Novel Indian discovery may end pain of daily insulin shots

A team of Indian scientists has developed a novel form of insulin that could drastically reduce the suffering diabetics have to undergo in controlling their blood sugar.

For diabetics, injections of insulin doses is a painful, daily affair but the good news is that this could end, thanks to a new development that scientists claim could help keep sugar levels under control for more than a month. The effect of each insulin shot today lasts only for a day at best.

With as many as 50 million people suffering from the chronic condition, India is considered the diabetes capital of the world and a new discovery that relives the patient's suffering would be welcome.

The team spent over Rs20 lakh and took two years to come up with the novel solution. The scientists have already patented the technology, commercialised it and it could well become a big money spinner says the man at the centre of the initiative.

According to Prof. Avadhesha Surolia, director, National Immunology Institute, New Delhi, it is a multi-million dollar technology-transfer agreement with royalties once the product is in the market. He adds that this is one of the biggest scientific innovations to come out from a government-owned research laboratory.

The researchers treated natural human insulin to varying temperature and chemical conditions and one such special formula worked. In experiments on rats, mice and rabbits, the team could control the sugar levels in diabetic rats with injection once every three months.