Ficci to host Techno Ventures 2002

Aims and objectives The convention will bring together key policymakers and decision-makers in the governments, technology and educational institutions, funding organisations including venture capital and commercial lending institutions and technopreneurs for collective discussions on the concrete steps to be taken to promote technopreneurship.

Focus areas

  • Entrepreneurship development schemes offered at the Central and state level in India and abroad.
  • Technopreneur promotion models adopted by other countries.
  • Need for the creation of an intellectually stimulating and creative environment for technopreneurs.
  • Importance of opportunity identification, exploitation and growth in knowledge-based entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Need to revamp the educational system and develop world-class institutions that are not only generators of trained manpower but also generators of technopreneurs.
  • Need for a greater role of incubators in technoventures.
  • Stepping up commercialisation of indigenous technologies through technopreneurship promotion.
  • Funding methods successfully adopted for technology ventures in other countries.
  • Need to attract more venture capital into technology ventures.
  • Project evaluation and financial risk mitigation methodologies for technology ventures.
  • Means by which new ideas, novel approaches, advanced technologies, productivity tools and high-value products are introduced continuously into businesses and the marketplace.
  • Forms of financing to fund technoventures in India.

Value proposition This convention would provide an excellent opportunity to all key players to gain deeper insights in the area of technopreneurship promotion. The government

  • The government will get policy inputs for improving and expanding entrepreneurial development schemes as applied to technopreneurs.
  • It will also have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of different countries who have successfully implemented entrepreneurial development schemes.


  • Learn to develop viable technology project proposals.
  • Learn to choose the best alternative from different incentives schemes and funding schemes available.
  • Learning about the prevalent marketing strategies and locating the niche market for his product or services.
  • Learning from the success stories of others

Financial Institutions and Venture Capital Organisations 

  • Project evaluation and risk mitigation techniques.
  • Investments and risk management.
  • Issues concerning commercialisation of technologies through technopreneurship

Technological Institutions 

  • Better understanding of operating incubators.
  • Platform for motivation of entrepreneurs for use of technology innovated or developed by them.