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Toyota to resume weekend production from July news
29 June 2009

In a sign that the global economic slump may be easing, Toyota Motor Corp says it plans to restart its weekend production from July for the first time in six months, to handle the significant demand for the new Prius hybrid vehicle.

In May, Toyota decided to increase the production of its new Prius, by around 20 per cent from around 42,000 to about 50,000 units per month, requiring enhanced production timings for which the Japanese car maker introduced overtime in June at its two factories at Kariya and Toyota where the Prius is manufactured. (See: Toyota raises production targets for Prius 2010)

The new Prius surpassed the company's expectations to achieve a record booking of 180,000 vehicles within a month of its launch on 18 May. (See:Toyota Prius's first month bookings at record 180,000 vehicles)

With the demand for Prius surging customers today have to wait atleast for a period of seven months before they can get delivery of the vehicle, according to Toyota spokesman.

The company in-order to step up delivery of vehicles as well as to reduce the delivery time has resumed its weekend production from July.

Toyota was forced to cut down its production to combat a dramatic slump in car sales. (See: Japanes auto makers cut back on production, reduce workforce)

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Toyota to resume weekend production from July