Rolls-Royce in record $9.2-bn aircraft engine deal with Emirates
The transaction will give a big boost to the British engine maker struggling to improve its profit margins through performance improvement and restructuring
Raytheon to buy network security company Websense in $1.9-bn deal
The deal comes amid strong demand for cybersecurity technology following a spate of high-profile breaches in companies, defence and government establishments
A spilt can of Coke causes computer blackout across global markets
Following the computer glitch just at the start of trading, more than 300,000 screens suddenly went offline for several hours, leaving brokers stuck with the terminals
Trai raises red flag on India's crawling broadband speeds
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has finally raised the red flag on India's frustratingly slow 'broadband' services, suggesting several reforms that the government must take to remedy this problem
Brain tumours may be new victims of Ebola-like virus
Brain tumours are notoriously difficult for most drugs to reach, but Yale researchers have found a promising but unlikely new ally against brain cancers - portions of a deadly virus similar to Ebola
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

  Indian authors commanding more shelf space: Crossword chief
  Kinjal Shah, CEO of Indian lifestyle bookstores chain Crossword Bookstores, talks to Swetha Amit about the changing reader preferences in India over the years, which has led to the success of Indian authors and the factors that have helped Crossword thrive in the backdrop of the threat to booksellers by ecommerce giants
  Hilary Clinton's stature seen as both asset and liability
  Hilary Clinton's prominence, and lack of serious rivals in the Democratic Party, may help her presidential bid; but at the same time her well-publicised past will provide fodder for the Republicans
  The brain in the supermarket
  Typical models of consumer thought often treat the brain like an always-running computer, and hold that consumers constantly worry about the ways in which their choices interact. However, MIT researchers suggest that your brain makes a simpler calculation when you shop - likely deploying an ''index strategy'' of straightforward ranking of products, explains MIT's Peter Dzikes
  The global oil price drop may last for the next couple decades, says Stanford economist
  Stanford economist Frank Wolak says the drop in oil prices and demand reflects heightened energy production in North America, better technologies and the declining market power of the OPEC countries
  Know thy banker - it could keep you solvent
  An MIT Sloan School of Management study shows banks that have good working relationships with their customers reduce loan defaults
  Behind the phenomenon called good luck
  Ashwin Sanghi, entrepreneur and bestselling author who is currently working on, Sialkot Saga, a business thriller with a historical twist, talks to Swetha Amit, about luck, and the success factor of business leaders and entrepreneurs and how his tryst as an author was purely good luck.
  Hostile boss? study finds advantages to giving it right back
  A new study finds that employees who had hostile bosses were better off on several measures if they returned the hostility
  Managing choice overload while deciding which one to buy
  Having more choices is generally considered a good thing – until buyers actually have to choose that one cell phone or car from among a dozen or so options
  Boxing the ghosts of the past
  Writer-director Nidhie Sharma, who is passionate about adventure, talks to Swetha Amit about her first novel, Dancing with Demons, set in the backdrop of boxing, which is soon to be made into a mainstream feature film
  Novel method projects growth potential of new firms
  A detailed study by MIT economists, based on an empirical study, shows with new precision which tech businesses tend to thrive. By Peter Dizikes
  Delving deep into the mind of a story teller
  Former Member of the Parliament, Lord Jeffrey Archer, best-selling author who has topped the bestsellers' charts 18 times, talks to Swetha Amit about his undying passion for being a good story teller
  The Red Sari tells us just who Sonia Gandhi is
  Javier Moro's The Red Sari, far from being a scandalous work, humanizes Sonia Gandhi; trying to suppress it was simply absurd, writes author and journalist Sidharth Bhatia
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