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20 May 2003
Chennai: FutureSoft, a player in communication and embedded software solutions, has announced support for the rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) and multiple spanning tree protocol (MSTP) in its integrated switching solution, FutureSoft ISS.

FutureSoft ISS is the company''s flagship solution offering switching software for Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. The software enables equipment manufacturers to shorten their time to market for new designs. It contains support for several Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and is available for multiple switching chipsets.

"RSTP enables rapid stabilisation of the network after failure or reconfiguration. The time taken for restoring the connectivity in a large network can be reduced from about 30 seconds to the order of a couple of seconds using this software. MSTP support enhances the number of forwarding paths for data traffic, while ensuring a more optimal use of LAN resources in a VLAN environment. Load balancing is enabled via this feature, which also reduces the impact of failure in the overall network," says T Sridhar, CTO and vice-president (engineering), FutureSoft.

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New solutions from FutureSoft