National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA’s new supersonic plane to be much quieter than Concorde
15 February 2018
NASA to revive lost and found satellite IMAGE
31 January 2018
NASA picks finalists for new billion-dollar robotic space mission
21 December 2017
NASA’s Kepler telescope discovers a solar system with eight planets
15 December 2017
Nasa successfully fires Voyager 1 thrusters after 37 years
02 December 2017
Nasa to deploy new sensor on ISS to study tiny space junk
30 November 2017
NASA’s heavy-lift rocket launch delayed till 2020
10 November 2017
Partnering with NASA, Uber to launch flying taxis by 2020
09 November 2017
Ozone layer berhole is shrinking: NASA
06 November 2017
NASA finds Mars has a twisted magnetic tail
23 October 2017
New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds
21 October 2017
Russia, US agree to co-operate on Nasa-led project to build first lunar space station
28 September 2017
NASA buys 53 Nikon DSLRs for use on International Space Station
26 August 2017
NASA offering six figure salary for Planetary Protection Officer position
02 August 2017
Nasa says not enough funding to land humans on Mars
15 July 2017
NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover uncovers evidence of ancient lake on the planet
28 June 2017
NASA discovers at least 10 new planets that could host life
20 June 2017
NASA’s NICER to study neutron stars
03 June 2017
NASA to detail first mission to fly into sun’s atmosphere
30 May 2017
Nasa’s Juno probe finds Jupiter different from expected
26 May 2017
Nasa probe finds bubble created by human activity enveloping Earth
19 May 2017
NASA detects hundreds of mysterious flashes off earth surface
16 May 2017
NASA planning year-long crewed mission around moon in 2027 ahead of Mars mission plans
12 May 2017
NASA finds India’s lost Chandrayaan-1 orbiting Moon
10 March 2017
NASA telescope reveals largest batch of Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around single star
23 February 2017
NASA telescope finds 7 Earth-size planets around single star
23 February 2017
NASA announces two missions for study of asteroids
06 January 2017
Nasa spots two massive objects heading towards earth
05 January 2017
NASA captures spectacular images of ISS cross the sun
04 January 2017
NASA experts conceptualise “Mars Ice Home” to help astronauts meet challenges of Martian environment
30 December 2016
John Glenn, first American in space, dies at 95
09 December 2016
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover stuck due to technical glitch
08 December 2016
NASA finds more evidence of water on Jupiter’s moon Europa
27 September 2016
NASA rubbishes reports that it has changed the Zodiac
21 September 2016
Astronauts go undersea to prepare for life on Mars
27 July 2016
Mars Orbiter finds more carbon dioxide ice at poles
12 July 2016
NASA's Juno spacecraft in orbit around Jupitor
05 July 2016
Nasa’s Juno spacecraft to start orbiting Jupitor on 5 July
05 July 2016
Nasa unveils space internet technology, brings live ISS feed to Apple TV
23 June 2016
NASA developing experimental electric plane
21 June 2016
NASA lights a fire in space on board trash-filled Cygnus resupply vehicle
16 June 2016
NASA orbiters uncover dust storm seasons on Mars
14 June 2016
NASA New Horizons spots pristine water ice on Pluto’s moon Hydra
07 May 2016
Nasa demonstrates wireless transfer of data from airport to aircraft
04 May 2016
Nasa experimenting with next-generation X-planes
25 April 2016
NASA developing advanced solar electric propulsion for Mars exploration
21 April 2016
Nasa recovers Kepler spacecraft from emergency mode
12 April 2016
NASA invests in two-dimensional spacecraft, reprogrammable microorganisms
09 April 2016
NASA sends expandable habitat to Space Station
09 April 2016
Isro, Nasa to jointly launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change
05 April 2016
Nasa scientists create temperature map of a super-earth 40 light years away
01 April 2016
Kelly, Kornienko back after year-long space odyssey
03 March 2016
NASA awards ISS cargo transport contracts worth $14 bn to 3 private companies
16 January 2016
Nasa releases images of landslide on Mars
30 December 2015
US astronauts begin spacewalk to fix Space Station glitch
22 December 2015
New NASA satellite maps show human fingerprint on global air quality
18 December 2015
NASA successfully installs first of 18 mirrors onto the James Webb Space Telescope
27 November 2015
Aeroject Rocketdyne recieves $1.36-bn contracts from Nasa, Boeing
25 November 2015
NASA selects Elon Musk's SpaceX to fly commercial crew to International Space Station
21 November 2015
International Space Station hits 15-year record
04 November 2015
Nasa’s new miniature satellite CubeSat starts beaming back
13 October 2015
NASA offers to license patented technologies to start-ups
10 October 2015
NASA outlines steps in journey to Mars
09 October 2015
NASA confirms evidence of liquid water flows on Mars
29 September 2015
Under Saturnian moon's icy crust lies a 'global' ocean
18 September 2015
NASA and Harmonic launch first ultra-high definition channel
12 September 2015
NASA announces $3.6 mn grant under its educational programme
02 September 2015
NASA pioneers begin simulation of life on Mars
31 August 2015
NASA building new rockets, new launch pads for deeper space probes
29 August 2015
NASA sees sea levels rising by several feet in future
27 August 2015
Drought causes vast areas of California’s Central Valley to sink faster than ever: Nasa
20 August 2015
Japan all set to launch its fifth cargo flight to Space Station
13 August 2015
Delhi school team wins NASA space settlement design contest
11 August 2015
NASA seeks support to Boeing, SpaceX to end reliance on Russia for commercial space flights
06 August 2015
Nasa, Isro jointly working on synthetic aperture radar mission
30 July 2015
NASA’s Kepler mission discovers bigger, older cousin to Earth
24 July 2015
NASA’s New Horizons finds frozen plains in Pluto’s ‘heart-shaped’ feature
18 July 2015
Pluto’s mountainous surface could be biologically active, say NASA scientists
16 July 2015
NASA's New Horizons reaches Pluto for historic encounter
14 July 2015
NASA unveils prototype of first aircraft to fly to Mars
06 July 2015
India’s Mars spacecraft completes 100 orbits, may last several years
27 June 2015
Third of big groundwater basins in distress
18 June 2015
NASA, German Aerospace Center partner for research into environment-friendly aircraft
17 June 2015
NASA spacecraft detects impact glass on surface of Mars
09 June 2015
Nasa resets revolutionary 'flying saucer' test for 3 June
02 June 2015
Electromagnetic waves linked to particle fallout in Earth’s atmosphere: study
20 May 2015
Tracking photosynthesis from space
15 May 2015
Soft robot to swim through Europa's oceans
13 May 2015
Images sent by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft reveals possible polar ice cap on Pluto
02 May 2015
NASA to use two former spy telescopes to search for dark energy
28 April 2015
NASA's Curiosity rover finds evidence of water below surface of Mars
14 April 2015
The Solar System and beyond is awash in water
10 April 2015
Google's Planetary Ventures takes control of NASA's Moffett Federal Airfield on lease
04 April 2015
US university to study underlying mechanisms of ‘space brain’ for NASA
18 March 2015
NASA selects 14 palm-sized satellites for launch from 2016
09 February 2015
Microsoft, Nasa develop new software to let scientists "explore" Mars
23 January 2015
False alarm on International Space Station causes panic
15 January 2015
NASA to launch instrument to measure moisture in earth’s soil
31 December 2014
NASA releases images of galaxy 60 million light years from earth
31 December 2014
NASA re-energises space programme with Orion test-flight
04 December 2014
NASA's Swift satellite marks 10 years of game-changing astrophysics
29 November 2014
NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover finds mineral match
05 November 2014
Antares rocket blast seen as “wake-up call” to cut US’ reliance on Russian rocket engine technology
31 October 2014
NASA to continue commercial space launch after rocket explodes on lift-off
29 October 2014
Mars One (and done?)
15 October 2014
NASA provides $50 mn funding to 7 new teams for astrobiology research
08 October 2014
NASA, ISRO exchange space Tweets as Mangalyaan starts beaming pics
25 September 2014
NASA, Isro mull Joint Mars Working Group
11 September 2014
Noted geologist Dr Abigail Allwood to head NASA's search for life on Mars
05 August 2014
Scientists uncover evidence to explain Sun’s hot outer atmosphere
04 August 2014
NASA begins engine test project for space launch system rocket
19 July 2014
Nasa’s Mars mission headed for failure warns NRC
06 June 2014
NASA teams up with ISRO for water-mapping satellite
27 February 2014
NASA plans 5 new Earth science missions in 2014
24 January 2014
NASA launches third-generation communications satellite
24 January 2014
Curiosity finds evidence of lake that could have supported life on Mars
10 December 2013
Ancient fresh water lake on Mars could have sustained life
04 December 2013
NASA Mars probe set to launch
18 November 2013
Nasa to launch 3D printer into space
01 October 2013
NASA launches LADEE spacecraft to study “lunar dust” phenomenon
07 September 2013
NASA mapper confirms presence of water on moon
28 August 2013
NASA may join hands with ISRO for new satellite
30 July 2013
NASA’s 2020 rover mission to look for past life on Mars
10 July 2013
Voyager 1 still in solar system, earlier reports premature: Scientists
28 June 2013
Astronomers find smallest known planet — smaller than Mercury
21 February 2013
Protoplanet Vesta: Forever young?
05 November 2012
Nasa puts Curiosity in 'dream mode'
16 August 2012
NASA rover `Curiosity’ lands on Mars, starts beaming images
06 August 2012
Nasa satellite images show unusual melting of Greenland ice
26 July 2012
End of an era: space shuttle Discovery does lap of honour over DC
18 April 2012
Solar storm posed no threat to communications, aviation
10 March 2012
A model burster: researchers find the first neutron star that bursts as predicted
02 March 2012
Researchers uncover watery exo-planet 40 light-years from earth
23 February 2012
Experiments provide some answers on fighting fires in space
01 February 2012
Supernova solved
05 November 2011
Astrobiologists discover “Sweet Spots” for the formation of complex organic molecules in the Galaxy
05 November 2011
NASA launches first-of-its-kind weather satellite
29 October 2011
Russia set to resume space station service
29 October 2011
UARS debris landed in the Pacific: NASA
28 September 2011
NASA hazy about satellite crash
23 September 2011
NASA satellite to crash back on Earth
21 September 2011
NASA to develop massive rocket for deep space exploration
15 September 2011
NASA launches GRAIL lunar orbiters
12 September 2011
Nasa space picture shows brightly-lit Indo-Pak border
06 September 2011
US, Russia consider pulling out astronauts from space station
30 August 2011
DNA building blocks can be made in space
11 August 2011
NASA’s Juno mission to provide clues to evolution of solar sytem
05 August 2011
First evidence of flowing water on Mars
05 August 2011
Next Mars rover mission to land at Gale Crater
23 July 2011
Atlantis touches down – end of NASA's shuttle era
21 July 2011
Sun and planets constructed differently, analysis from NASA mission suggests
05 July 2011
Space debris narrowly misses International Space Station
29 June 2011
Mars exploration: NASA bids Spirit adieu
28 May 2011
Space shuttle crew complete International Space Station assembly
28 May 2011
‘Orion’ resurrected as NASA’s future deep-space explorer
25 May 2011
NASA's Spitzer reveals first carbon-rich planet
14 December 2010
Diamond-studded planets may support life
10 December 2010
Discovery of arsenic eating bacterium opens up new vistas for extra terrestrial life exploration
04 December 2010
NASA'S Chandra finds youngest nearby black hole
16 November 2010
NASA test-fires new rocket engine for commercial space vehicle
13 November 2010
NASA approves Mars mission, MAVEN
11 October 2010
NASA images reveal deformation of Earth’s surface by Mexican quake
24 June 2010
NASA research suggests more water trapped inside moon
15 June 2010
NASA’s Martian rover sets new longevity record
21 May 2010
NASA studies find omega-3 may help reduce bone loss
12 May 2010
NASA's new eye on the Sun delivers stunning first images
27 April 2010
NASA radar onboard India’s lunar probe detects ice
02 March 2010
First infrared images arrive from WISE space mission
19 February 2010
NASA extends www out into space
25 January 2010
Kepler mission discovers five very hot planets
05 January 2010
NASA launches infra-red mapping mission of the skies
15 December 2009
NASA signs pact with ISRO to use Oceansat-2 data
20 November 2009
NASA flies to Antarctica for largest airborne polar ice survey
09 October 2009
NASA, ISRO confirm the presence of water on the moon
25 September 2009
ISRO-NASA in joint experiment with lunar probes
21 August 2009
NASA completes construction of Ares-1 - new test rocket to replace shuttle
19 August 2009
Orbiting space fuel stations to make missions more feasible
10 August 2009
Tweeting from space
07 August 2009
On this day, 40 years back, man stepped on the moon
20 July 2009
Northrop bags Space Fence project to monitor space debris
15 July 2009
ESA, NASA to jointly explore Mars
11 July 2009
Indian students win second place in NASA’s supersonic airliner design contest
11 July 2009
NASA funds system to help aircraft avoid ocean storms
09 July 2009
NASA's LRO spacecraft sends first lunar images to Earth
03 July 2009
NASA, Roscosmos sign $306 million space transport contract
29 May 2009
International Space Station takes on full staff of six
29 May 2009
Atlantis touch down completes Hubble repair mission
25 May 2009
Ex-shuttle commander Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden nominated to head NASA
25 May 2009
Atlantis crew replace gyroscopes in Hubble Space Telescope
16 May 2009
White House launches independent review of NASA's space programme
08 May 2009
Kepler beams back first images of star-packed galaxy
17 April 2009
Space junk: Clear and present danger
23 March 2009
New solar panels to double experimental, manning capacity at the ISS: NASA
21 March 2009
International Space Station has close shave with space debris
13 March 2009
NASA postpones space shuttle launch after detecting hydrogen leak
12 March 2009
NASA puts Kepler space telescope in orbit
07 March 2009
NASA's Kepler to launch tomorrow in search for earth’s twin
06 March 2009
NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite plunges into the ocean
25 February 2009
NASA's Kepler mission to seek other earths
20 February 2009
Fully reusable 'spacejet' just 10 years away
20 February 2009
NASA's new mission to search for water on moon
18 February 2009
Galaxy loaded with billions of Earth-like planets
16 February 2009
Space crash destroys Iridium-owned satellite
12 February 2009
Learn from ISRO, Obama government told
27 January 2009
PlanetSpace protest may hit NASA programme
27 January 2009
Discovery of Methane Reveals Mars Is Not a Dead Planet
16 January 2009
March launch for Kepler likely
15 January 2009
Yoking NASA's retiring space shuttles for a trip to Mars
07 January 2009
Mars rovers near five years of science and discovery
31 December 2008
New NASA report reveals more details of Columbia disaster
31 December 2008
Small companies trump Lockheed and Boeing to grab $3.5 billion NASA contract
24 December 2008
NASA to retire 3 space shuttles
19 December 2008
NASA pushes back Mars mission from 2009 to 2011; delay to increase project cost by $400 million
05 December 2008
NASA planning next expansion of the International Space Station
03 December 2008
Space shuttle Endeavour returns to earth, but forced to take a small detour
01 December 2008
IISc's revolutionary method to slash rocket launch costs
30 November 2008
International space station's urine recycler finally repaired
29 November 2008
Astronauts stuck with repairs of urine recycler at International Space Station
24 November 2008
Scientists discover mysterious source of high-energy cosmic rays
21 November 2008
NASA folds up Mars Lander programme
11 November 2008
Hubble Space telescope reactivated - repair work not earlier than May 2009
31 October 2008
Messenger spacecraft reveals more hidden territory on Mercury
30 October 2008
NASA to power off Mars Lander Phoenix instruments
29 October 2008
NASA unveils next generation lunar rover
25 October 2008
NASA goes back to the Moon, aboard Chandrayaan-1
22 October 2008
NASA attempts to fix Hubble Space Telescope run into trouble
18 October 2008
NASA's MESSENGER space probe set to flyby Mercury on Monday
03 October 2008
NASA forced to destroy satellite-carrying rocket after failed launch
23 August 2008
ISRO to be part of NASA's second generation International Lunar Network initiative
31 July 2008
NASA proposes setting up navigation system on the Moon
25 July 2008
Ex-NASA astronaut claims aliens exist
25 July 2008
Water was quite common in early Martian history, studies reveal
19 July 2008
NASA's historic attempt to deploy a solar sail
30 June 2008
Martian soil has salts - indicates presence of water in the past
27 June 2008
Phoenix Mars mission: Very likely water, say NASA scientists about “clumps”
20 June 2008
NASA's GLAST settles into orbit – to explore origins of the universe
13 June 2008
Discovery heads for Earth, scheduled to touch down on Saturday
12 June 2008
NASA’s new gamma ray telescope all set to be launched
11 June 2008
NASA ties up with universities to develop planet-searching satellite
07 June 2008
Google moves from cyber to outer space - signs up with NASA to build 40-acre R&D centre
07 June 2008
NASA plans to study the galaxy through giant telescopes on the moon
07 June 2008
Mars Lander frees its robotic arm – ready for initial tests
30 May 2008
Mars Orbiter develops minor glitch - takes stunning photograph of Phoenix Lander
28 May 2008
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander makes a successful landing
26 May 2008
NASA study links impacts on the Earth due to human-caused climate change
16 May 2008
Nasa's new water reclamation system headed for duty on space station
14 May 2008
Space shuttle Endeavour blasts off from Cape Canaveral
11 March 2008
ESA’s Columbus mission on as Space shuttle Atlantis attains orbit
08 February 2008
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