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Tata Motors unveils anti-assasin Jagaur, XJ Sentinel news
26 August 2010

Jaguar, the Tata Motors-owned iconic British luxury car maker, has unveiled the XJ Sentinel, a fully armoured luxury vehicle that offers a B7 level of ballistic protection for security conscious customers.

Unveiled at the 2010 Moscow motor show yesterday, the armour-plated version of its XJ limousine is an assassination-proof armoured car that incorporates the very latest armoured vehicle systems, while the impressive levels of protection is almost impossible to detect from outside the car.

The XJ Sentinel is built from specialised reinforced steel with Kevlar backing (used in body armour), the assassination-proof armoured inner cell was engineered in partnership with French company Centigon, a leading global specialist in vehicle armouring.

The carmaker says that the XJ Sentinel can withstand ballistic fire up to B7 level (BS EN 1522 level FB7 and BS EN 1063 BR7-) from a range of weapons including bullets from AK47 assault rifle, armour-piercing M61, even a close-proximity blast from 15kg of TNT explosives and under floor grenade protection.

The car also comes with bulletproof windows and the rear windows do not open but allows the driver to talk through an intercom. Shooting at the car's tyres is useless since the car is fitted with run-flat tyres so it can be driven even in the event of a puncture.

The Sentinel features the drive-away locking system, with the doors being locked automatically as soon as it is driven off.

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Tata Motors unveils anti-assasin Jagaur, XJ Sentinel