Gloucester man reveals he is four months pregnant

Hayden Cross, from Gloucester has become the first pregnant man in the UK.

The 20 year-old from Gloucester, had revealed his story to the world four months into his pregnancy - which had led him to put hormone therapy on hold to continue his transition from female to male.

The former Asda worker, legally registered as a man, had used a sperm donor he came across on Facebook to conceive his first child after he was told his preferred option of freezing his eggs would not be accepted by the NHS.

Hayden then decided to use an anonymous donor from social media and go ahead with the pregnancy immediately, using Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's NHS maternity services.

Cross is now 16 weeks pregnant and plans to have the baby before returning straight away to complete the ­transition process, which would remove his breasts and ovaries.

Cross told The Sun in an exclusive interview: "I faced the prospect of not becoming the man I am supposed to be, physically, or a dad.

"So I didn't feel like I had any choice but to have a baby now then get back to transitioning.

"In September I got pregnant by a sperm donation. I found the donor on the internet.

"I looked on Facebook for a group and found one - it's been shut down now.

Cross was brought up in Gloucester with his parents, sister Sky, 21, and brothers Jordan, 19, Robert, 16 in a three-bedroom home.

He went to an all-girls school, but was excluded when he was only 14 years old.

According to NHS England, approximately 3,000 transgender patients per year were undergoing gender transition.

The procedure includes support and surgery and costs £29,000 on average. The male hormones he had for the gender switch had initiated irreversible changes in his body, with the transition now well underway.

He had now had to put his transition on hold to have a baby with donor sperm.

Cross would return to the clinic and continue his gender-transition process after the child is born.