Government clears defence acquisitions worth Rs80,000 crore
The government seems to have given the `Make in India' policy a go-by in the case of the Spike anti-tank missiles from Israel as the equipment would come ready to use
J&K, Jharkhand assembly polls to begin on 25 November
Assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand will be held in five phases between 25 November and 20 December, with simultaneous counting of votes on 23 December
WHO vaccines head volunteers to undergo Ebola vaccine trial
The WHO official under whose supervision an Ebola drug was being developed has signed up to become one of the first volunteers to undergo vaccine trials
Jaitley top crorepati, Gowda top wealth earner in Modi cabinet
Railway minister Sadananda Gowda saw his declared assets of Rs9.88 crore increase by Rs10.46 crore to reach Rs20.35 crore in five months even as finance minister Arun Jaitley remained Modi ministry's top crorepati with assets worth Rs114.03 crore
Google expands Sundar Pichai's responsibilities to include key products
If senior VP Sundar Pichai were to succeed in his new role, he could emerge as the natural candidate for the next CEO of Google
Pfizer's $11-bn share repurchase ends chances of renewed bid for AstraZeneca
US drugmaker Pfizer's board yesterday authorised a new $11-billion share repurchase plan, which analysts say puts an end to speculations that it would renew its bid for British rival AstraZeneca
Procter & Gamble to spin off 50-year-old Duracell battery brand
Procter & Gamble Co (P&G) yesterday said that it would exit its 50-year-old battery brand, Duracell, and create a stand-alone company for it
Oil black-marketing, extortion making ISIL richest terror group: US
US officials have confirmed that the vicious Islamic State has fast become one of the world's wealthiest terror groups, generating tens of millions of dollars a month
Union Budget: 2014-15
Economic Survey : 2013-14
Foreign Trade Policy for 2009-14
  Do we need banks for financial inclusion?
  Government must collaborate with new and existing players by way of technology, platform, product, distribution, points of presence, merchant base, delivery channel, brand, etc to plug the crucial last mile for direct benefit transfers, says Probir Roy and Dr Sumita Kale
  Mars One (and done?)
  MIT team independently assesses the technical feasibility of the proposed Mars One mission, involving sending four astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars, where they would spend the rest of their lives building the first permanent human settlement
  Sailing solo around the world in 151 days
  Abhilash Tomy, Commander, Indian Navy,  has become the first Indian to complete a solo unassisted circumnavigation around the globe in 151 days. He recounts his solo days on the sea in an interview with Swetha Amit
  Fast, cheap, and under control
  A new book, The Innovator's Hypothesis, argues that inexpensive, employee-driven business experiments can help drive innovation.
  Saffron divorce: war of the roses
  Maharashtra has queered the pitch for the BJP, and in a way even for Narendra Modi, with five-cornered contests that will result in legislators with wafer-thin majorities leading to an ideological vacuum, cautions senior journalist and political commentator Kumar Ketkar
  Importance of boardroom diversity, adaptability
  Corporate board members should embrace digital technology, harness risks and diversify their boards if they want to seize new opportunities and help the companies they serve succeed in the digital world, say corporate executives at the 12th annual Corporate Governance Conference held at University of Texas at Dallas' Naveen Jindal School of Management
  Research examines consumers' sense of "deservingness"
  Devoted customers have high expectations of special treatment, even in contexts where they shouldn't, finds a study by Rebecca Walker Reczek, associate professor of marketing at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business
  Corporates and the Parliament
  Discussing the synergies between the finance minister's Budget speech and the prime minister's Independence Day address, retired IAS officer Vivek Agnihotri, who was a former secretary to government of India, and secretary-general, Rajya Sabha, marvels at the speed of implementation of decisions by the new government
  A journey to Gifted
  Journalist and writer Sudha Menon and VR Ferose talk to Swetha Amit about  Gifted, their book on the inspiring achievements of differently-abled individuals who have overcome their challenges to stand out in their respective fields
  The CMO survey: social media spending high, but impact difficult to prove
  Chief marketing officers from top companies expect to spend more than ever on social media, but many remain unsure how to demonstrate its impact on their businesses, a new survey reveals
  Implication of a Yes vote on the UK's civil service
  A Yes vote would see the UK civil service face its biggest test since since the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, says noted British social scientist, Professor Perri 6, (he changed his name from David Ashworth to Perri 6 in 1983) from School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London
  "Rules of the game was a tongue in cheek title": Dr Sumit Chowdhury
  Dr Sumit Chowdhury, president, Reliance JioInfocom, and author of the book Rules of the Game, and an avid marathon runner and a cyclist who has several runs and long distance cycling trips to his credit, a musician and an artist, talks to Swetha Amit about learning to manage ones career as a game
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