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Headphones for your phone news
Harsh Ashar
15 February 2008

Choosing a new phone is not easy; but choosing the right accessories is even more confusing. Hands-free, speakers, phone covers, car kits, memory cards, memory card readers, etc. - do you really need these? And if you do, which of the plethora of models is right for you?

Speaking about hands-free, there are many different types. A 'hands-free' is a device which allows you to talk into a mobile phone without using your hand to hold it. The device has to be connected to your handset and can also be used to chat and to listen to music.

You can group the different types of hands-free devices available into wired, Bluetooth hands-free earphone and stereo Bluetooth headset.

Wired hands-free: These are the conventional devices you physically connect to the mobile with a cord and plug into your ears. They provide superior sound quality and also comparatively louder sound. They are also far cheaper than Bluetooth devices.  But, they are not as convenient to use as their Bluetooth rivals.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a technology that permits exchange of digital data (such as voice, multimedia or text) between two devices placed at a limited distance. You can hang a Bluetooth hands-free earphone on your ear - no wires! The quality of sound is sometimes poor and is best suited for people who use the device inside a car or office with low noise levels. But these devices are not meant for listening to music.

Now you also get Bluetooth stereo wireless headsets, which provide much better sound quality. You can use these to listen to music.

The Bluetooth hands-frees and headsets also give you that trendy look, which the wired hands-free doesn't.

Caution: When buying a hands-free earphone or headset, remember to buy the genuine, branded stuff. These are designed to cause minimum damage to your eardrums. The copycats may give you cheaper products, but you don't know when they will ruin your ears.

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Headphones for your phone