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Hughes offers streaming for 3G networksnews
Pradeep Rane
28 March 2002

Mumbai: Hughes Software Systems (HSS) has announced the launch of video and audio streaming for 3G (WCDMA) networks over its industry first 3G SGSN source code. The solution, which is targeted at OEMs, enables them to reduce time to deploy 3G SGSN and enter 3G markets with improved return on investment (ROI) models.

The HSS solution offers access to the entire source code, helping OEM R&D teams to jumpstart their internal development of the 3G SGSN. The source code can be customised by OEMs to meet their desired architectures, as well as to build value differentiators to rapidly address new markets.

The HSS 3G SGSN, on the reference platform, can also be readily used by OEMs, as an ideal entry-level solution for field trials, or for the emerging markets where the technology has not caught on and the ROI is doubtful. In such a scenario, an OEM can introduce new revenue-generating services, using the HSS 3G SGSN solution. This will empower the OEM to offer highly cost-effective 3G nodes to lock in their service-provider customers. HSS business models provide the flexibility for the OEM to replace the HSS solution with a higher end SGSN solution, once the technology is validated and the 3G-customer base has increased.

The company had earlier joint hands with Motorola Computer group, a part of Motorola Inc, to develop 3G SGSN source code. The demo, which will be set up at the HSS booth No: J 70 at Hall 3 at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes from 19 to 22 February 2002, will showcase the industrys first 3G SGSN source code software that helps deliver a shorter product development cycle advantage to OEMs.

The HSS solution gives OEMs the opportunity to build on their existing business, rapidly address new markets and opportunities, reduce 3G investments and create a smooth evolution towards more cost-efficient 3G networks. The HSS SGSN source code, available on the Motorola platform for reference implementation, aims at maximising an OEMs revenue by helping deliver a faster time to the market.

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Hughes offers streaming for 3G networks