Changing stripes

Jessie PaulBangalore: Jessie Paul, who was till recently the global brand manager of Infosys Technologies (, has joined Quintant Corp (, India's first business services provisioning (BSP) company, as its global marketing head.

Her resignation from Infosys (), preceded and followed by others, raised many an eyebrow. Infosys is after all a blue chip company of the country.

So, what inspired her to join a start-up venture, leaving a thriving empire like Infosys? Paul shares her views in this exclusive interview. Excerpts:

What is your primary role in the new company?
I will be responsible for building awareness for the BSP concept, popularising the same internationally, and managing all aspects of the Quintant brand. In keeping with the global delivery model adopted by the business, I will work with local marketing teams based out of the US and Europe.

Since when were you interested in BPO [business process outsourcing] and BSP?
I feel that IT is nothing but BPO. As an outsourcing, it's not a new subject to me. I was a brand expert in Infosys, and I can say that we used to outsource public relations service from an agency, which means we had outsourced one particular service. I realised the real potential of BPO only in February 2003, when I attended Nasscom's BPO Summit, held in Mumbai.