Analysing meningitis genes to identify new treatments
20 April 2013
Nanoscopic cages for big applications
20 April 2013
3D printer can build synthetic tissues
20 April 2013
Modified bacteria could be used in vaccines
18 April 2013
After Dolly, Roslin researchers create GM-modified piglet
17 April 2013
Pig disease that costs millions is target of genetic study
17 April 2013
Medical breakthrough: test-tube kidney works in rats
15 April 2013
Patterning graphene with DNA
10 April 2013
'Sonic lasso' catches cells
10 April 2013
Fighting listeria and other food-borne illnesses with nanobiotechnology
10 April 2013
Protein that takes care of our DNA is critical to leukaemia cell survival
09 April 2013
White blood cell enzyme contributes to inflammation and obesity
06 April 2013
Breakthrough in neuroscience could help re-wire appetite control
06 April 2013
Cancer biologists find DNA-damaging toxins in common plant-based foods
06 April 2013
Astellas in oncology antibody drug pact with Ambrx
05 April 2013
New nanotechnology research study turns brain tumours blue
30 March 2013
Researchers unravel molecular roots of Down syndrome
30 March 2013
Molecule's structure reveals new therapeutic opportunities for rare diabetes
26 March 2013
How some prostate tumours resist treatment -- and how it might be fixed
25 March 2013
Study offers new way to discover HIV vaccine targets
23 March 2013
Study underlines potential of new technology to diagnose disease
22 March 2013
Researchers spot molecular control switch for preterm lung disorders
22 March 2013
Researchers create tomatoes that mimic actions of good cholesterol
22 March 2013
Fundamental discovery reveals how fat is stored in cells
20 March 2013
Research explores road signs on the intracellular highway
20 March 2013
Breaking down the Parkinson’s pathway
18 March 2013
Study finds white blood cells control red blood cell levels
18 March 2013
Researchers divide enzyme to conquer genetic puzzle
16 March 2013
Neural “synchrony” may be key to understanding how the human brain perceives
16 March 2013
Gene Mutations implicated in a number of neurodegenerative diseases
15 March 2013
Can fat fight brain cancer?
14 March 2013
Protein abundant in cancerous cells causes DNA ‘supercoiling’
13 March 2013
Dual systems key to keeping chromosomes intact
11 March 2013
Flip of a single molecular switch makes an old brain young
11 March 2013
New material could improve ultrasound technology
08 March 2013
Scientists find surprising new influence on cancer genes
06 March 2013
A turf battle in the retina helps internal clocks see the light
06 March 2013
New tool in the fight against tropical diseases
05 March 2013
Seven genetic risk factors found to be associated with common eye disorder
04 March 2013
Bowel cancers reshuffle their genetic pack to cheat treatment
02 March 2013
Chemists find help from nature in fighting cancer
02 March 2013
New tool in the fight against tropical diseases
01 March 2013
Researchers refine 'NanoVelcro' device to grab single cancer cells from blood
27 February 2013
Taking the gamble out of DNA sequencing
27 February 2013
Psychogenic diseases linked to abnormal brain activity
27 February 2013
Researchers identify life’s tiniest architects
26 February 2013
Stanford scientists fit light-emitting bioprobe in a single cell
25 February 2013
Scientists design mouse with more human-like immune response
15 February 2013
Sticky cells: cyclic mechanical reinforcement extends longevity of bonds between cells
15 February 2013
Genetic variation doubles risk of aortic valve calcification
14 February 2013
USC scientists turn off the ability to feel cold
14 February 2013
Nature methods study: using light to control cell clustering
13 February 2013
Diabetes distresses bone marrow stem cells by damaging their microenvironment
12 February 2013
Combining synthetic, natural toxins could disarm cancer, drug-resistant bacteria
12 February 2013
Scientists discover how chromosomes keep their loose ends loose
11 February 2013
24 new genes for nearsightedness identified
11 February 2013
Engineers design new synthetic biology circuits that combine memory, logic
11 February 2013
Scientists use genes to transform inorganic into organic mercury
09 February 2013
For drug makers, new 3-D control opens wealth of options
09 February 2013
Study finds how bacteria detect and ingest new DNA
06 February 2013
Even adaptable viruses have trouble surviving erratic temperatures
04 February 2013
Conventional wisdom on how stress-response protein works countered
02 February 2013
'Psychic cells': scientists discover cells can communicate through physical barriers
02 February 2013
Scientists uncover a previously unknown mechanism of memory formation
01 February 2013
Genetic variant is associated with severe flu in the Chinese population
31 January 2013
'Rhythm' of protein folding encoded in RNA, Stanford biologists find
30 January 2013
Cells ‘flock’ to heal wounds
30 January 2013
Genetic landscape of common brain tumours holds key to personalized treatment
29 January 2013
Maglev tissues could speed toxicity tests
29 January 2013
Putting the squeeze on cells
25 January 2013
Role of mutated genes in development of schizophrenia
24 January 2013
Structure of protein essential for quality control, nerve function discovered
24 January 2013
How cells know when it’s time to eat themselves
23 January 2013
Cancer cell metabolism yields new insights on Leukemia
22 January 2013
Scientists seek out cancer cells hiding from treatment
18 January 2013
Study finds a new culprit for epileptic seizures
16 January 2013
Study quantifies the size of holes antibacterials create in cell walls to kill bacteria
15 January 2013
The secrets of a tadpole's tail and the implications for human healing
14 January 2013
Tiny tools help advance medical discoveries
14 January 2013
Not just fast foods, DNA also to blame for expanding waistlines
12 January 2013
Scientists invent new methods to develop complex natural steroids
12 January 2013
Finding cancer culprits' fingerprints
11 January 2013
New study defines long-sought structure of protein necessary for cell-cell interaction
11 January 2013
Study quantifies the size of holes anti-bacterials create in cell walls to kill bacteria
10 January 2013
Giant tobacco plants that stay young forever
09 January 2013
Skin cells reveal DNA’s genetic mosaic
09 January 2013
Viruses cooperate or conquer to cause maximum destruction
08 January 2013
Surfing 'Trojan-horses' stop tumour regrowth after chemotherapy or radiotherap
08 January 2013
Ovarian cancer stem cell study puts targeted therapies within reach
08 January 2013
Scientists pinpoint molecular signals that make some women prone to miscarriage
07 January 2013
Skin cells reveal DNA’s genetic mosaic
05 January 2013
Even great mutations need a little help from their friends
05 January 2013
Editing the genome with high precision
05 January 2013
Quick detection of periodontitis pathogens
04 January 2013
A rare mutation offers wide possibilities
04 January 2013
Scientists uncover secrets of Chinese medical herb Chang Shan
03 January 2013
Scientists pinpoint molecular signals that make some women prone to miscarriage
03 January 2013
US research offers new insight into cell development and cancer
31 December 2012
Scripps scientists create new approach to destroy disease-associated RNAs in cells
24 December 2012
Understanding cell organisation to tackle cancer
24 December 2012
Evolution: It’s all in how you splice it
22 December 2012
Common fruit fly helps scientists study alcohol-related disorders
22 December 2012
Trypanosomal protein Cathepsin B structure analysis among top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2012
21 December 2012
A map tracking the spread of a bacterial strain of clostridium difficile
21 December 2012
New compound that reverses datty liver disease discovered
20 December 2012
Protein creates paths for growing nerve cells
20 December 2012
'DNA sensor' sounds the alarm when viruses invade
20 December 2012
Metallic probe detects fibrils from misfolded proteins in living cells
20 December 2012
New technology may enable earlier cancer diagnosis
19 December 2012
Tissue engineering: growing new organs, and more
18 December 2012
What we eat affects our genes
15 December 2012
Stem cell scientists help speed up drug discovery
15 December 2012
X-ray laser helps fight sleeping sickness
15 December 2012
Experiment reveals ulcer bug's weak point
14 December 2012
Rice uses light to remotely trigger biochemical reactions
14 December 2012
New method to directly sequence small genomes without library preparation
13 December 2012
Research on blood vessel proteins holds promise for controlling 'blood-brain barrier'
13 December 2012
Single gene defect wipes out immune cell development
12 December 2012
Novel studies of gene regulation in brain development may mean new treatment of mental disorders
12 December 2012
Researchers identify 75 genetic regions that influence red blood cell formation
08 December 2012
Novel antibodies for combating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
06 December 2012
Immune system regulator found to protect brain from effects of stroke
05 December 2012
Scientists pair blood test and gene sequencing to detect cancer
04 December 2012
Genes link growth in the womb with adult metabolism and disease
04 December 2012
Childhood trauma leaves mark on DNA of some victims
03 December 2012
New study unlocks key parts of wheat genome
30 November 2012
Biomarking time: methylome modifications offer new measure of our “biological” age
27 November 2012
Researchers link new molecular culprit to breast cancer progression
26 November 2012
New insights into a virus proteome: scientists identify unknown proteins of the herpesvirus
24 November 2012
Scientists describe elusive replication machinery of flu viruses
23 November 2012
G proteins regulate remodelling of blood vessels
22 November 2012
Researchers report potential new treatment to stop Alzheimer's disease
22 November 2012
DuPont expanding Hyderabad knowledge centre
21 November 2012
Pig gene discovery could help combat animal, human disease
21 November 2012
Bacterial DNA sequence used to map an infection outbreak
20 November 2012
Transforming Tuberculosis control
20 November 2012
Bioprinting has promising future
19 November 2012
Serum’s meningitis vaccine can withstand temperatures of up to 40° C
16 November 2012
New gene identification technique to help underst dangerous new viruses
15 November 2012
Scientists unravel resistance to breast cancer treatment
15 November 2012
Understanding antibiotic resistance using crystallography and computation
14 November 2012
Research on anthrax vaccine on to counteract threat of bioterrorism
10 November 2012
Scientists uncover a new pathway that regulates information processing in the brain
10 November 2012
Scientists reveal key protein interactions involved in neurodegenerative disease
09 November 2012
Three-in-one 'supermolecule' could detect cancer early, help destroy tumours and monitor treatment
08 November 2012
Smokers leave a history of their addiction in DNA
07 November 2012
Unlocking the secrets of DNA repair
06 November 2012
New technique enables detection of low levels of sugars produced by living organisms
05 November 2012
1,000-genomes study is 'guidebook' to how genes vary
05 November 2012
Scientific team sequences 1092 human genomes to determine standard range of human genetic variation
02 November 2012
New inhibitors of elusive enzymes promise to be valuable scientific tools
01 November 2012
Researchers test new methods to end cancer research on animals
01 November 2012
How the brain controls our habits
30 October 2012
Researchers uncover new target for cancer research
29 October 2012
Breast cancer cells enticed to spread by "tumorous environment", genetic changes
29 October 2012
Blood pressure drug shows Alzheimer’s benefits in mice
27 October 2012
UCLA engineers control thousands of cells simultaneously using magnetic nanoparticles
27 October 2012
Electron microscopy enables high-resolution visualisation of molecules inside cells
26 October 2012
A surprise mechanism uncovered in the development of lupus
25 October 2012
Researchers uncover new target for cancer research
25 October 2012
Genome sequencing of ancient African humans may lead to medical advances
23 October 2012
A circuit diagram of the mouse brain: scientists aim to analyse mouse brain under electron microscope
23 October 2012
Multi-talented enzyme – produced on large-scale
22 October 2012
Brain’s language center has multiple roles
19 October 2012
Calcium reveals connections between neurons
19 October 2012
Biomedical Engineers Develop Nanoparticles to Fight Persistent Viral Infections
17 October 2012
The brain's circuit diagram: new method facilitates the mapping of connections between neurons
17 October 2012
Bioengineers try to map gene activities of individual cells in human cortex
17 October 2012
Brain scans can predict children's reading ability, Stanford researchers say
15 October 2012
Cells control energy metabolism via hedgehog signalling pathway
13 October 2012
Finding compounds that can help fight cancer
12 October 2012
Biomass-degrading genes in button mushroom critical to managing planet’s carbon stores
12 October 2012
US scientists Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka win chemistry Nobel
10 October 2012
How cancer cells break free from tumours
10 October 2012
Researchers overcome the freezing sample problem in biostudies
08 October 2012
Protein linked to hunger also implicated in alcoholism
01 October 2012
Learning requires rhythmical activity of neurons
28 September 2012
Making and breaking heterochromatin
26 September 2012
Feline DNA study explains spots,blotches on cheetahs, tabby cats
22 September 2012
Study of giant viruses shakes up tree of life
17 September 2012
Tracking stem cell reprogramming
17 September 2012
Genetic cause of insulin sensitivity offers diabetes clues
15 September 2012
Probing matters of the heart
15 September 2012
Neural Stem Cells Regenerate Axons in Severe Spinal Cord Injury
14 September 2012
Deciphering the language of transcription factors
13 September 2012
Genes that suppress tumours vital to regulating blood precursor cells: study
12 September 2012
Weapon-wielding marine microbes may protect populations from foes
12 September 2012
Discovery makes sense of molybdenum mystery
10 September 2012
Study: Metabolism in the brain fluctuates with circadian rhythm
07 September 2012
Yale team finds fossil DNA not dead in human genome
07 September 2012
Researchers identify biochemical functions for most of the human genome
06 September 2012
Science study shows ‘promiscuous’ enzymes still prevalent in metabolism
06 September 2012
Binding sites for LIN28 protein found in thousands of human genes
05 September 2012
Zooming in on bacterial weapons in 3D
03 September 2012
Ancient genome reveals its secrets
31 August 2012
Doubts about whether modern humans and Neanderthals interbred
30 August 2012
Tuning the brain: how piano tuning may cause changes to brain structure
30 August 2012
More sophisticated wiring, not just a bigger brain, helped humans evolve beyond chimps
29 August 2012
Turning on key enzyme blocks tumour formation
28 August 2012
Researchers peek at the early evolution of sex chromosomes
24 August 2012
Genes carried by E.coli bacteria linked to colon cancer
23 August 2012
CSIR lab gets nod for Phase-I clinical trials of clot-buster biotherapeutic drug
17 August 2012
New nanoparticles shrink tumours in mice
17 August 2012
Simple mathematical computations underlie brain circuits
09 August 2012
Protein that boosts longevity may protect against diabetes
08 August 2012
New study finds link between cell division and growth rate
07 August 2012
Research identifies promising new therapeutic target for aggressive breast cancer
06 August 2012
It's in our genes: why women outlive men
06 August 2012
Researchers build a toolbox for synthetic biology
03 August 2012
Mayo Clinic completes first genome-wide analysis of peripheral T-cell lymphomas
02 August 2012
A flash of light changes cell activity — and understanding of disease
31 July 2012
New melanoma driver genes found in largest DNA sequencing study to date
31 July 2012
New proteins inhibit HIV infection in cell cultures
30 July 2012
New recruits in the fight against disease
28 July 2012
Team discovers how western corn rootworm resists crop rotation
28 July 2012
Newfound gene may help bacteria survive in extreme environments
26 July 2012
Researchers first to determine entire genetic sequence of individual human sperm
25 July 2012
Tissue structure delays cancer development, reveals computer model
25 July 2012
Stanford researchers produce first complete computer model of an organism
24 July 2012
Mystery peeled off banana genome
23 July 2012
Research opens avenues in combating neurodegenerative diseases
21 July 2012
Large, medically important class of proteins starts to yield its secrets
16 July 2012
Staying on Target: New Strategy Advances Stem Cell Culture Techniques
12 July 2012
Researchers find gold nanoparticles capable of ‘unzipping’ DNA
11 July 2012
Searching genomic data faster
11 July 2012
Amniotic fluid yields alternatives to embryonic stem cells
09 July 2012
Researchers tap into genetic reservoir of heat-loving bacteria
07 July 2012
Scientists identify critical ‘quality control’ for cell growth
07 July 2012
Cells’ emergency systems revealed
07 July 2012
In real time, scientists watch stem cells at work regenerating tissue
07 July 2012
Australian researchers capture image of atom
06 July 2012
‘Stoned’ gene key to maintaining normal brain function
06 July 2012
New way to grow, isolate cancer cells may add weapon against disease
05 July 2012
Amniotic fluid yields alternatives to embryonic stem cells
05 July 2012
Calcium carbonate templates for drug delivery
04 July 2012
Study on fungi evolution may help advance future biofuels production
02 July 2012
Scientists develop alternative to gene therapy
02 July 2012
Studying fish to learn about fat
02 July 2012
Artificial membranes to mimic the complex functions of cells
30 June 2012
Transplant of patient-derived stem cells into mice with muscular dystrophy
30 June 2012
Regulation of telomerase in stem cells and cancer cells
30 June 2012
Interacting mutations promote diversity
30 June 2012
Researchers prevent mice from developing diabetes
30 June 2012
Researchers measure the rate of DNA transfer from viruses to bacteria
29 June 2012
Scientists find easier way to make new drug compounds
28 June 2012
Study links carcinogens to cancer stem cells — but spinach can help
23 June 2012
Researchers find gold nanoparticles capable of ‘unzipping’ DNA
22 June 2012
Researchers discover the cause of an inherited form of epilepsy
22 June 2012
Tracking stem cells in the body
22 June 2012
Lack of single protein results in persistent viral infection
16 June 2012
Gut bacteria may trigger diseases like rheumatoid arthritis
16 June 2012
Human microbiome project outlines new methods for cataloguing microbes
16 June 2012
Biochip may make diagnosis of leukemia and HIV faster, cheaper
15 June 2012
Dormancy of stem cells enables them to remain viable many days after death
15 June 2012
Fragile X genes prevalence suggests broader health risk
15 June 2012
Study identifies enzymes needed to mend tissue damage after inflammation
14 June 2012
Scientists identify new molecules important for vision and brain function
13 June 2012
How plants make cocaine
12 June 2012
New tools may unveil mystery of the 'Glycome'
11 June 2012
Researchers achieve RNA interference, in a lighter package
04 June 2012
Building molecular 'cages' to fight disease
31 May 2012
International research consortium sequences tomato genome
31 May 2012
New stell cell technique promises abundance of key heart cells
30 May 2012
Powerful new approach to attack flu virus
28 May 2012
Super-sensitive tests could detect diseases earlier
28 May 2012
Nuisance seaweed found to produce compounds with biomedical potential
26 May 2012
Hopes of a new strategy for inhibiting tumour cell growth
25 May 2012
Hormone plays surprise role in fighting skin infections
25 May 2012
Crowding causes cells to produce an orderly matrix of molecules
24 May 2012
No new neurons in the human olfactory bulb
24 May 2012
Stem-cell-growing surface enables bone repair
24 May 2012
Pancreatic cancer may be detected with simple intestinal probe
23 May 2012
Zooming in on bacterial weapons in 3D
23 May 2012
New details about gene regulation explained
19 May 2012
New understanding of ‘copper pump’ in cells could prime discovery of anti-cancer drugs
19 May 2012
Mayo Clinic researchers discover biomarkers for prostate cancer detection, recurrence
18 May 2012
A new optical microscopy approach opens the door to better observations in molecular biology
18 May 2012
New screening technique yields elusive compounds to block immune-regulating enzyme
15 May 2012
Biosensor illuminates compounds to aid fight against TB
14 May 2012
Mystery of the missing breast cancer genes
10 May 2012
Exhaustion renders immune cells less effective in cancer treatment
10 May 2012
PRINT nanoparticles for controlled release of water soluble drugs
09 May 2012
Scientists show how memory B cells stay 'In class' to fight different infections
08 May 2012
Genetic predictor for Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy confirmed
08 May 2012
Robots that reveal the inner workings of brain cells
08 May 2012
How does a broken DNA molecule get repaired?
07 May 2012
Biologists turn back the clock to understand evolution of sex differences
05 May 2012
Prototype NIST / CU bioreactor evaluates engineered tissue while creating it
05 May 2012
FANCM gene plays key role in inheritance
02 May 2012
Scientists uncover strong support for once-marginalised theory on Parkinson’s Disease
28 April 2012
Slicing mitotic spindle with lasers, nanosurgeons unravel old pole-to-pole theory
28 April 2012
Just a few cell clones can make heart muscle
27 April 2012
Scientists find the structure of a key ‘gene silencer’ protein
27 April 2012
BIological engineers find that proteins in mucus help ward off viral infection
26 April 2012
Scientists take steps toward fast, low-cost DNA sequencing device
25 April 2012
`Housekeeping’ mechanism for brain stem cells discovered
24 April 2012
Nanoparticles may increase plant DNA damage: Study
24 April 2012
Scientists uncover how ‘checkpoint’ proteins bind chromosomes
21 April 2012
DNA defines the spot where bacteria divide
17 April 2012
Breast cancer study finds new type of mutation
16 April 2012
Tumour study reveals size limitations for new drugs
12 April 2012
Diet may treat some gene mutations
11 April 2012
Detecting breast cancer’s fingerprint in a droplet of blood
10 April 2012
Biologists and computer scientists create computational model of human tissue
10 April 2012
Nano-sized ‘factories’ churn out proteins
09 April 2012
Gene can turn flu into a killer
02 April 2012
Moving microfluidics from the lab bench to the factory floor
31 March 2012
DNA traces cattle back to a small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago
31 March 2012
Artificial thymus tissue enables maturation of immune cells
30 March 2012
Researchers unravel genetic mechanism of fatty liver disease in obese children
27 March 2012
Faster way to probe proteins
26 March 2012
Mayo Clinic researchers developing melanoma vaccine for skin cancer
22 March 2012
Stem cells hint at potential treatment for Huntington's Disease
20 March 2012
Cystic fibrosis gene therapy programme gets green light with public funding
17 March 2012
Biologists uncover surprising connection between breast cancer cells and surrounding tissue
15 March 2012
Study of ribosome evolution challenges RNA world hypothesis
15 March 2012
New approach to treating Type I diabetes? Columbia scientists transform gut cells into insulin factories
14 March 2012
Major EU project to investigate genes influencing bacterial infections in children
13 March 2012
Scientists identify key player of protein folding
09 March 2012
Exercise changes the DNA
09 March 2012
Another mechanism discovered by which sulforaphane prevents cancer
05 March 2012
How red blood cells get so big — and the bad things that happen when they don’t
02 March 2012
Some bacteria attack using spring-loaded poison daggers
01 March 2012
“Labor der Zukunft” — Tomorrow’s laboratory technology
29 February 2012
DNA nanorobot-targeted therapeutic responses
28 February 2012
Delivering RNA with tiny sponge-like spheres
27 February 2012
In a new microchip, cells separate by rolling away
25 February 2012
Big, bad bacterium is an "iron pirate"
24 February 2012
Controlling protein function with nanotechnology
23 February 2012
'Stealth’ properties of cancer-causing genetic mutations identified
22 February 2012
Multimillion pound accelerator research network launched
22 February 2012
Russian scientists resurrect dead plants frozen for nearly 30,000 years
21 February 2012
Researchers develop better control for DNA-based computations
20 February 2012
Faulty fat sensor implicated in obesity and liver disease
20 February 2012
Proteins cooperate to regulate gene splicing
18 February 2012
Proteins in Yellowstone bacteria for biofuel inspiration
18 February 2012
How Zygotes Sort Out Imprinted Genes
17 February 2012
A salmon DNA and nanosilver-based data storage device
16 February 2012
Could “Love Hormone” Help Treat Depression?
14 February 2012
Low hormone response may contribute to women avoiding intimacy
14 February 2012
A novel, reliable and rapid method for detecting living bacteria
13 February 2012
New NIST 'cell assay on a chip': solid results from simple means
10 February 2012
Exercise triggers stem cells in muscle
09 February 2012
Why bad immunity genes survive: researchers find "arms race" between genes and germs
09 February 2012
Purdue scientists reveal how bacteria build homes inside healthy cells
09 February 2012
Neuroscientists link brain-wave pattern to energy consumption
09 February 2012
NIST announces ID programme for research on human cell lines
08 February 2012
Scientists develop biological computer to encrypt and decipher images
08 February 2012
Low levels of lipid antibodies increase complications following heart attack
07 February 2012
Study Shows Alzheimer’s Disease May Spread by ‘Jumping’ from One Brain Region to Another
07 February 2012
Chemists develop faster, more efficient protein labelling
06 February 2012
Straight from the gut: Microbes can cause obesity
04 February 2012
‘Goldilocks’ gene could determine best treatment for TB patients
04 February 2012
Research proves plausibility of new primordial pathway to life’s chemical building blocks
02 February 2012
Metabolic errors can spell doom for DNA
01 February 2012
High-resolution mapping of the 3D organisation of chromosomes
01 February 2012
A step closer to understanding, averting drug resistance
31 January 2012
Genetic breakthrough for brain cancer in children
31 January 2012
Body clock receptor linked to diabetes in new genetic study
30 January 2012
Researchers show how new viruses evolve, and in some cases, become deadly
30 January 2012
Researchers induce Alzheimer’s neurons from pluripotent stem cells
27 January 2012
Scientists link evolved, mutated gene module to syndromic autism
27 January 2012
Viruses con bacteria into working for them
27 January 2012
Scripps researchers illuminate cancer cells’ survival strategy during dangerous dissemination
27 January 2012
Envelope for an artificial cell
25 January 2012
How cells dispose of their waste
24 January 2012
New microtweezers may build tiny 'MEMS' structures
20 January 2012
Biologists replicate key evolutionary step in life on Earth
20 January 2012
Solving the mystery of an old diabetes drug that may reduce cancer risk
19 January 2012
Scientists create novel RNA repair technology
18 January 2012
New information on the waste-disposal units of living cells
16 January 2012
Discovery of plant ‘nourishing gene’ could raise crop seed yield, food security
16 January 2012
Caltech chemists devise chemical reaction that holds promise for new drug development
14 January 2012
Scientists paint new picture of dance between protein and binding partners
14 January 2012
Tiny worm points to big promise
13 January 2012
Disruption of biological clocks causes neurodegeneration, early death
12 January 2012
How research goes viral
10 January 2012
Not all embryonic stem cells produce world’s first primate chimeric offspring
06 January 2012
Spiral proteins are efficient gene delivery agents
29 December 2011
New antibodies treat autoimmune disease in mice
28 December 2011
New personalised treatment options for cancer
28 December 2011
Scientists discover a brain cell malfunction in schizophrenia
28 December 2011
New light shed on chromosome fragility
27 December 2011
'Rare' brain disorder may be more common than thought
27 December 2011
How bacteria fight fluoride in toothpaste and in nature
26 December 2011
Neuroscientists identify a master controller of memory
26 December 2011
Genetic diversity: crucial for our survival in many ways
23 December 2011
Removable ‘cloak’ for nanoparticles helps target tumours
23 December 2011
Tissue structure delays cancer development
20 December 2011
Scientists elevate little-studied cellular mechanism to potential drug target
19 December 2011
Bioboost for biomass-based energy
17 December 2011
Scientists uncover evidence on how drug-resistant tuberculosis cells form
17 December 2011
Spiral proteins are efficient gene delivery agents
17 December 2011
Triton resource helps "track" how Kinesin molecules move
16 December 2011
Tireless research reveals secrets of the “sleep hormone”
15 December 2011
Gene therapy achieves early success against haemophilia B
14 December 2011
A glow of recognition
14 December 2011
Researchers design Alzheimer’s antibodies
13 December 2011
Body’s fat switch discovered
12 December 2011
Research could help people with declining sense of smell
10 December 2011
Proteins linked to longevity may be involved in mood control
10 December 2011
Acquired traits can be inherited via small RNAs
08 December 2011
Supercomputer reveals new details behind drug-processing protein model
07 December 2011
Stem cell therapy opens new approach to treatment of cardiac conditions
06 December 2011
An `eye’ on stem cells
06 December 2011
New discovery of adult stem cells holds fresh possibilities for heart regeneration
05 December 2011
Bacteria engineered to eat switchgrass and make transportation fuels
02 December 2011
Gene that acts as a brake on breast cancer progression
30 November 2011
Surprise role of nuclear structure protein in development
30 November 2011
Scientists uncover new role for gene in maintaining steady weight
25 November 2011
Implanted neurons grown in the lab take charge of brain circuitry
24 November 2011
The brain's zoom button
24 November 2011
Researchers find genetic link between heart disease and brain aneurysms
23 November 2011
A better way to count molecules discovered
22 November 2011
New biosensor benefits from melding of carbon nanotubes, DNA
21 November 2011
How cancer cells get by on a starvation diet
21 November 2011
Scientists develop brand new class of small molecules through innovative chemistry
21 November 2011
Embryo development discovery
19 November 2011
Unraveling how a mutation can lead to psychiatric illness
19 November 2011
UN warns cassava virus, first identified by Bristol researchers, nearing an epidemic in Africa
18 November 2011
Scientists identify new class of antimalarial compounds
18 November 2011
Dendritic cells control lymphocyte entry into lymph nodes
17 November 2011
Diseased hearts to heal themselves in future
16 November 2011
Researchers find potential Achilles’ heel on Lassa Fever, related viruses
15 November 2011
Stem cell approach primes immune system to fight cancer
14 November 2011
Berkeley Lab Researchers Create First of Its Kind Gene Map of Sulfate-reducing Bacterium:
12 November 2011
Tiny worms change direction using two human-like neural circuits
12 November 2011
ORNL fundamental discovery casts enzymes in new light
11 November 2011
Discovery casts enzymes in new light
09 November 2011
Discovery could improve efficiency of molecular factories
08 November 2011
Chromosome centromeres are inherited epigenetically
08 November 2011
Indian, Chinese scientists map genome sequence of pigeon pea
07 November 2011
HIV study identifies key cellular defence mechanism
07 November 2011
How fertilised oocytes eliminate paternal mitochondria
07 November 2011
Astrobiologists discover “Sweet Spots” for the formation of complex organic molecules in the Galaxy
05 November 2011
Chromosome centromeres are inherited epigenetically
04 November 2011
“Junk DNA“ may give rise to evolutionary innovation
03 November 2011
Scientists discover how daughter cells receive the same number of chromosomes
02 November 2011
Trial tests if drug to boost stem cells and exercise improve blood flow and walking
02 November 2011
Plasma in bags
02 November 2011
Yale engineers open new field of inquiry in bioelectronics
01 November 2011
Intestinal stem cells respond to food by supersizing the gut
29 October 2011
“New Paradigm” discovered in the way drugs can be manufactured
28 October 2011
Mental health risk genes and gender differences found in the developing brain
28 October 2011
Improved characterisation of nanoparticle clusters for EHS and biosensors research
28 October 2011
PSA test valuable in predicting biopsy need, low-risk prostate cancer
27 October 2011
Scientists discover inflammation is controlled differently in brain and other tissues
22 October 2011
Your DNA may carry a ‘memory’ of your living conditions in childhood
22 October 2011
Manufacturing goes viral
21 October 2011
Scientists create computing building blocks from bacteria and DNA
20 October 2011
New bacteria toxins against resistant insect pests
20 October 2011
European Court of Justice delivers a blow to stem cell research
19 October 2011
Tiny stamps for tiny sensors
19 October 2011
Vast hidden network regulates gene expression in cancer
19 October 2011
Research finds normal brain communication in patients with agenesis of the corpus callosum
19 October 2011
Research reveals novel aspects of virus-fighting protein
17 October 2011
Faulty molecular switch can cause infertility or miscarriage
17 October 2011
The secret life of cells — in colour
15 October 2011
Cloud computing and Argonne program help decode German E. coli strain
14 October 2011
Tests to catch the makers of dangerous 'legal high' designer drugs
14 October 2011
Researchers reconstruct genome of the Black Death
13 October 2011
Analysis of 29 mammals reveals genomic ‘dark matter’
13 October 2011
Researchers reconstruct full DNA of Black Death microbe
13 October 2011
Scientists sequence the first carbohydrate biopolymer
11 October 2011
Shutting off inflammation
11 October 2011
Rare gene variants linked to inflammatory bowel disease
10 October 2011
Stem cell reprogramming technique safer than previously thought
08 October 2011
Study gauges emotional toll of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
05 October 2011
MRI study finds that depression uncouples brain’s hate circuit
04 October 2011
New inherited neurometabolic disorder discovered
03 October 2011
Roads pave the way for the spread of superbugs
30 September 2011
Cell dysfunction linked to obesity and metabolic disorders
29 September 2011
Mimicking cells with transistors
28 September 2011
Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind
27 September 2011
Researchers build cardiac tissue using gold nanowires for heart attack patients
26 September 2011
Monogenic defects responsible for intellectual disability and related disorders
24 September 2011
Vacuum-like device makes cellular exploration easier
22 September 2011
Researchers find genetic variants that may contribute to mental illness
20 September 2011
Hope for powerful new C Diff. treatment
20 September 2011
Scientists 'disarm' HIV in step towards vaccine
20 September 2011
Artificial blood vessels generated through 3D printer
19 September 2011
Researchers discover switch that controls stem cell pluripotency
17 September 2011
Fail-safe system may lead to cures for inherited disorders
17 September 2011
First German genome comprehensively resolved at its molecular level
16 September 2011
A call to arms for synthetic biology
15 September 2011
New hope for hepatitis C vaccine
15 September 2011
Invention unravels mystery of protein folding
15 September 2011
Cancer-killing cells caught on film in greater 3D detail than before
14 September 2011
Men also wired for childcare
14 September 2011
Mayo Clinic teams with glowing cats against AIDS, other diseases
13 September 2011
Study reveals critical similarity between two types of do-it-all stem cells
12 September 2011
New hope for HIV vaccine
10 September 2011
Bacteria shed light on new drug targets for inherited cancers
09 September 2011
PerkinElmer to buy Caliper Life Sciences for about $600 million
08 September 2011
Research team overcomes major obstacle for stem cell therapies and research
08 September 2011
Innovative nanoparticle purification system using magnetic fields may aid medication, diagnostics
08 September 2011
Microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste
08 September 2011
New drugs for dangerous yeast infections
06 September 2011
Manipulating plants’ circadian clock may make all-season crops possible
06 September 2011
Developing drugs tailored to patients' genome
06 September 2011
Killing a cancer cell from the inside out
03 September 2011
Discovery could create retinas from 'Jell-O'
03 September 2011
Two brain halves, one perception
02 September 2011
Free radicals crucial to suppressing appetite
30 August 2011
Statins reduce deaths from infection, respiratory illness, eight years on from trial
29 August 2011
1001 Genome-Project: complete catalog of the Arabidopsis genome on the way
29 August 2011
New imaging method sheds light on cell growth
29 August 2011
Plants could pave the way for new ovarian cancer treatments
27 August 2011
Vitamin A supplements could save the lives of 600,000 infants a year
27 August 2011
Gap in immune responses determine infection levels to flu exposure
26 August 2011
Mapping the brain
26 August 2011
Novel approach tests mother-to-newborn HIV spread prevention
26 August 2011
Common bacterium stops mosquitoes from transmitting dengue virus
25 August 2011
Scientists reengineer an antibiotic to overcome dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria
25 August 2011
Scientists define cellular pathway essential to removing damaged mitochondria
24 August 2011
Scientists help pinpoint cause of stress-related DNA damage
23 August 2011
Sweet insight: discovery could speed drug development
22 August 2011
Mutations not inherited from parents cause more than half the cases of schizophrenia
20 August 2011
Ready to learn? Brain scans can tell you
19 August 2011
Researchers find new clues about how HIV reservoirs may form
19 August 2011
Neuroscientists shed light on how the brain responds to scenes and their mirror-image reversals
18 August 2011
AIDS researchers isolate new potent and broadly effective antibodies against HIV
18 August 2011
New research links obesity with heart rhythm disorder
17 August 2011
Study sheds light on late phase of asthma attacks
13 August 2011
Poultry farms that go organic have fewer drug-resistant bacteria
13 August 2011
Critical insight provided into the disease mechanisms behind multiple sclerosis
12 August 2011
Reverse metabolism of bacteria helps to produce faster fuel production
11 August 2011
Scripps research scientist identifies critical role for night blindness gene
11 August 2011
New drug could cure nearly any viral infection
10 August 2011
Study explains why muscles weaken with age and points to possible therapy
09 August 2011
Gene associated with ulcerative colitis uncovered researchers
09 August 2011
Potential new eye tumour treatment discovered
08 August 2011
Brain training increases dopamine release
06 August 2011
Simple test helps detect heart defects in newborns
06 August 2011
Researchers use gold nanoparticles to diagnose flu in minutes
04 August 2011
Bear bile chemical could help keep hearts in rhythm
03 August 2011
Disease-causing tangle could spawn new materials
01 August 2011
Beefing up muscles can reduce diabetes risk
29 July 2011
Post-traumatic stress disorder linked to smaller birth weight and gestation
28 July 2011
Now, gastric bypass surgery to shed weight
27 July 2011
Artificial cilia spur new thinking in nanotechnology
27 July 2011
Are cancers newly evolved species?
27 July 2011
Caltech researchers use DNA molecules to create artificial intelligence
23 July 2011
Tumour cells go against the flow
23 July 2011
Mapping of 'sixth nucleotide' in embryonic stem cells indicates it may activate genes
23 July 2011
Stem cell breakthrough heralds new era of therapy development
21 July 2011
New lung cancer gene found
20 July 2011
The biology behind alcohol-induced blackouts
20 July 2011
Scientists discover how best to excite brain cells
20 July 2011
Making blood-sucking deadly for mosquitoes
19 July 2011
New contrast agents detect bacterial infections with high sensitivity and specificity
19 July 2011
Model of Enigmatic Alzheimer’s Protein Described for First Time
18 July 2011
Newly Developed Fluorescent Protein Makes Internal Organs Visible
18 July 2011
Researchers identify protein that direct stem cells
16 July 2011
Scientists unveil tools for rewriting the code of life
15 July 2011
Scientists unlock secrets of potato plant genome
11 July 2011
University College of London technology used in windpipe transplant
08 July 2011
First successful transplant of a synthetic tissue-engineered windpipe
08 July 2011
Proteins prove their metal
08 July 2011
Scientists solve mystery of nerve disease genes
08 July 2011
Hot springs microbe yields record-breaking, heat-tolerant enzyme
07 July 2011
Do well at school to avoid heart disease later, research shows
07 July 2011
Scientists find 'brake-override' proteins that enable development of some cancers
07 July 2011
Energy-storage capacity of ancient microorganism could lead to power source for synthetic cells
06 July 2011
Researchers discover new airway stem cell
05 July 2011
Can topical skin gel shrink some breast cancer tumours?
04 July 2011
CT scans significantly more effective than chest X-rays in reducing lung cancer deaths
01 July 2011
Click chemistry creates new 'stealth' DNA links
01 July 2011
New research on food choices of allergy sufferers
30 June 2011
A lack of structure facilitates protein synthesis
29 June 2011
Protecting medical implants from attack
29 June 2011
A magic number for heart health
29 June 2011
Brain rhythm associated with learning also linked to running speed, UCLA study shows
28 June 2011
Biologists discover how yeast cells reverse ageing
25 June 2011
Daily pill for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
22 June 2011
'Smart materials' that make proteins form crystals to boost research into new drugs
22 June 2011
Lab-grown meat would 'cut emissions and save energy'
21 June 2011
Nanoparticles disguised as red blood cells to deliver cancer-fighting drugs
21 June 2011
Swarming nanoparticles communicate to boost drug concentrations near tumours
21 June 2011
Cancer-seeking 'smart bombs' target kidney cancer cells
18 June 2011
Insulin in the midbrain influences eating behaviour
18 June 2011
Indian Council of Medical Research to validate traditional Indian therapies
17 June 2011
New breakthrough in high blood pressure research
17 June 2011
TRC researchers isolate new molecule to fight TB
16 June 2011
Why we are so complicated
16 June 2011
Enzyme prevents fatal heart condition associated with athletes
13 June 2011
International trial finds polypill halves predicted heart disease and stroke risk
13 June 2011
"Chemobath" for colon cancer undergoes evaluation
11 June 2011
Trapping deadly human viruses using decoys
08 June 2011
Major breakthrough in shrimp research at Andhra Pradesh
07 June 2011
Worm discovery could help one billion people worldwide
07 June 2011
Neutrons provide first sub-nanoscale snapshots of Huntington's disease protein
06 June 2011
Stem cells from surgery leftovers could repair damaged hearts
04 June 2011
Advances in chemical synthesis reveal rare natural product with potent pain-killing properties
03 June 2011
Potential new drug candidate found for Alzheimer's disease
01 June 2011
Scientists find biological mechanism during transition to alcohol management
01 June 2011
Pancreas betrayed by 'double agent'
30 May 2011
Patient safety: reducing radiation exposure risks from CT scans and X-rays
28 May 2011
How shifts in temperature primes immune response
28 May 2011
High pregnancy weight gain can lead to long-term obesity
28 May 2011
New class of compounds may have potentially widespread use in basic research and drug development
27 May 2011
Cell therapy aims to prevent transplant rejection
25 May 2011
Of frogs, chicken and people
25 May 2011
Prolonged breastfeeding may be connected to fewer child behaviour problems
24 May 2011
Researchers discover arctic blooms occurring earlier
24 May 2011
Scientists find new drug target in breast cancer
23 May 2011
Secrets of plague unlocked with stunning new imaging techniques
19 May 2011
Nano fitness: helping enzymes stay active and keep in shape
19 May 2011
New pathway affecting lifespan identified
18 May 2011
Cancer “smart drugs” may not be so smart: Yale researchers
17 May 2011
Children with multiple sclerosis are at increased risk of becoming obese in childhood
16 May 2011
Measuring response of cells to candidate prescription drugs
13 May 2011
New biosensor microchip could speed up drug development: Stanford researchers
13 May 2011
Sex hormone precursor inhibits brain inflammation
13 May 2011
The slow road to a synapse
12 May 2011
Microbes communicate by secreting "signalling" molecules
11 May 2011
Painful periods increase sensitivity to pain throughout the month
10 May 2011
Genome of marine organism reveals hidden secrets
10 May 2011
When the lungs come under pressure
09 May 2011
Bacterial genome may hold answers to mercury mystery
07 May 2011
Infants with persistent crying / sleeping / feeding problems more likely to have behaviour problems in childhood
06 May 2011
Overweight at mid life may raise dementia risk
05 May 2011
First lupus breakthrough in 50 years
05 May 2011
Amygdala detects spontaneity in human behaviour
04 May 2011
Scientists create new genetic model of premature ageing diseases
03 May 2011
Finding molecular targets of an HIV drug used in cancer therapy
29 April 2011
Secrets of a precision protein machine unlocked by experts
29 April 2011
Mother’s diet can alter the function of her child’s DNA
28 April 2011
The bacterial thermostat
27 April 2011
GM-CSF required for the immune attack in multiple sclerosis
27 April 2011
NeuroImage: multiplexing in the visual brain
26 April 2011
Researchers inject nano-fibre spheres carrying cells into wounds to grow tissue
25 April 2011
Evolution can cause a rapid reduction in genome size
25 April 2011
Scientists prove new technology to control malaria-carrying mosquitoes
23 April 2011
C. difficile increases risk of death six-fold in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
23 April 2011
SDSC to venture capitalists: data-intensive supercomputing is here
23 April 2011
Transgene Biotech in restructuring mode; eyes acquisitions
20 April 2011
Filters that reduce ‘brain clutter’ identified
20 April 2011
Scientists develop compound to halt progression of multiple sclerosis
20 April 2011
More migraines for no apparent reason
18 April 2011
Quest for designer bacteria uncovers a spy
16 April 2011
Loch fossils show life harnessed sun and sex early on
14 April 2011
Eye movement differs in British and Chinese populations
13 April 2011
New reference material helps improve diagnosis of Huntington's Disease
13 April 2011
Scientists uncover new DNA role in modifying gene function
12 April 2011
Advanced optical imaging aids cancer diagnosis, treatment
12 April 2011
Bacterial genome may hold answers to mercury mystery
11 April 2011
Nano pores help boost enzymatic activity
09 April 2011
Patient's own cells may hold therapeutic promise after reprogramming, gene correction
08 April 2011
Structure formed by strep porotein can trigger toxic shock
07 April 2011
Vision loss in eye disease slowed using novel encapsulated cell therapy
07 April 2011
Future computer vision tools to aid medical research, healthcare
07 April 2011
Electron microscopy reveals newly created genetic tag
06 April 2011
Call of the riled
05 April 2011
Fruit fly's response to starvation could help control human appetites
01 April 2011
Study illuminates the 'pain' of social rejection
01 April 2011
Scientists discover genetic switch that increases muscle blood supply
31 March 2011
Thyroid affects colour vision
31 March 2011
Milk teeth wanted for stem cell art-science project in the UK
30 March 2011
Inflammation behind heart valve disease
30 March 2011
Structure of DNA repair complex reveals workings of powerful cell motor
28 March 2011
Obesity period linked to mortality rates
28 March 2011
Warwick University's iPhone app creates virtual classroom for medical students
26 March 2011
Mild stress linked to long-term disability
26 March 2011
Primordial soup gets spicier
23 March 2011
Obesity-killer injection GLP-1 now available
21 March 2011
Female sex hormone controls human sperm
21 March 2011
New method delivers Alzheimer’s drug to the brain
21 March 2011
Scientists find candidate for new TB vaccine
19 March 2011
Transmissible treatment proposed for HIV could target superspreaders to curb epidemic
18 March 2011
Unique new map shows earthquake risks on humanity
17 March 2011
Nanotubes: cellular membranes on supply
16 March 2011
Judging couples’ chemistry influenced by serotonin
16 March 2011
As we sleep, speedy brain waves boost our ability to learn
15 March 2011
Scientists discover class of potent anti-cancer compounds
15 March 2011
Tumor metastasis with a twist
15 March 2011
New microscope decodes complex eye circuitry
11 March 2011
Newly discovered role for enzyme in neurodegenerative diseases
10 March 2011
Brain imaging technique: New hope for understanding Parkinson's disease
10 March 2011
NHS testing computer programme to aid diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
08 March 2011
Nanoparticles increase survival after blood loss
02 March 2011
New marker found for Sanfilippo disease
02 March 2011
Certain parts of the brain activated in people who heard tailored health messages and quit smoking
01 March 2011
Binge eaters’ dopamine levels spike at sight, smell of food
01 March 2011
Missing Molecule Raises Diabetes Risk in Humans
28 February 2011
Brain function linked to birth size in new study
25 February 2011
Microbubbles to light the way to sentinel lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
24 February 2011
Rare surgery gives man two hearts beating as one
19 February 2011
Study sheds light on RNA “on / off switches”
17 February 2011
Searching for the soul of the genome
12 February 2011
Natural molecule that indirectly prevents stable clot formation discovered
12 February 2011
Computer simulations revealthe structure and dynamics of chemical signal that triggers metastatic cancer
09 February 2011
Brain can learn to overcome sleep apnea: scientist
09 February 2011
Cannabis link to psychosis revealed
09 February 2011
The hitch in the drug? the itch in the drug
09 February 2011
Nicotinic acid blocks immune cells in atherosclerosis
08 February 2011
Fluorescent peptides help nerves glow in surgery
08 February 2011
DNA caught rock 'n rollin'
07 February 2011
New techniques for stapling peptides could spur development of drugs for cancer, other diseases
07 February 2011
Schizophrenia Gene Mutation Found; Target for New Drugs
04 February 2011
Disruptions in calcium flow linked to heart failure
02 February 2011
Boys infect boys, swine flu study shows
01 February 2011
Cancer drug aids the regeneration of spinal cord injuries
01 February 2011
Scientists find key protein that suppresses prostate cancer growth in the laboratory
31 January 2011
Cell binding discovery brings hope to those with skin and heart problems
31 January 2011
A mix of tiny gold and viral particles – and the DNA ties that bind them
28 January 2011
High blood pressure controlled using deep brain stimulation
27 January 2011
With chemical modification, stable RNA nanoparticles go 3-D
27 January 2011
Chemists devise new method to quantify protein changes
25 January 2011
Novel vaccine produces strong immunity against cocaine high
20 January 2011
Unusual transplant restores woman's voice
20 January 2011
See how they grow: Monitoring single bacteria without a microscope
19 January 2011
MicroRNAs could increase the risk of amputation in diabetics
19 January 2011
Scientists show brain 'wiring' in babies
18 January 2011
Lab-on-a-chip invented for fast, inexpensive blood tests
13 January 2011
Scientists show prions mutate and adapt to host environment
08 January 2011
Stress can enhance ordinary, unrelated memories
05 January 2011
Diagnosing deafness early could help teenagers’ development
05 January 2011
Researchers discover human immune system has emergency back-up plan
04 January 2011
Researchers announce critical leukaemia stem cell discovery
01 January 2011
Researchers develop anti-stress pen to measure and reduce stress
31 December 2010
Scripps Scientists home in on chemicals to reprogramme cells
30 December 2010
Scripps researchers identify key interaction in Hepatitis C virus
29 December 2010
When does stress cause illness?
24 December 2010
Scientists unravel more details of plant cell-wall construction
23 December 2010
New vaccine to assist worldwide eradication of polio
22 December 2010
Researchers discover new signaling pathway linked to inflammatory disease
17 December 2010
Warning lights mark shellfish that aren't safe to eat
16 December 2010
Researchers report HIV cure through blood transfusion
15 December 2010
How the stem cell niche never dies
09 December 2010
Magic number 695 opens up new areas for Alzheimer’s research
08 December 2010
Universal flu vaccine focus for Adelaide scientist
06 December 2010
Uptake protein acts as zinc’s doorway to the cell
06 December 2010
Researchers identify protein essential for cell division in blood-forming stem cells
04 December 2010
Researchers report surprising AIDS-treatment benefits in Africa
02 December 2010
Canadian company to introduce non-browning apples in US
01 December 2010
Genomic fault zones come and go
01 December 2010
Trials use technology to help young adults achieve healthy weights
01 December 2010
Plant proteins that cause infection identified for their role in fertilisation
30 November 2010
Hormone therapy can make the brain ‘younger’
30 November 2010
Reprogrammed amniotic fluid cells can generate all types of body cells
29 November 2010
Synapses recycle proteins for the release of neurotransmitters
23 November 2010
Winning the war against influenza
22 November 2010
Trained bacteria convert bio-wastes into plastic
20 November 2010
Cystic fibrosis gene typo is a double whammy
18 November 2010
Hispanic children genetically predisposed to developing fatty liver disease
18 November 2010
Cholesterol-lowering statins boost bacteria-klling cells
18 November 2010
Biologists identify genes that control toxic metal accumulation in plants
17 November 2010
Research uncovers extensive natural recovery after spinal cord injury
17 November 2010
Bioengineers provide adult stem cells with simultaneous chemical, electrical and mechanical cues
17 November 2010
India, UK sign MoU on joint crop research
12 November 2010
Scientists harness the power of electricity in the brain
12 November 2010
TB-drugome provides new targets for anti-tuberculosis drug discovery
11 November 2010
Global biotech industry must reinvent itself to survive, warns PwC
11 November 2010
Scientists identify a cause of Alzheimer's and find remedy
11 November 2010
Swine flu variant disables lungs clearing mechanism: new study
10 November 2010
Lactate in the brain reveals aging process
09 November 2010
Deadly monkeypox virus might cause disease by breaking down lung tissue
03 November 2010
Macrophage protein has major role in inflammation
03 November 2010
World's first mechanical LVAD transplant performed
02 November 2010
Poor school grades linked to increased suicide risk
28 October 2010
Researchers find a 'Liberal gene'
28 October 2010
Canadian researchers identify Influence of environment on sexual v/s asexual reproduction
27 October 2010
Egg meets sperm: The female side of the story
27 October 2010
Proton mechanism used by flu virus to infect cells discovered
25 October 2010
Response to alcohol depends on genes
20 October 2010
Stem cells repair damaged spinal cord tissue
20 October 2010
Depression linked to chronic brain inflammation
20 October 2010
New look at multi-talented protein sheds light on mysteries of HIV
19 October 2010
No standard for placebos in drug trials
19 October 2010
On the trail of the epigenetic code
16 October 2010
Gut microbes promote cell turnover by a well-known pathway
16 October 2010
Researchers find fats galore in human plasma
15 October 2010
For neurons to work as a team, it helps to have a beat
14 October 2010
Rutgers works on efficient, inexpensive plastic solar cells
13 October 2010
Brain imaging identifies differences in childhood bipolar disorder, ADHD
13 October 2010
ImmunoGen to collaborate with Novartis on novel cancer treatment
12 October 2010
Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers identify structure that allows bacteria to resist drugs
09 October 2010
Powerful supercomputer peers into the origin of life
09 October 2010
Rresearchers map functional connections between retinal neurons at single-cell resolution
08 October 2010
A red onion a day keeps heart disease away
08 October 2010
Father of IVF Robert G Edwards wins 2010 Nobel for medicine
04 October 2010
Indian scientist develops inexpensive method to isolate anti-cancer agent
04 October 2010
Brain chemical finding could open door to new schizophrenia drugs
01 October 2010
Addition of immunotherapy boosts paediatric cancer survivalin children with neuroblastoma
01 October 2010
Heart surgeries without cutting chest bone come to India
30 September 2010
‘Plagiarised’ report on Bt brinjal miffs Ramesh
28 September 2010
Technology to help tackle couch potato-related disease
28 September 2010
Non-stick coating of semen protein reduces HIV infection of immune cells
24 September 2010
Breakthrough in understanding brain function could lead to Alzheimer’s treatment
22 September 2010
Heart machine helps critical H1N1 patient recover
22 September 2010
US defence turns to new antibiotics from the sea
21 September 2010
Better marker for breast cancer may reduce need for second surgeries
21 September 2010
Increased Brain Protein Levels Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
17 September 2010
Chest compressions first just as effective as immediate defibrillation
17 September 2010
The friendly way to catch the flu
16 September 2010
APS helps answer key questions about common cold virus
16 September 2010
Smoking is in the genes, stupid
16 September 2010
Engineers make artificial skin out of nanowires
14 September 2010
New research throws fresh insights into neurodegenerative diseases
14 September 2010
Misfolded neural proteins linked to autism disorders
11 September 2010
Vitamin B in mega doses fights Alzhemeir’s: British study
09 September 2010
Researchers in Berlin decode function and protein content of the centrosome
09 September 2010
Visual Pattern Preference May be Indicator of Autism in Toddlers
08 September 2010
Biologists Find Way to Reduce Stem Cell Loss During Cancer Treatment
08 September 2010
Imaging reveals key metabolic factors of cannibalistic bacteria
04 September 2010
Vitamin D found to influence over 200 genes, highlighting links to disease
02 September 2010
Scripps researchers uncover new memory formation mechanism
02 September 2010
Study shows deepwater oil plume in Gulf degraded by microbes
30 August 2010
Exploring the role of gut bacteria in digestion
30 August 2010
Where is the Fat'?
28 August 2010
Adult lung stem cells, vital to injury repair, associated with poor cancer prognosis
28 August 2010
Study of cell division sheds light on special mechanism in egg cells
27 August 2010
Study suggests Hitler had Jewish and African lineage
25 August 2010
Princeton-led team finds new building block in cells
24 August 2010
MIT researchers develop a better way to grow stem cells
23 August 2010
Brain connections break down as we age
23 August 2010
Genome of ancient sponge reveals origins of first animals, cancer
19 August 2010
Breakfast holds key to better child health
18 August 2010
New research findings on novel anti-diabetes mechanism could lead to next generation of therapies
18 August 2010
UCLA scientists discover protein that shuttles RNA into cell mitochondria
13 August 2010
Researchers develop magnetic molecular machines to deliver drugs to unhealthy cells
11 August 2010
Researches identify gene linked with chronic pain susceptibility
07 August 2010
Pancreatic cancers use fructose, common in Western diet, to fuel growth, study finds
07 August 2010
A cellular housekeeper, and potential target of obesity drugs, caught in action
06 August 2010
Scripps research may lead to new class of drugs for epileptic seizures
04 August 2010
Other areas compensate for damage to memory-related areas of brain
03 August 2010
New insights into how stem cells determine what tissue to become
02 August 2010
Studies evaluate micro-incision surgery for removal of advanced and complex kidney cancers
30 July 2010
Implanted glucose sensor works for more than one year
30 July 2010
Electrical activity in developing brain influences choice of neurotransmitter
29 July 2010
Scientists discover why we never forget how to ride a bicycle
29 July 2010
Non-human sugar in biotech drugs causes inflammation
27 July 2010
Heart rate and heart rate variability measures of cardio-vascular health: Study
27 July 2010
12 new genes linked to type 2 diabetes
24 July 2010
Approach to new vaccine could turn HIV’s sugar coating into its Achilles’ heel
23 July 2010
Bt brinjal needs much further testing
22 July 2010
Skin cells could help discover cause of Parkinson’s disease
21 July 2010
Metabolic disease: researchers find cause and possible cure
16 July 2010
Opening the gate to the cell's recycling center
15 July 2010
Drug delivery system developed using nanoparticles triggered by electromagnetic field
14 July 2010
Novel Indian discovery may end pain of daily insulin shots
13 July 2010
Government plans Rs10,000-crore VC fund for drug research
13 July 2010
Radiation device allows for targeted breast radiation to control cancer
13 July 2010
Biologists find new way to lower tumour risk in stem cell therapies
08 July 2010
Chennai vets moot umbilical cord bank for animal stem cell therapy
08 July 2010
Novel artificial proteins boost industry and science
08 July 2010
New measurement of DNA could help identify most viable embryos for IVF
07 July 2010
Insulin that doesn't need a fridge or a needle
07 July 2010
Exposure to flame retardants linked to changes in thyroid hormones
06 July 2010
Proton pump generates energy from food and oxygen
29 June 2010
Polio research gives new insight into tackling vaccine-derived poliovirus
24 June 2010
Spiders at the nanoscale: molecules that behave like robots
23 June 2010
New microscope provides breakthrough for cancer treatment and drug discovery
23 June 2010
New pancreatic cancer mechanism discovered
19 June 2010
Bayer Schering to develop anti-cancer stem cell therapeutics with OncoMed Pharmaceuticals
17 June 2010
Over-abundant protein prompts neurodegenerative cascade
17 June 2010
Scientists develop new method to identify glycosylated proteins
14 June 2010
Substance in iron metabolism displays life-saving potential
12 June 2010
Faulty Gene Stops Cell ‘Antennae’ From Transmitting
03 June 2010
Newly discovered kinase may hold key to spread of cancer cells
03 June 2010
India's first dental stem cell bank launched
27 May 2010
Study uncovers optimal ecology of bio-insecticide
25 May 2010
World's first stem cell project to recreate brain disease
24 May 2010
Itsy-bitsy DNA spider: Molecules behave like robots
22 May 2010
Team led by Scripps research scientists discovers body’s qwn molecular protection against arthritis
22 May 2010
New microscopy technique reveals mechanics of blood cell membranes
21 May 2010
Studies on zebra fish could lead to unravelling of mysterious human enzyme
20 May 2010
Lessons from the brain: toward an intelligent molecular computer
20 May 2010
Lensless imaging of whole biological cells with soft x-rays
19 May 2010
Biologists unravel mechanisms of immune cell movements
18 May 2010
Scientists alter developing brain to resemble that of another species
15 May 2010
First human use of Catheter Robotics' "Amigo" at Leicester
11 May 2010
Gammaglobulin treatment may alow Alzheimer’s disease
11 May 2010
IBM launches research effort to build 360 degree view of factors affecting human health
07 May 2010
Novel treatment strategy saves kidneys with large cancerous tumors
05 May 2010
Stem cells from surgery leftovers could repair damaged hearts
30 April 2010
Switch that enables Salmonella to sabotage host cells revealed in new study
16 April 2010
Scientists find cells that mend broken heart
01 April 2010
U-M researchers solve a molecular mystery in muscle
31 March 2010
Face recognition ability largely determined by genes: UCL research
30 March 2010
Berkeley scientists find new way to get physical in fight against cancer
18 March 2010
Researchers create atlas of transcription factor combinations
15 March 2010
Immune cells use bungee of death to kill dangerous cells, shows new research
09 March 2010
India should focus on affordable innovation: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
08 March 2010
Protein shown to be natural Inhibitor of aging in fruit fly model
06 March 2010
Government to set up National Bio-technology Regulatory Authority
03 March 2010
Transgene Biotek files patents for liver and breast cancer drugs
03 March 2010
Panacea Biotec develops Swine flu vaccine
03 March 2010
Stem cells rescue nerve cells by direct contact
22 February 2010
Genetic variant linked to biological ageing
19 February 2010
Rights groups contest human gene patent in US court
04 February 2010
Scientists report breakthrough in HIV treatment
01 February 2010
Researchers create new 'smart' nanocapsule delivery system for use in protein therapy
21 January 2010
Generating understanding more important than generating information: Nobel laureate Ramakrishnan
06 January 2010
Piramal Lifesciences to invest Rs200 crore in drug researh
14 October 2009
Australian-American-British trio share Nobel for medicine
05 October 2009
Genomic analysis links modern Indians to two ancestral populations
25 September 2009
Malignant signature may help identify patients likely to respond to therapy
09 September 2009
Panacea Biotec wins $222.37 million UNICEF contract for EasyFive vaccine
19 August 2009
Glenmark, Forest drug trial for COPD fails
19 August 2009
Government plans training scheme for technology commercialisation specialists
08 August 2009
Scientists succeed in decoding complex HIV genome structure
07 August 2009
Gene Logic and deSciner to create Genomics Gateway
10 October 2008
IBM and Mars intend to sequence and study the cocoa genome
30 June 2008
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