Mysterious corpse resembling dinosaur discovered in Uttarakhand

The discovery of the remains of a partially preserved dinosaur-like creature, in Uttarakhand has excited scientists. An electrician, while attending to a sub-station that had been been neglected for years in Uttarakhand, India, stumbled across the corpse.

The discovery has baffled scientists, who are struggling to identify the corpse which resembles a dinosaur. Meanwhile, the creature has been sent for analysis, including carbon dating, which will reveal its exact age.

The creature has been likened to the Deinonychus, the Coelophysis and the Dromaeosaurs, types of theropods, a suborder of dinosaur that ranges in size from a T-Rex to an Anchiornis.

According to Dr Parag Madhukar, a conservator with the Indian Forest Service who spoke to, the creature would remain an enigma until scientific analysis had been completed.

He said, ''It looks like a dinosaur, but we can't say anything until all the tests are done.''

According to Aaryan Kumar, a PhD student in Paleontology from Delhi University, it was impossible for a dinosaur skeleton to be so well preserved for so long.

Kumar said,''Non-avian dinosaurs have been gone for the past 65 million years, but it does relate theropods, a suborder of dinosaurs which involved bipedal carnivores.'' 

''But a dinosaur skeleton could not have been found in such a well-preserved situation after millions of ages without it being in a fossilised condition. The only slightly possible way is it was chemically preserved to save it in a repository. But if that was the situation, how did it end up here?''

Amid speculations about it being a dinosaur, there is also a suspicion of it being a flesh of genetically deformed goat.

While the mystery remains unsolved, the specimen has reportedly been sent to Dr Bahadur Kotlia, a palaeontologist at Kumaun University, for historical analysis.