Airlines rush to tighten cockpit rules after Alpine disaster
Airlines and policy makers rushed to mandate that two crew members be in the cockpit at all times following revelations that the co-pilot of the Germanwings air disaster deliberately crashed the plane when left alone at the controls
Rio Tinto to cut 1,500 jobs amidst price slump
It is expected that the bulk of the job cuts will come from Western Australia, where the company's iron ore operations are concentrated
EU to launch probe into e-commerce to remove competition barriers
At a press conference in Berlin, the European Commission commissioner seemed to point finger at the likes of e-commerce giants Amazon, Netflix and others that may limit deals or content depending on where the consumer is located
Researchers find key to making neurons from stem cells
A research team at UC San Francisco has discovered an RNA molecule called Pnky that can be manipulated to increase the production of neurons from neural stem cells, among a broad range of clinical applications
New kind of ''tandem'' solar cell developed
Researchers combine two types of photovoltaic material to make a cell that harnesses more sunlight
Union Budget: 2015-16
Economic Survey : 2014-15

  Boxing the ghosts of the past
  Writer-director Nidhie Sharma, who is passionate about adventure, talks to Swetha Amit about her first novel, Dancing with Demons, set in the backdrop of boxing, which is soon to be made into a mainstream feature film
  Novel method projects growth potential of new firms
  A detailed study by MIT economists, based on an empirical study, shows with new precision which tech businesses tend to thrive. By Peter Dizikes
  Delving deep into the mind of a story teller
  Former Member of the Parliament, Lord Jeffrey Archer, best-selling author who has topped the bestsellers' charts 18 times, talks to Swetha Amit about his undying passion for being a good story teller
  The Red Sari tells us just who Sonia Gandhi is
  Javier Moro's The Red Sari, far from being a scandalous work, humanizes Sonia Gandhi; trying to suppress it was simply absurd, writes author and journalist Sidharth Bhatia
  New materials from waste CO2
  Waste CO2, captured from emissions can be used to produce polymers which are important in the production of materials called polyurethanes
  An architect's journey from the sole to her soul
  Parul Sheth, architect and marathon runner, talks to Swetha Amit about her new book The Running Soul and how being a marathon runner subconsciously transformed her life
  A Budget with multiple focus areas
  This is a budget that can boost both infrastructure and manufacturing, which in turn, will create employment and augment India's competitiveness vis--vis its peers. By Hemant Kanoria, CMD, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited
  The Intersection of Three Crises
  Within the past two weeks, a cease-fire roadmap was agreed upon in Minsk, a temporary deal to keep Greece in the eurozone was reached in Brussels, and US and Iranian negotiators advanced a potential nuclear deal in Geneva. Understanding how these crises are linked is the first step toward assessing when and where the next flare-up is likely to occur, says Stratfor analyst Reva Bhalla.
  IAS memories: Voting day tamashas
  Retired IAS officer Vivek Agnihotri, a former secretary to government of India, and secretary-general, Rajya Sabha, recalls voting day malpractices before EVMs were introduced
  In defence of Duryodhana
  V Raghunathan, CEO of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, and former IIM-Ahemedabad profesor of finance, has authored several books. In this interview, with Swetha Amit he talks about his advocacy for the mythological character of Duryodhana, in the Mahabhrat what constitutes evil in this world and his upcoming book
  175 grams: the disc that broke barriers
  Former Jaguar Land Rover and Ford Motor executive Aravind Iyer, director of the Sundance film festival award winner 175 grams and Ram Kumar founder and coach  of Fly!Wild talk to Swetha Amit about the emergence of ultimate frisbee as a popular sport
  Indian laws only discipline citizens, protect government, say RTS activists
  Though RTI is now well-known, very few know about a law called Right To Services Act neither bureaucrats nor the public know much about it - says Shailesh Gandhi, RTI activist and former Information Commissioner of Maharashtra
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