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Cordys Asia assistant V-P Ravi Vedantam is confident that the company's business collaboration platform will have many takers in India

Ravi VedantamHyderabad: The talking point of Cordys, part of the Vanenburg group, a Netherlands-based group of businesses, is its 'Beyond ERP' business premise. The company has about twenty clients worldwide for its platform, called the Cordys Business Collaboration Platform (BCP). Cordys Asia is at present in talks with a number of Indian companies for the implementation of BCP.

According to the company, BCP leverages the combined functionality of Web services-based application development platform and integration middleware, workflow modeller, business rules engine, and a portal-based management toolkit. This helps organisations to extend and modernise their legacy applications, including ERP systems, and at the same time improve the utilisation of the investments made in the existing technology infrastructure.

The company feels that over the past two decades, manufacturing companies have made extensive investments in ERP (enterprise resource planning) and other software solutions that have helped automate processes, increase efficiencies and improve insight into mission-critical data.

Although the benefits have been substantial, companies have been continuously challenged to maximise the availability of their data, and explore new and better ways to achieve collaboration within their trading community. By easing access to the data and providing an environment where the data can be shared with suppliers and customers, companies are now better positioned to operate 'Real-Time' and to be lean, agile and competitive.