More options, more eyeballs

Ajay Chako, marketing head, CNBC-TV18, says that differentiated content and domain expertise keeps the channel ahead of others. Interviewed by Archana R D.

Ajay Chako

Why are more channels looking at the business news slot?
I guess it's got to do with the revenue and the pace of growth of business news in particular, and news in general. CNBC-TV18 has been amongst the most profitable media companies.

How significant is this new trend of growing number of business channels?
Ultimately it is differentiated content that is going to rope in incremental viewership. Fighting for the current share would be a counterproductive strategy. Only new viewers will be able to fuel the growth in business viewership. As far as programming goes it is only if one is able to rope in newer audiences, will the reason for existence of multiple options be justified.

Also, domain expertise becomes a very important differentiator in business programming and broadcasting. We believe that new players will take some time before they understand and master the space.