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Display marketing to mirror search in practice: Greenlight's predictions for 2011 news
10 January 2011

London: With Google's Instant Preview here to stay, leading search marketing specialist and technology firm Greenlight, has 2011 pegged as ''web design year''.

UK-based search marketing researcher Greenlight predicts Google and Bing will offer app search before the year is out, competition between the two will hot up and duplication filters will get even tougher as the search engines take more drastic measures to limit the amount of resource they spend on less valuable content.

For paid search, Greenlight predicts 2011 will be the year display marketing starts to mirror much of what is search in practice.

It expects there to be huge growth in the contextual based pay-per-click (PPC) model - pulling away from the search engine domain to advertisers such as such as eBay or Amazon and the Yahoo! ''Rich ads in Search'' proposition to take off, prompting Google to counter with a more appealing model.

These are just a few of Greenlight's top 10 predictions in its annual Year in Review Briefing, charting what's in store for natural and paid search marketing in 2011. It also looks back at what unfolded in 2010, surprises included, and how its predictions panned out.

Among others they included Google factoring in the content of videos into page relevancy scores and the search giant finding more ways to monetise the excess inventory in AdWords, to internet use on mobile phones accelerating and mobile search taking off.

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Display marketing to mirror search in practice: Greenlight's predictions for 2011