Modi launches `Digital India Campaign'
The government today launched the Digital India Campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious initiative to provide fast internet connections for all
European Union bans roaming charges after June 2017
Telecommunications companies in the EU would be banned from charging premiums for roaming services starting June 2017
US claims $3.3 bn in Novartis kickback lawsuit
Novartis is accused of referring patients to specialty pharmacies and paying kickbacks in the form of rebates to get them to recommend the drugs to patients to boost sales
Father of SMS, Matti Makkonen dies, aged 63
Though Matti Makkonen is widely credited with having fathered SMS technology, he himself said that the development was a joint effort and not his sole work
GE to sell European private equity financing unit to Sumitomo Mitsui Bank for $2.2 bn
The move comes just two days after GE agreed to sell its vehicle-fleet businesses in the US, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand to Canada's Element Financial for $6.98 billion
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

  Gaming In The Workplace: Mixing Work and Play Can Motivate Employees
  Monica Rozenfeld, associate editor for the publication of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers highlights the importance of gamification at workplace
  Fate accomplished
  Vivek Agnihotri, retired IAS officer is a former secretary-general, Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India, reminisces about a cross-service friendship struck over his years in service
  A reflection on rural India
  Vishwas Patil, author of the acclaimed Marathi novels Panipat, Sambhaji and Mahanayak talks to Swetha Amit about the impact of rehabilitation on rural India
  Decision engineering helps make better choices
  Decision engineering, which also goes by the name decision intelligence, helps design decisions as if they were tangible projects, such as building robots or computer systems, using the same engineering methodologies and techniques, writes Monica Rozenfeld, associate editor for the publication of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  World entering 6th mass extinction
  We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction, warn researchers and call for urgent action to conserve threatened species, populations and habitats, but warn that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing
  From the Big Apple to the humble jackfruit
  James Joseph, founder of Jackfruit365 and former director, executive engagement, Microsoft talks to Swetha Amit about his journey from working in a corporate cubicle to setting up his office space in God's own country
  TVs and second screens a bad combination for advertisers
  Viewers can't remember brand messages when they're also on their phone or tablet
  The secret longing to own a restaurant
  Why would anyone want to enter a business in which many fail, few survive and even fewer thrive, wonders hospitality business consultant and author Ravi Wazir
  After the tsunami: rebirth of an island
  Air Commodore Nitin Sathe, who currently heads a premier services selection board for the IAF talks to Swetha Amit about reviving an island back to life post the Asian Tsunami in 2004
  A ''graduation'' from poverty
  Known as the ''Graduation'' program, the study was aimed at testing whether helping the poor in multiple ways simultaneously could be especially effective in fighting poverty
  Viewing India in a different light
  Hindol Sengupta, editor-at-large at Fortune India and author, talks to Swetha Amit about revolutionising the largest democracy in the world by celebrating the spirit of its unsung, everyday entrepreneurs
  How British elections represent the State of Europe
  The British elections represent the current state of Europe. There is the deep ambivalence about the European Union and the rise of the anti-European parties not yet ready to govern but still affecting the system (as shown by Cameron's promise to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership). By George Friedman. Republished with permission
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