Geometric growth

PMAM Corporation CEO Pankaj Kumar tells Irene Fernandez that his company's success is thanks to transparency, better tools and enhanced productivity

Mumbai: Pankaj Kumar is the chief executive officer of PMAM Corporation (, which has over the past few years built up a range of solutions and services from legacy modernisation and maintenance to custom software development and maintenance, and enterprise integration. All these services are delivered both on an onsite and offshore basis through the company's technology centres that provide solutions to customers across continents.

PMAM, the global IT solutions corporation, is among the fastest growing IT companies in the US, with operations in India. The company's software business is focused on specific geographies — USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

PMAM's global software customers include the Spar group, Cool Jobs, Ti3, Medsynergy, Datasight, Shiptrax, PDBC, Presage Solutions, the MMC group, Datamatic, Rapidlinc, Interface Rehab, the Thomas Edward group, ETCG Consultants and SoS Solutions. The company executes projects in the Internet, networking, client-server and legacy maintenance and modernisation areas.

PMAM addresses global opportunities in various domains such as process manufacturing, discreet manufacturing, banking, finance, securities, insurance, IT, transportation, logistics and utilities. Its software development centre in Mumbai is equipped with dedicated communication links that allow over 60 software professionals to communicate to their customers and PMAM offices worldwide.

Kumar has over 20 years of experience in business management, management consulting, IT consulting and software project management. Currently based in Dallas, US, Kumar holds responsibility for PMAM's products and services businesses, global marketing operations, and international new business initiatives. He has played a pioneering role in establishing the offshore development centre in India to provide high-end solutions to major corporations all over the world.